chimera body art


So lately I’ve been thinking about whether or not half of a chimera could be killed.

Answer is……..yeah probably.

Death of the human half: Ophan essentially has a dead body attached to it now. It’s able to rearrange and redirect things a bit, and can keep the human parts “alive”. They arent quite able to shift to their full form/size anymore, since that was sort of a team effort. 

Death of the ophan half: Usually harder to accomplish, as the brain for that bit is typically hiding waay inside the chimera. ANYWAYS, due to the sheer size of ophan chunks, what’s left of the chimera is unable to keep up with all of it (as it’s kinda stuck in humanish limitations now), and all the worm parts will start shutting off and,…rotting, essentially. Chimera ends up puking all that up, and is all in all just very sickly and miserable. isn’t really able to do much shifting at all anymore

Either half just kinda…has a harder time functioning in general, afterwards. A chimera is meant to be two, not one