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Ancient Roman red jasper intaglio of a helmet decorated with Bellerophon and Pegasus at the top, and with a chimera and a dog at the bottom. The ringstone dates to the 1st century BCE to the 3rd century CE. Currently located at the Met.

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Honestly Asriel's face shape looks female to me. Like I know its smol bab asriel supposed to be kinda cute pinch ur cheeks little goatbro but it doesn't really help the "guy or girl?" thing

children have similar bone structures before hitting puberty. if a little boy and a little girl had the exact same hairstyle and the exact same outfit, it would probably be hard to tell the difference. 

also, asriel has a dog face..?


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Manticore(??) Tigs, her doing some creepy choppy vocal mimicking ❤❤, chimera(??) Luke, Dogg (ft broken foot) reacting to some kid calling him and his Timbs “fresh to death”, some Vamp!Tig hands from before I caved and just gave her talons again. Wiffle waffle.


Pardon me did @10outta10wouldsinagain say “Greed taking care of Nina AU”?

It was something he heard from every guard and scientist in the Southern Command lab—always the same breathless whisper, with a dry-throat choke of fear and the shaky tremor of disbelief: Monster.

They’d whisper it, and swallow, and then run. That part was always nice. Humans weren’t a fair fight.

“You’re…Y-you’re a—“

“—yeah, yeah, monster, you’re not the first genius to reach that conclusion pal.” Greed cracked his neck, rolling his shoulders where his shield melded with the flesh near his collar bone. “Words hurt sometimes.”

Dorochet swung in from the left, katana in hand. The guard hadn’t budged since Greed spoke, and his frozen gun sliced easily in two, along with a cut of his scraggly gray beard. This jolted the man into action. He let out a high-pitched whine, then tripped on his own feet as he spun and bolted down the hall.

“But still, I guess monster is better than homunculus. Less chance of Pops finding me here.”

Dorochet didn’t answer. He turned, breathing heavy, and watched. Greed rubbed at his neck.

“You know you’re a real stick in the mud today, Dorochet. Usually you laugh at my jokes.”

“She’s close,” Dorochet answered. He stuck his nose in the air, grimaced, and twisted on his heels to the left hall. His sword slipped back into its scabbard.

Greed followed. He surveyed the walls with muted curiosity. Harsh fluorescence beat down from overhead. Small strips of lighting lined the bottom edges of the hall. It was sterile, and white, and buzzed distantly, and seemingly hadn’t changed from the day he busted in to free his own chimera gang.

“I’ll bet you’ve got some pleasant memories of this place,” Greed mused. They turned another corner. Empty—not so much as a painting worth snagging off the wall.

“Oh yeah, the best,” Dorochet bit back. His lip twitched over his teeth, the hair along his neck bristling. “The antiseptic smell is real nostalgic.”

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What humanoid creatures did ya cut?

Short Answer: Abarimon, Aegipan, Atosis, Bugbear, Capelobo, Cecealia, Cercopes, Cuca, Gwyllion, Mad Gasser, Onocentaur, Yacuruna and Yowie, 

I give you a better answer, these are all the monsters I once used and now don’t. These are the monsters I think are either to similar to other creatures (and no good as upgrades, evolutions or related creatures) or I just don’t like them anymore and found other creatures for their roles and abilities.

NOTE that I use the MYTHIKA descriptions for the creatures, not the real myth variants, while many are probably the same as the myth, some are changed a lot.

ABAASY (Demon)(Hungarian) – Fachen-like Demons that ride on two-headed, six-legged, twelve eyed and tailed drakes.
ABARIMON (Humanoid)(Medieval European) – Cannibalistic humanoids with backward feet that are very swift.
ADHENE (Fae)(Manx) – Very arrogant and vain faeries.
AEGIPAN (Humanoid)(Ancient Greek) – Merfolk with goat-like features, in Mythika much like sea Satyr.
AETERNAE (Demon)(Medieval European) – Horned demons which use their own bones as weapons pretty much like Marrow from X-men.
AETOS (Beast)(Ancient Greek) – Giant cruel Crow/Vulture birds that eat organs, damage done by these birds will quickly regenerate so the birds can endlessly eat your body.
AGRIUS (Giant)(Ancient Greek) – Giant Lycanthropes and werebears.
AKASHITA (Elemental)(Japanese) – Cloud monsters, in Mythika the pre-mature form of Planetnik (the living storm)
AMAROK (Beast)(Inuit) – Enormous wolf monsters, very similar to the story of Gaueko.
AME-ONNA (Undead)(Japanese) – Drowned women that walk around with a weapon-like umbrella and which can summon water and rain.
ANZU (Chimerae)(Sumerian) – Lightning Chimerae composed of Lion and Bird parts, much like a reversed Griffon.
AO AO (Chimerae)(South American) – Half peccary and half sheep, stands up like a humanoid, very gluttonous.
APAOSHA (Demon)(Zoroastrianism) – Demonic Pegasus of drought.
ASWANG (Undead)(Philippine) – Ghoul like creatures that can detach their claws, head and torso, becoming an swarm of body-parts.
ATOSIS (Humanoid)(Native American) – Lizardmen with Gila Monster features, they are shamans and warlocks among lizardfolk.
ATTORCROPPES (Fae)(German) – Snake-like faeries with powerful venom and a love for snakes.
AZIWUGUM (Chimerae)(Inuit) – Armored Walrus-Dog creatures with very powerful tails which can instantly kill a victim.

