It’s Pearl’s birthday guys, as a huge PokeSpe fan and fan of the Sinnoh trio, I feel the need to talk about one of my favorites things about the DPPt chapters, the interactions and friendship between Pearl, Dia and Platinum Berlitz. They are hands down my favorite PokeSpe group, it’s not hard to see why. These three have been together from the beginning and are together most of the time compared to past trios or groups that gradually had the members join one another and often involve them splitting, the Sinnoh trio stick together like glue. They are the meaning of the term joie de vivre.

Their different personalities is what makes them bounce off each other so well, Platinum sort of being regal, knowledgeable and stuck-up at times, Pearl being hasty, willed and a natural leader but still having his own faults and Dia being lazy and silly but very empathetic. These three very different individuals coming together as their own group and really reaching for each other like friends throughout their journey just made reading the DPPt chapters a joy for me. Pearl’s influence and involvement in the group was always my favorite. As the saying goes, you can say more with pictures than with just words so..

Remember that chapter where it’s revealed Platinum doesn’t know how to ride a bike? She falls down continuously and scraps herself and all, but she doesn’t let Dia and Pearl know she can’t ride a bike because she’s ashamed that she can’t. She puts on airs, you know? Pearl has good intentions with trying to teach her but gets more and more irritated by her approach.

They both just on each other’s nerves enough that they decide to split for a while. After encountering a Stunky, getting knocked out cold by the smell while trying to ride her bike Platinum ends up going on an unconscious joy ride that Pearl saves her from with the help of Chatler and her Prinplup. What I loved about this scene was we got to see Pearl pull off some crazy stuff for the sake of his friend and command her Pokemon. Showing that Prinplup has enough trust in Pearl that she’s willing to let him command her. By the end of it, they reconcile and Platinum apologizes and appreciates Pearl’s, blunt, honesty. I thought little chapters like these were very important in the deconstruction of Platinum’s personality and character development. Where we saw some of her more “princess-y” traits on display and how they’re flaws at times. 

Another one of my personal favorites is Platinum tackling Super Contest, after getting treated like dirt by the Contest community for apparently not “taking Contest” seriously and being arrogant because of her family name. Platinum sets out to learn about Super Contest so she can prove them wrong, Pearl immediately starts coaching her.

Pearl is very observant, he notices that they’re all giving it their best and striving for the best for the sake of Platinum’s Super Contest debut. Dia, who is a huge food fanatic, is working on the best Poffin for the occasion, Platinum is learning some dance steps and so Pearl joins in too, formulating a plan for the Acting Competition of the Contest, you know where Pokemon execute their best moves? He’s inspired by how much his friends are trying and it’s just overall a very endearing scene to see them all pouring their hearts into this.

The day of the competition, Platinum’s opposition prove they’re not above being asshole and cheating or sabotaging her and Prinplup. One person has their Pachirisu mess with her accessories just before the competition for appeals starts, Platinum proves she’s just bold enough to improvise though in the heat of the moment. It continues later on.

The scene is just so important to me because it feels like one of those rare moments we get to see Platinum at her weakest. She’s getting bullied by the other Coordinators and there’s nothing she can do other than breakdown and give up. That’s what they want after all, as retribution for Platinum trying to get involved in something they think she has no business in. I just like this scene a lot because with the help of Pearl and mostly Dia, who is much more chill in his approach, Platinum and Prinplup lose most of their confusion and go out and do their best while having fun. 

Another important reason why this chapter is so great to me, I just really feel like after the time the gang has been traveling together(Platinum has two badges at this point.) that they’ve grown close and understand one another well enough. They mutually support one another and care for one another, they act sweet to each other. They’re legit friends who would go out of their way for the sake of the other, Pearl might be a bit overbearing and hasty at times but he has good intentions. It’s a sharp contrast to Dia’s more lazy ways. The most fitting way to finish the chapter was with the Acting round, Platinum looking happy, truly happy, beautiful, Prinplup looking great(Dat Metal Claw tho!) and both girls showing off the routine Pearl put together for them. Platinum won everyone’s respect like she wanted to and reaped the rewards and glory of the effort they all gave. Dia and Pearl are really happy for Platinum. 

This is just so sweet and allows Platinum to grow, because she learns to enjoy Contest for what they are and not just a way to get back at her opposition by proving them wrong. 

Another tender moment, Platinum just doesn’t want the award for herself if there is one. She doesn’t want all the glory, she demonstrates her caring by dragging Dia and Pearl on-stage toward the judges. She grows up a bit, because before she might have just been bratty enough to not credit them. Even their Pokemon have a mutual bond with one another, abut we don’t see it often but they’re connected they all evolved together, Prinplup shows off her ribbon proudly to Chimler and Tru. It just another moment where them and their Pokemon, despite their spats with one another which are normal with any person, feel like genuine friend who they’ve forged strong bonds with. It feels real and natural. 

As always, Dia and Pearl always help Platinum train for Gym Battles. I just really like that a lot, they even let her borrow their Pokemon as for most of the journey each member usually only carries two Pokemon at most. They only make more catches after getting involved with Team Galactic shenanigans and them needing more firepower and innovation to deal with tougher threats. I’m always a fan of the pre-gym battle training session, it’s actually fun to read and see all three working to get that badge.

Pearl really teaches Platinum how to use Chatler and Chimler the best she can for the fight against Maylene, she does pretty well.

She pulls it off, once again Dia and Pearl’s help is what leads to that miraculous turnaround, well and her own amazing skill. 

Then there was that amazing time they set out to catch Grass-types for Platinum’s gym battle against Crasher Wake, though Platinum almost drowns, Lax and Chatler almost get eaten and they leave empty-handed. I still thought it was an awesome chapter either way, just seeing them chilling together once again and keeping each other safe.

The best moment for me for all three of them is how Platinum, Dia and Pearl decided to split and go to a respective lake to deal with Team Galactic. Before they split paths with one another, Platinum’s dad returns Dia’s and Pearl’s scarves. Those mufflers symbolize their friendship and bond with each other, showing them to be connected by more than just fabric. Them being returned is a sign of their renewed friendship despite the prior strife with each other. Even Pearl has a small friendly moment with Empoleon.

When they do go their separate ways for the case of the greater good, there’s aftermaths. They feel lonely and sad being away from each other. Showing their softer sides and hows they’re emotional used to seeing each other and their mannerisms after having traveled together for such a long, long time. They aren’t just connected through their scarves, I feel like the PokeDexes symbolize their love for each other too in their own way.

To end it here, these three were simply made for each other and I seriously enjoyed watching fluff about these almost getting killed in a Marsh, learning to ride bikes, learning Super Contest and earning badges more than I did the Galactic plot(Though the Galactic plot was fantastic.) at times. There are a myriad of amazing chapters on these three. They proactively care about each other, their friendship and interactions are real, feel good and multi-faceted(reference not intended) There’s just a certain distinct joi ne sai quoi about these three that I really relish in following.