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chibi-chimera  asked:

Heya! Got any thoughts on Bendy and The Ink Machine? I figure you might like it because of the retro cartoon style and characters.

I definitely am interested in seeing where it goes! From the demo alone, it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be anything too new in terms of writing or gameplay, but when it comes to indie horror games like this, a unique visual aesthetic, and how you can work that theme into the wordplay of the writing (such as invoking the common definitions and language used to describe cartoons in art school textbooks, like ‘creating the illusion of a living thing’ and ‘moving pictures,’  to suggest something more ominous, which is pretty clever!) can honestly be what carries it, and that will probably be the case here.

I look forward to seeing/learning more about Bendy their design is v cute and I am always a sucker for PacMan Pupils