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Two To Tango (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I had the day off today and got the opportunity to work on a request I had gotten a couple of days ago (The whole thing is inspired by these two routines from Dancing with the Stars). I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary/Anon Request: Imagine being a part of the team and being a dancer on the side and the team comes to support you in an event and everyone is taken aback by the way you move, especially Bucky. But it bothers him that your dresses/costumes all look like lingerie and your very attractive dance partner looks like he’s ready to take you then and there.

Other Characters: The Avengers

Warnings: Fluff, angst?, jealousy, language

Word Count: 1,072

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FURIN (風鈴) von ajpscs
Japanese wind bells called Furin, which literally means wind (fu) bell (rin). © ajpscs

Speed Dating

A/N: This wasn’t really a request, more of a prompting for Pietro fluff from the ever lovely @julismythmusic.(If you guys aren’t following her I would definitely suggest you go do that.) Also! A massive thank you to @couldyoujustimagine for helping motivate me to write this. ily.

Pairing: PietroxReader

Word Count: 2364

Warnings: None


My sister convinced me to go to a speed dating event with her. She said I had been single for far too long and that it would be fun. Well, I’m here and let me tell you: it is not fun.

So far every guy I’ve talked with have been total misses. All of them have been way too interested in themselves, or the most intimate parts of my body, or both. No matter what their interests, they’ve all made my skin crawl. In fact I’m talking to one right now.

“So, yeah, I’m the CFO of a pretty prominent concierge medical service based in the hamptons.” The man says. I think his name is Greg. “We’re pretty successful, but we’re trying to expand our business to a more permanent base of operations.”

“Hmm, that sounds really interesting.” I muse, leaning forward on the table, resting my chin in my hand. “But you’ve just described part of the plot of the last season of “Royal Pains”.”

The man looks genuinely surprised, and I smirk at him as he tries to find his words.

“I, eh, uhmm…” He falters at every attempt to think up a comeback.

“How many times has that worked for you?” I ask, leaning back in my chair to survey him.

“More times than you’d think.” He chuckles as the bell rings, signaling a change in dates. “I’d like to get to know you better some time maybe we cou-”

“Yeah, don’t count on it, doll. Not really into people who would lie to get someone to like them.”

Greg, or at least I think his name is Greg his nametag was illegible, seems to be stunned as he makes his way to his next date. The next man who sits in front of me is instantly different from every man I’ve seen tonight. He’s got wild silver hair, but the roots are a deep chestnut colour. His eyes are bright, but his expression is bored, almost as if he hasn’t quite found the stimulation he needs yet. I know I’ve never met him before, but his features seem very familiar.

“Hello,” He says in some sort of Eastern European accent. Now he’s definitely got my attention. “My name is Pietro. What is yours?”

“(Y/N),” I reply politely. “You seem to be bored. Speed dating not quite what you expected?”

“I must confess, it is not exactly as my sister described it to be.” He chuckles, the sound is low and throaty. “The people here are quite, eh, dull.”

“Finally, I find someone with some sort of common sense.” I give Pietro a small smile. “You’re not the only one who was coerced by a sibling. My sister forced me to come with her.” I point out my sister sitting a few spaces away.

“You are much more beautiful than her.” He says after having looked at my sister for a short while. “Your features are softer, but more sharp than hers. You are more refined.”

“Oh?” I try my best to sound flirty. This Pietro guy could be interesting. “I would return the compliment, but I’m afraid I don’t know what your sister looks like.”

“I’m almost certain that you do.” He smirks at me.

“Do I?” I ask, genuinely curious. “How?”

“She is an Avenger.” He says simply. “Her name is Wanda Maximoff, but people seem to have taken a liking to calling her The Scarlet Witch.”

“If that’s true, then you’re supposed to be dead, Pietro.” Slowly realizing why he looks so familiar.

“I suppose I am. Modern medicine is miraculous, no?” He says, a smile plastered on his face.

“Well if you’re the proof then I guess I can’t argue.” He raises his eyebrows at my rather bold choice of words and I can feel my face immediately start to heat up.

“(Y/N), are you saying what I think you are saying?” He smirks at me.

“That depends on what you think I am saying.”I smile back at him.

