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Football part 3|quarterback!Theoxchubby!reader

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Warnings:a few swear words.

(I don’t mean to offend people that are called Ashley)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You open your eyes, feeling confused and sleepy.
In the right moment that you realize you are not in your room, you sit up straight.
‘What the hell?’
“No stay in bed a little more”.
You turn your head and see Theo beside you.
His hair are messy and his voice scruffy.
You melt inside at the sight of him, admiring how the sun is playing with his hair.
“You fell asleep last night and your friend said that one time she tried to wake you up and you almost killed her so I let you sleep. And don’t worry she helped you getting in this clothes” his says dragging you down near him.
“Oh, okay” you murmur trying to remember.
“You know, at one moment I thought you were dead, you don’t wake up so easily, don’t you?” he smirks at you as he plays with your hair.
“Nope- you whisper lightly blushing- did you clean downstairs?”
“No” he sighs, drowning his face in the pillow.
“Alright let’s go, I’ll help”
You grab his hand, trying to get him out of the bed.

You grab the blue cups on the ground throwing them in the waste bin.
“What are we?” you say stopping your actions.
“Hm?” Theo hums as he looks at you, confused.
“What are we?” you repeat looking on the floor.
“What do you us to be? ”
“I don’t know, what do YOU want us to be” you raise your voice on ‘you’, looking deeply into his eyes.
He smiles, walking towards you and slipping his arms around you.
“Listen, you decide. If you want us to be a couple, we are a couple. If you want us to be just friends, we are friends. Even if I prefer the coupl-”
You kiss him, cutting him off and smiling into the kiss.

You wake up throwing the alarm clock to the ground.
You try to stand up but you fail miserably falling into the ground.
You hear your phone buzz.
‘If is Y/B/N wishing me a good morning, I swear to God I’ll push her off a cliff’.
You think trying to grab your phone.

Unknown number:
Come see me at practise today.

Who is this?

Unknown number:
Sorry, it’s Theo. Y/B/N gave me your number.

Oh, hi.

Theo :-Q_______ :
Goodmorning, beautiful. Practise is after school at the field. I’ll see you there ;)

See you there :)

You get up and collect your things before exiting your last class.
You turn around seeing Theo behind you.
“I thought you were practising, why are you here?” you ask confused.
“I came here for you, let’s go” he says wrapping an arm around you.

You chuckle as Theo winks at you from the field.
He is absolutely fantastic, a little sweaty and so handsome that you could pass out, but the best thing was that sprinkle in his eyes.
You get brutally taken away from your thoughts as you see Audrey walking your way.
“Oh look at the paesant, girls, she thinks she is important- she says with a wicked smile- you know, Theo doesn’t care about you, she just does this because he feels sorry for you”.
You clench your fists, looking at the ground, as you try to steady your breath.

Theo looks at you from distance, frowning.
He starts walking towards you, jumping around the railing that separates him from the benches.
“Hey, baby”.
He draw you to his chest, placing his lips on yours, holding you close as he slips gently his tounge in your mouth.
When you pull away you see Audrey going away with her friends and screaming.
“Thank you for saving me” you say, smiling.
“If this is a what I get when I save you, I’ll start doing it more often” he smirks at you, holding you even closer.
You chuckle lightly as you reunite your lips.