Atosis love to cook their victims after they ripped away their will and sanity. 

BABI NGEPET (Beast)(Indonesian) – Greedy boar monsters which are magnetic and pull in all types of treasures onto their bodies.
BALDANDERS (Aberration)(German) – Chaotic shapeshifters which can take the form of any object they have seen or touched. I used them as Mimic (D&D) in Mythika.
BANASPATI (Undead)(Indonesian) – Gigantic flaming skull monsters that feed on fear.
BASAN (Beast)(Japanese) – Giant terror birds with fire abilities.
BAS CELIK (Angel)(Turkish) – Angels of evil emotions and with iron features and wings.
BEITHIR (Dragon)(Scottish) – Much like the D&D Behir, a combination of dragon and centipede with lightning abilities.
BERGKONGE (Dragon)(Norwegian) – Shapeshifting mountain dragons, also a variant of Erlking.
BICORN (Beast)(Medieval European) – Fat panther-like cows with two unicorn horns on their heads, they grow fat on eating unfaithful people.
BLACK ANNIS (Fae)(English) – Your typical forest hag, tall as an ogre and with blue skin as hard as steel.
BLACK HOWLER (Fae)(North American) – Giant black puma’s with sonic abilities and horns.
BLACK TAMANOUS (Ooze)(Native American) – Black oil-like oozes which take human hosts and turn them into cannibals.
BOCANACH (Demon)(Irish) – Black Satyr’s which music makes other creatures very hostile, aggressive and which starts wars. Then the creature feeds on the lost souls of the death.
BONNACON (Beast)(Medieval European) – Burning bison’s which breath fire, they also poop fire bombs, everything about them stinks and burns.
BOOBACH (Fae)(English) – Small bogeymen which love to scare their prey with scary faces.
BOO HAG (Fae)(Gullah) – Skinless Night Hag which haunts dreams and which wears the skins of her prey. I use them in Mythika as Nocnitsa.
BUGBEAR (Humanoid)(English) – Nasty hairy bear-like goblins which are extremely grumpy and cruel but which have good bonds with all types of beasts.

Bocanach play very depressive songs on their flutes, turning any village into a battlefield. 

CAMAHUETO (Aberration)(Chilote) – Disfigured sea unicorns which appear like seal/cows with a narwhale like horn.
CAMULATZ (Beast)(Mayan) – Enormous parrot monsters which love to decapitate their prey.
CAPCAUN (Giant)(Romanian) – Your typical bridge and toll troll.
CAPELOBO (Humanoid)(Brazilian) – Humanoid anteaters which feed on brains with their tongues.
CATH PALUG (Fae)(Welsh) – Size-shifting cats which can take the form of small cat, panther-sized cat and giant-sized cat.
CECAELIA (Humanoid)(Unknown) – Merfolk which combine humanoids with octopi.
CERASTES (Beast)(Medieval European) – Sand serpents that swim in sand.
CERCOPES (Humanoid)(Ancient Greek) – Twin monkey-human hybrids, they love to steal and always work together to get what they want.
CHIPFALAMFULA (Beast)(African) – Gigantic fish with an entire city of merfolk inside their bodies. Everything they swallow will transform into a mindless merfolk that hunts for their new Chipfalamfula master.
CHOUKESHIN SWARM (Vermin)(Japanese) – A beautiful but deadly swarm of butterflies that feed on life energy.
COCKATRICE (Chimerae)(Medieval European) – Half rooster and half lizard, poisonous skin which transform flesh into fossilized stone.
CUCA (Humanoid)(Brazilian) – Crocodile humanoids which behave much like child-eating hags.
CUEGLE (Aberration)(Spanish) – Three eyed horrors with one blue one green and one red eye. They also have three arms without hands.

How can something so beautiful be so vile and horrid? Choukeshin Swarm.

DECARABIA (Demon)(Ars Goetia) - Giant demonic crownofthorn-starfish demons.
DRAC (Dragon)(French) – River and Lake drakes which bodies are mostly made up of water plants and which lure prey in with illusions of treasures.