“I think that you are saying that I am pleasing to the eye.”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.” I lean forward on my elbows and smile at him. He mimics me, looking into my eyes. It’s surprisingly comfortable to be around this man and I’m not entirely sure why, but I like it.

“Are you flirting with me?” He asks, his own smile growing on his face. I just wiggle my eyebrows in response.

“So,” Pietro says, changing the subject. “You clearly know what I do, what is your profession?”

“I work here, at this bar.” I answer, probably too seriously since his eyes widen in surprise. I laugh at his reaction. “I’m kidding. I’m actually a guide and part time curator at the local natural history museum.”

“Oh? That seems like it would be quite interesting.” He muses, running a hand through his soft looking hair.

“Not really. It’s a lot of disinterested middle and high school students and primary age kids on field trips. I have to recite the information while they all look everywhere but the exhibits.” I roll my eyes at the thought. “They always seem to be on their phones or something. I can’t really blame them though. Being forced into doing something can end up being boring.”

“I have a feeling that you are not talking about your job anymore.” He says, his brow furrowing.

“Ah, I suppose I’m not.” I lean back in my seat slightly. “Sorry, that got a little depressing didn’t it?”

“No, I would describe it more as honest.” The corner of his mouth quirks up in a half smile. “I like honest.”

Just then the bell chimes, signaling a date change, and Pietro and I look at each other somewhat horrified. He quickly straightens out his features and stands to move to the next table. Before he can make it too far I catch him by the hand. He looks at me, to the man waiting to sit down, then back to me, a look of puzzlement crossing his face.

“Do you wanna get out of here?” I ask, jerking my head towards the door. He grins at me, nodding vigorously.

I quickly stand up, put my jacket on and sling my purse over my shoulder. Before I can even straighten out my clothes Pietro sweeps me off my feet, holding me bridal style, and walks towards the door.

“(Y/N)?” I hear my sister say.

“Sorry, Barb, I’ve got plans.” I say quickly.

Suddenly everything around us is a blur. Looking at the blurred colors makes me feel nauseous and I burry my face in Pietro’s chest, balling up fistfuls of his shirt in my hands. As soon as it begins it seems to end and we’re standing in the middle of Central Park.

The moment he lets me stand on my own two feet my knees buckle and I start to fall. Before I can hit the grass Pietro catches me, pulling me close to his chest. I look up at him, eyes wide, not exactly knowing what to say.

“Sorry, I should have warned you.” He says quietly. “It can be a little overwhelming at first.”

“I think I would describe it more as nauseating, or barfy.” I smile at him, the corners of my eyes crinkling.

He chuckles in response and takes my hand in his, lacing our fingers together. We walk along in the nearly dusk light on the paved path through the park. The path lights are just starting to come on, so it’s not particularly late. I had thought I had been in that bar for hours, but I guess it was more like one.

“So,” I break the growing silence. “You never said why your sister wanted you to go to a speed dating event.”

“Well, neither did you.” He looks down at me, raising his eyebrows, a small smile playing at his lips.

“I asked you first!” I smirk. “How about this; I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

“Alright, well, after what happened in Sokovia, after I almost eh, you know,” I nod and he keeps going. “Well before all of that, all of this,” He gestures to himself. “I was, as my sister would probably say, a much bigger flirt.”

“You?” I say sarcastically. “I never would have guessed.”

“Well it is true.” He laughs. “Anyways, after all of that happened I did not exactly return to normal. Coming to America was a little daunting and I guess after nearly dying I took time to try to actually heal properly. I stopped flirting with every woman I met, and Wanda began to worry. She insisted that I go out and do something, so she got one of the agents working at the tower to drive me to that dating event and leave me there.”

“Oh my gosh.” I snort in amusement. “I am so sorry.”

“I am not.” He says, his tone serious.

“Oh really?” I ask.

“Really.” He nods in affirmation before turning his head slightly to look at me. “It is your turn. Why did your sister force you to go speed dating?”

“Well, she’s always been the prettier of the two of us. The social butterfly.” I begin. “I was never really into dating any and everyone in school and she dated, probably, half of the football team. Anyways! The last time I had actually dated someone was much too long ago in Barbara’s opinion and she wanted an excuse to get drunk and flirt with men, so she drug me out of my apartment and forced me to go to the bar with her. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. Until you sat down in front of me.”

