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FURIN (風鈴) von ajpscs
Japanese wind bells called Furin, which literally means wind (fu) bell (rin). © ajpscs

Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem on Beyonce
  • Q: Feminist role models today are so heavily pop culture-related, like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, but then we hear criticism that maybe they're not great role models, that they're not really saying anything that's shaking things up.
  • A: Oh, we can have a Beyoncé discussion. I was there when Beyoncé did Chimes for Change — you know, it's the biggest concert I've ever seen in my life, for the Violence Against Women Project — she came out and said to this audience of thousands of mostly women, "I know life is hard, but we're together for the next hour or so, and you're safe." And I thought, OK, you had me at hello. We need to build bridges to those folks, not sit and nitpick what they have on. A feminist is just someone who believes men and women are equal beings
#009: song

–sometimes, songs pick up things as they go along, the notes morph into moments and memories, and they become crystal containers for midnight or magic or just minutes stacked together for long enough to be called unforgettable.

track 01. seokjin

It is standing in the shower in Marseille with the glass doors open letting the water run down your backs like piano music, his voice by your ear, singing the same notes every single time, like the midnight that chimes in the change of days, liquid time and dream-spun rhymes. He mouths the lyrics till you know them by heart, till you can feel them rushing over your skin no matter where you are, feel them echo like they did against those dark stone walls, slick with your laughter and the light of his eyes as he sang to you in a country neither of you will ever forever. And it’s always the same when the song starts again, in New York, or Rome, or somewhere you call home, if only till he rings in from wherever he is and you’ll know that he’s singing the same song you are, beneath the words he says when he tells you about all the moments he wishes you were right there with him. But you’re never alone. Not with him, singing your song, the one that reminds you exactly where you belong.

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Preview of Haikyuu!! wind chime charms (⁄ ⁄•⁄◇⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I made a change of the design, so it feels more like wind chime/furin  ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ There are 6 pairs tho.. but I can only print 5 of them (TT__TT) But if many people interested, maybe I can print all of them ( ; v ; ) please looking forward to it!

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When Swift chimed in, it changed the conversation from woman versus institution to woman versus woman. Ironically, this is exactly the complaint Swift leveled against Minaj: “It’s unlike you to pit women against each other.” This fits with Swift’s recent campaign against the Mean Girls stereotype of women as catty infighters; her 1989 shows have featured clips videos of her famous buddies telling the largely tweenage girl audience about how great same-sex friendship can be. The cause is righteous, but Swift’s tweet to Minaj shows the limits of it. When female solidarity shuts down someone’s honest expression of frustration at society, inequality, and racial and body-type bias, that’s hardly progressive.  Taylor Swift and the Silencing of Nicki Minaj, The Atlantic