ENTULLA (Beast)(Medieval European) – Very wild and rampaging antelopes with dangerous horns, they are all the hostile energy of nature put into one being.
ERYMANTHIAN BOAR (Beast)(Ancient Greek) – Enormous wild boars.

These are no mere beasts, they are all of natures madness, aggression and wild energy put into one vessel, so nature itself could get rid of it. Entulla.

FEAR DORCHA (Fae)(Irish or Scottish) – Shadow Fae humanoids which are the perfect stalkers, spies and assassins.
FOSSEGRIM (Fae)(Norwegian) – Blue haired male water nymphs which drown people and lure them in with their instruments and music.

GA-GORIB (Beast)(African) – Gorilla monsters with a strange skin that rebound anything shot at it, they live in strange pits.
GARM (Demon)(Ancient Norse) – The hound of hell.
GAWIGAWEN (Giant)(Philippine) – 5 headed war giants that often fight in armies for demons.
GENDERUWO (Giant)(Indonesian) – King Kong sized (and behaving) Sasquatch monsters that use humanoids as toys.
GLOBSTER (Ooze)(Oceanic) – Sea oozes made of death whale blubber.
GUDIAO (Beast)(Chinese) – Unicorn birds of prey.
GWYLLION (Humanoid)(Welsh) – Female mountain goblins.

This horrid, stinking mass of aquatic sludge is been feasted on while it feasts on its predators at the same time. Globster.

HAAKAPAINIZI (Vermin)(Native American) – Giant grasshopper bogey’s that kidnap and eat children.
HAERMORRHOIS (Beast)(Medieval European) – Blood serpents, which poison forces all the blood from the bitten victims body.
HOOP SNAKE (Beast)(Fearsome Critter) – Giant snakes which bite their tail and like a wheel roll over their victims.
HRIMFAXI (Beast)(Ancient Norse) – Frost Horses
HROSSHVALUR (Chimerae)(Iceland) – Half horse and half whale, loves to crush ships with its ramming ability.
HUALLEPEN (Aberration)(Chilote) – Much like some disfigured cow-calf mixed in with a seal, looking at this lake monster will disfigure you.
HULDRA (Fae)(Scandinavian) – Fox nymphs with hollow backs.

IJIRAQ (Fae)(Native American) – Small snow bogeyman with powerful illusions and which always wear skulls of powerful creatures such as Wendigo.
INDUS WORM (Vermin)(Medieval European) – White water worms.

Creatures that follow one of Ijiraqs illusions are never seen again. 

JACK-O-LANTERN (Plant)(Worldwide) – Variant of Scarecrow with a head of a burning pumpkin.

KEYTHONG (Chimerae)(Heraldry European) – Wingless Griffon species that hunt like velociraptors.
KLUDDE (Fae)(Belgian) – Bat winged wolves which gaze will put dangerous hallucinations inside the minds of victims.
KOBOLD (Elemental)(German) – The gnomes of earth, can control the element earth and shape it into any form they desire.
KORI (Beast)(Colombia) – Giant green aquatic anteaters which tongue turns earth into water.

Like a pack of wild Raptors the wingless Keythong take down a powerful Unicorn with ease. 

LUNANTISHEE (Fae)(English) – Evil Faeries covered in thorns, with plant-like skin.

HALA (Elemental)(Bulgarian) – Whirlwind hags of storm and cold.

MAD GASSER (Humanoid)(Modern Legend) – Insane humanoid which uses gas to kill its prey.
MINKA BIRD (Fae)(Australian) – Beautiful birds of paradise which make victims obsessed with them in their dreams.

NACHTKRAPP (Beast)(German) – Roc-sized raven/crow bogeys
NACHZEHRER (Undead)(German) – Vampires which are like a living voodoo doll to anyone they drank the blood from. When they hurt their own bodies, the voodoo-connected victim is hurt in the same way.
NIAN (Chimerae)(Chinese) – Enormous golden lions with a unicorn horn.
NODEPPO (Fae)(Japanese) – Flying squirrel evils that spit out realistic illusions in the form of swarms of bats or spiders.
NUE (Chimerae)(Japanese) – Chimerae that combine the face of a baboon, the body of a tiger and and the tail  of a serpent. They can turn into black clouds and invade the dreams of their victims.

All these creatures do is spit out horrifying illusions and deadly lies. Nodeppo.

ONOCENTAUR (Humanoid)(Medieval European) – Centaurs with the lower body of a mule/donkey and the upperbody of an orc, they are very hostile.

PELESIT (Vermin)(Malay) – Grasshopper monsters with the face of a humanoid, they enter a hosts body and transform it into a Apocalypse Locust.
PSOGLAV (Demon)(Serbian) – Bizarre demons with horse legs, a jackal or dog head and a single eye. They were demons of Famine.