“Really?” He asks, his voice quiet.

“Yeah.” I respond, my voice nearly as hushed. “We’ve known each other, what, twenty minutes at most? Something just clicked when we started talking. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I’m really glad we met.”

“I am glad we met too.” He squeezes my hand and smiles. “You are a very honest person. Even though we met a very short time ago talking to you makes me feel surprisingly comfortable. That is why I am not upset about having been left stranded at a nondescript bar. If nothing romantic comes from this, then I hope that I can consider you a friend.”

“I would love it if you thought of me as a friend, but I do hope something romantic comes of this.”

“Oh really?” He cocks an eyebrow and smirks at me.

“Well, why not?” I shrug. “You’re an attractive man, apparently you think I am too, so what do we really have to lose?”

“I suppose you are right.” He says, leading me to a bench.

We sit down and Pietro wraps his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into his side. I snake my arm around his middle and rest my head on his shoulder. It’s surprisingly comfortable to be held by him.

“Do you see those two stars?” He asks, pointing at a random point in the sky.

“Mmm, yeah, sure.” I answer. “What about them?”

“They are Pollux and Castor. They make up the Gemini constellation.”


“No, I have no idea where they actually are.” He chuckles. “The stars look different here in New York than they do in Sokovia.”

“Oh,” I giggle in turn. “Y’know I thought you were serious there for a moment.”

“I wish I could have been!” He reaches over and takes my free hand in his. “My sister and I are twins so we have always felt a certain connection to the constellation, though we are not actually Gemini’s. We have done everything together since we were born. There is nothing we would not do for each other.”

“You guys sound like the perfect set of siblings.” I sigh.

“Do you and your sister not get along?”

“Not exactly. We love each other, but we’ve grown apart as we’ve gotten older. She works for some big wig in a high rise, living life like everyone thinks it should be lived. She thinks I’m acting like an old woman because I have a job that I like even though it doesn’t pay a fortune.” I look down at our linked hands. “I don’t know.To be completely honest, we’re probably pretty average.”

“Ah.” He shifts to rest his head on top of mine. “I would say that is better than not having any relationship with her at all.”

“That’s how I think about it.” I pull myself closer to him, a slight chill setting in.

“Are you cold?” He asks, pulling away slightly. I nod in response. “I will be right back.”

“Wha-?” He speeds off before I can even get the question out. I shiver in the absence of his warmth.

As soon as he’s gone, he’s back, sitting next to me on the bench and wrapping a blanket around the two of us. I look up at him, eyes wide in surprise and he just laughs in response.

“Where did you get this?” I ask, feeling the soft fleece of the blanket.

“The Avengers tower is not that far away.” He shrugs.

“Huh.” I say, wrapping my arm around his middle once again and bringing my feet up on the bench

He presses a soft kiss to the top of my head. I pull away to look up at him, studying his features. I find him looking at me expectantly. Slowly, I push myself up and kiss him. He responds quickly, one hand making its way to my neck, lacing into the hair at the base of my skull, the other cups my cheek. My free hand joins my other on his waist. I feel him smile, and I can’t help but chuckle. He pulls away, resting his forehead against mine, laughing quietly.

“What is so funny, printsessa?” He asks.

“Nothing!” I answer. “It just seems like you take this whole speed dating thing very literally.”

“Well, at the time, it seemed like it would be worth the risk!”

“And was it?”



Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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W A I T. HOLD UP. JONGIN IS HIS HALFBROTHER? WOWOWOWOWOWOW. damn son. Btw how about Minnie? Will this connect to him too in some way?

Ask and ye shall receive

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“Do you guys really have to be that gross in front of me?”

You gasped, pushing yourself off Junmyeon’s lap and falling next to him on the couch, pulling your legs into your chest. You hid your face, shielding away the embarrassment as Jongin walked into the open space of the living room, a hand towel on his head.

“I regret letting you stay here,” groaned Junmyeon, rubbing his temples. “You have a house. Hell, dad gave you two-”

“Why do I have to leave?” whined Jongin, his hands reaching up to the towel on his head so he could dry his hair as he walked to the couch, plopping down next to you. “My house is lonely.”

