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Name: abigael

Nicknames: abby , abbs , alex , etc etc etc

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Height: 5'1 rip rip rip

Orientation: who knows but definitely not straight

Nationality: canadian !! i was born in america tho
Favorite fruit: apples or raspberries

Favorite season: fall

Favorite book: i cant answer this question theres absolutely too many . the raven cycle , the book thief , the swan thieves , american gods , inkdeath , these r just the first that same to mind but thats definitely not all of them o:

Favorite flower: venus fly traps , skeleton flowers , bleeding hearts , foxglove,
dandelions , fuchsia , snapdragons , and nicotiana !! my favourite flowers change all the time tho o:

Favorite scent: vanilla , cinnamon , caramel , chai tea , the smell of baking , coffee , basically any sweet warm scent tbh !!

Favorite color: purple !

Favorite animal: CATS AND PIGEONS !!

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea pls i drink at least 2 cups a day

Average sleep hours: 3-5 hours

Cat or dog person: cats o: i love dogs but they r too high energy 4 me

Favorite fictional character: the entire voltron cast (except for shiro rip i still love u tho shiro) , ronan lynch , oikawa tooru , chiyo sakura

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3

Dream trip: i dont rly have a dream trip , i think going anywhere would b a dream as long as i got to see the world and was with ppl i liked !!

Blog created: i cant remember :c 2015 i think !

Number of followers: somewhere above 1000 and below 1600 i cant remember rn and im too lazy 2 check

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i tag anybody who wants 2 do it !! just say i tagged u !!

What instruments are the Signs Fluent in?
  • Aries: Drums
  • Taurus: The Triangle
  • Gemini: Harp
  • Cancer: Chimes
  • Leo: you can't play instruments, but you sure as hell can Sing
  • Virgo: Violin
  • Libra: Guitar
  • Scorpio: Electric Guitar
  • Capricorn: you can't play instruments for shit
  • Sagittarius: Bass
  • Aquarius: Viola
  • Pisces: Piano
Playing the 1812 Overture
  • Percussionist: *hitting chimes softly and in time at the end*
  • Director: you're supposed to hit them really loud and out of time just crazy. Let's try again. *cues band*
  • Percussionist: *still not playing the way the director wants them to*
  • Director: No, ok so you know how church bells go off and they're really loud and annoying? Hit them like church bells on crack
  • *band dies*
  • *percussion section dies*
  • *director dies*
  • -#XG
  • 12/24
  • 4pm