SARKANY (Dragon)(Hungarian) – Dragons of storm and lightning, they can turn into a humanoid-looking storm demon.
SEITAAD (Elemental)(Native American) – Sand elemental monsters
SERPOPARD (Chimerae)(Egyptian) – Half serpent and half panther with a very long neck and strange poison.
SHACHIHOKO (Chimerae)(Japanese) – Half carps and half tigers.
SHARALE (Demon)(Russian) – Non ice-based Mahaha demon of the forests.
SIN-YOU (Angel)(Chinese) – Unicorn fallen angel that hunts for sinners, even if it is a minor sin. They absorb the sins from anyone they kill.
SIRANIS (Aberration)(Persian) – Horrid monsters which use sound as weapon.
SKOTUMODIR (Aberration)(Iceland) – Mother of all ray-fish, looking like some mutant ray horror.

It is like fighting the entire desert at the same time! Seitaad.

TCULO (Vermin)(Roma) – Swarms of small land-based urchin monsters that enter bodies and spread diseases.
TEUMESSIAN FOX (Beast)(Ancient Greek) – Very swift giant foxes which have very good evasion abilities and which are impossible to hit with ranged weapons.
TREE OCTOPUS (Plant)(Internet Cryptid) – A plant in the form of an octopus.
TSEMAUS (Beast)(Native American) – Sharks or Orca Whales with very sharp dorsal fins.
TUPILAQ (Construct)(Inuit) – Small bone idols which have a link with their creator and which kill for their creator, for their tiny size they have the strength of an ogre.

This creature the size of a small doll has the strenght of the most powerful Ogres. Seeing this little thing snap a human in half like a twig is something out of a horrid nightmare. Tupilaq.

USHI ONI (Demon)(Japanese) – Oni spirits that invade crabs, they look like crabs with a minotaur-like head.

VATNAGEDDA (Beast)(Iceland) – Golden Flounder fish with extreme poison, they even kill ghosts with their poison.
VETALA (Undead)(Hindu) – Vampires that feed on intelligence and brains.
VILKACIS (Undead)(Latvia) – Spiritual werewolves which enter the bodies of beasts and turn them into very powerful and monstrous horrors. Much like a beast-type poltergeist.

I can possess any animal, and humans are animals to. Vilkacis.

WANI (Dragon)(Japanese) – Dragon winged crocodiles, swamp dragons.

YACURUNA (Humanoid)(Brazilian) – Merfolk (with legs) which ride on crocodiles and which have giant aquatic serpents around their neck as living jewelry.
YANAGA-BABA (Plant)(Japanese) – Giant willow trees which use hag-like dryads as their spies, they spread sorrow, misery and sadness into their environment, turning any area into a swamp of sadness over time.
YOWIE (Humanoid)(Australian) – Red haired evil sasquatch monsters that are very filthy and cruel.
YPOTRYLL (Chimerae)(Heraldry European) – Half boar, camel and behemoth, often used by Berserkers in battle (they are in mythika as mount for the upgraded Berserker)

All you need is sadness child. Yanaga Baba.

ZIBURINIS (Elemental)(Lithuanian) – Undead fire elementals which invade a host and burn it from the inside out with pure hatred.
ZORIGAMI (Construct)(Japanese) – Animated clocks which control minor parts of time.

Feel my hatred burn you from inside out infidel! Ziburinis.

So weird things happened on my Photoshop. 
I could think of an entire AU for these guys haha. 

A WWE/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover where The Shield is Col. Daniel ‘Amestrian Dragon’ Bryan’s Black Ops unit comprising of Dean Ambrose (A former murder convict who agreed to scientific testing not realizing that The Authority’s researchers were experimenting with creating Chimeras)Roman Reigns (Formerly Joseph Anoa'I, a halfblood Ishbalan rounded up during the genocide and experimented on–his condition unfortunately ostracizes him from his own people now and he clings to Dean, the only other he knows who’s suffered the procedure with him) and Seth Rollins (An Isbal war hero well-known for his mind for strategy and his sniping abilities, the only pure human of the three)

Dean is a Dog Chimera while Roman is a Wolf Chimera. 

They’re integral to Col.Bryan’s mission to bring down Fuhrer King Hemsley’s authoritarian regime (Or just The Authority), even though their tactics are questionable most of the time.  

I might draw more later. definitely need to draft out The Amestrian Dragon/Flame Alchemist, Daniel Bryan. (His alchemy mentor, Glen 'Kane’ Jacobs has since defected to Fuhrer Hemsley’s side and can no longer be trusted)

Then likely his lieutenant Jean Havoc Chris Jericho, Major Armstrong Dwayne Johnson (THIS TECHNIQUE HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ANOA'I FAMILY FOR GENERATIONS >8U) and Riza Hawkeye Brie Bella.

None are set in stone though (Except Jericho because he’s a perf Jean Havoc c'maahnn). If anyone has any suggestions, shoot them my way!