“There’s this really cool thing called making friends, or getting a girlfriend, maybe getting a job or something,” continued Junmyeon sarcastically, narrowing his eyes at his younger brother. “I’m allowed to have sex in my own living room-”

“Junmyeon, I swear to god if you say one more word-” you started, stopping short as you felt Jongin grinning beside you. “Let’s just watch the movie, please watch the movie.”

The laugh that escaped Jongin was loud and whimsical as he joked, “I’m down, it’s not like I want to watch you and my brother go at it.”

“You wouldn’t have to if you didn’t live here,” muttered Junmyeon under his breath before he turned back to the screen.

You watched the pout form on Jongin’s face, and you felt a twinge of sympathy, biting your lip before you mused, “I kinda like having someone else in the house, it makes things more interesting. It’s like having a baby.” You reached over to Jongin, pinching his cheek, and making him wrinkle his nose, the towel dropping off his wet hair.

“Yixing’s always in the house,” grumbled Junmyeon, puffing out his cheeks. “And if you want a baby, we could just-”

The sound that escaped your throat had Jongin laughing again, and you slapped Junmyeon’s shoulder, hiding your face in your hands again. You groaned, feeling Junmyeon’s hand land on yours, pulling it off your face and intertwining it with his.

“Hyung, you can’t hate me that much,” Jongin chimed, grabbing the remote to change the channel on the television. “Besides, I’m exactly like a baby. All I do is nap and eat, and you don’t even have to change my diaper.”

“Can we not talk about babies, thanks,” you muttered, “I’m perfectly fine with Jongin.”

“That’s what you say now, but when-”

Junmyeon’s voice was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing, and he sighed, grabbing it off the coffee table and answering it promptly, giving you and Jongin a look that said that he wasn’t done with either of you.

“Uh, no, I wasn’t expecting any visitors,” he noted, tilting his head to the side. Suddenly, his expression hardened. “No, it’s fine. If he insists, send him up.”

Jongin looked at his brother worriedly as he asked, “Is everything alright?”

The nod that Junmyeon gave in response wasn’t reassuring at all, and you watched his eyes flash to you before going back to Jongin. Jongin nodded, as if he understood what he was supposed to do.

He was hiding things from you again.

“We should go inside,” mumbled Jongin as Junmyeon rushed to the door. You glared, shaking your head as you stayed planted in the couch, staring at the door. “Please, hyung isn’t going to-”

“I don’t care.”

You heard a sound at the door and watched Junmyeon open it slowly. Jongin’s hand was on your shoulder now, but you shrugged it off, keeping your eyes straight ahead.

The man behind the door was pretty, about the same height as Junmyeon with cat-like eyes and light, combed back hair. He seemed dressed for work, a clean white shirt tucked into his dark pants and had a familiar air about him. Junmyeon’s expression was hard as he tried to usher him into the hallway to talk, but the man leaned against the doorway, his mouth stretching into a smile.

You couldn’t hear what they were saying, they were talking too quietly, but with the man’s smile and Junmyeon’s frown, you knew something was up. They talked for a few moments as Jongin breathed next to you, his eyes wide in shock. He obviously knew the man, and you couldn’t help but think you did too, but you were completely blanking.

You continued to watch the exchange, when the man at the door suddenly made eye contact with you, his grin widening. He pushed past Junmyeon, starting towards you when Junmyeon grabbed his arm, his eyes flashing with a silent warning.

The man raised a brow, shaking him off before nearing you, leaning forward to prop one arm against the couch, his eyes leveled with yours. Junmyeon stood behind him, his fists clenched as if he was waiting for the man to do something that would make it okay for Junmyeon to strangle him. The man smiled.

“Didn’t I warn you about getting involved with this family?”

It suddenly clicked. You did know this man. He was the one from the casino, who seemed to know more about Junmyeon than you did. He grinned, tilting his head to the side, his eyes flickering away from yours to meet Jongin’s.

“Long time no see,” he winked, and you heard Jongin suck in a breath before responding.

