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chimpanzee Beekse Bergen BB2A7219 by safi kok


Luan “Louie and Annie” Loud 

“Louie” (Chimpanzee)  Luan 2nd personality that loves to monkey around with plenty of her more “visual” jokes that usually end with ripping out throats with the strength of an chimp. Problem is Louie is only a tad bit smarter than a chimp and has a tendency to wipe the blood on to his face causing Luans to be significantly vision dimmed to where she can barely see a few feet away.

“Annie” (Hyena) Luan 3rd personality. Annie is the chatty one of the pair and just loves gathering crowds to her her jokes. Just as much she loves killing them with her trusty saw off shotgun.Though she doesn’t really have a sense of self preservation since she will keep laughing and laughing causing her to get noticed quickly and to grab less ammo when picking firearms.