chimere dress

Serathis Lleryn, just under 60 years old, no longer faithful to Lord Vivec and St Nerevar after the Oblivion Crisis. He still keeps his  loose attachment to the Morag Tong, and carries his twin daggers inside his robe. Vvardenfell isn’t what it used to be.

In the first few years of the Fourth Era, Lleryn was already different from the carefree and hedonistic young mer who had lived in Suran. Morrowind was forever changed by the Oblivion Crisis, and Lleryn’s view on life had turned around.

Travelling on Evesa’s stashed away riches, the couple planned to settle down in Vvardenfell’s northernmost parts and even marry, putting their old lives to rest for good.

However, Lleryn’s troubles had only begun - the Red Year soon came and took the ground out from under him once again.