“Hyung,” he nodded softly, and your brows furrowed slightly as you looked back at the man.

He licked his lip slightly, his eyes moving back to yours as he continued, “I haven’t introduced myself.” He held out a hand, and you watched Junmyeon flinch behind you. “I’m Minseok. I…work with Junmyeon.”

“And today’s Sunday,” muttered Junmyeon behind him, his eyes narrowing. “So I’d appreciate it if we could take care of this tomorrow.”

Minseok scoffed, his eyes staying glued to yours as he answered him, “For someone in such a high position, you do take quite a few days off.”

“For someone in such an insecure position, you sure do know how to push your limits,” shot Junmyeon, causing Minseok to turn back to him. “I think my uncle used to do the same thing-”

“Don’t,” hissed Minseok, his throat moving as he swallowed, “Don’t talk about my father.”

“Then get out of my house.”

You felt Jongin’s hand on your shoulder again, half in warning and half in comfort. You didn’t shrug it off this time, a sense of dread filling you as you watched the scene in front of you.

The smirk on Minseok’s face told you that it was far from over.

“What are you going to do if I don’t? Kill me?” he mocked. A cynical chuckle escaped his throat before he continued, “You’re so much more like your father than I thought you were.”

Junmyeon’s nostrils flared, and your felt Jongin squeeze your shoulder harder. You could feel the tension ready to snap, and your heart raced as-

An unfamiliar ringtone jingles, cutting through the silence. Minseok pulled his phone out of his pocked quickly, his eyes widening slightly as he saw the caller ID. He licked his lips softly, turning back to you before flashing a practiced grin.

“It was nice seeing you again.”

He left just as quickly as he came. 

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Can I have something like Deadpool x Reader x Spiderman ? ;D

Summary: You and Peter are on a date, and it’s going well, that is until a certain undesirable shows up.

Warnings: None.

   “Okay, I’m just putting it out there and saying that the prequels to Star Wars aren’t as bad as everyone says!” Peter says, a goofy grin on his face. You hit him from across the table playfully.

   “I can’t believe I’m dating the biggest nerd on the planet.” You tease, poking at the rest of your food on your plate. Though it wasn’t the highest quality restaurant, you honestly preferred the small, homey atmosphere over the more pretentious feel of a more expensive restaurant.

   Plus, there’s no way you and Peter could afford that.

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Preview of Haikyuu!! wind chime charms (⁄ ⁄•⁄◇⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I made a change of the design, so it feels more like wind chime/furin  ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ There are 6 pairs tho.. but I can only print 5 of them (TT__TT) But if many people interested, maybe I can print all of them ( ; v ; ) please looking forward to it!

Reblog is appreciated!! (^人^)


Set six months after Doomsday, this is my fluffy fix-it. 

Words: 1151

Characters: Ten, Rose, Pete, Jackie


It was the only time of day she could relax.  When the evening breezes were cool and the wind chimes softly played their ever-changing melodies, she’d pull on a light jacket and go.  No one would bother her or try to talk.  No one would ask nosy questions.  She would be alone with the stillness of twilight.

The last dying embers of sunlight faded from sight just as she spread out the old blanket and settled down to look at the stars.  She wondered how he was and what he was doing.  She wondered if he was as lonely as she was.  

Rose swallowed and clenched her jaw, stopping the tears before they started.  It had been six months since the hell of the beach and she felt it.  Each day that passed with him gone from her life, she felt it.  In every painful, terrible breath, in every heartbeat, she felt the loss.

So, she walked to the bluff and looked at the stars.  Though he was in a different world, a parallel universe, she felt a bit closer to him there.  She’d speak to him- not out loud, but in her mind; she’d tell him little differences between the two worlds, how her bed seemed so empty now and how she missed having him next to her at night…how deafeningly quiet everything seemed without the familiar hum of the TARDIS…  More than anything, she wished she could tell him he was going to be a father.

Rose sat outside in the darkness for an hour before the night air grew too chill and damp and she retreated to Pete’s house where she lay alone in her empty bed, her hand resting protectively on her stomach.


She was dreaming of the TARDIS.  The sounds of whooshing and grinding filled her mind with longing and an urge to run. It sounded like adventure and home and all the things she missed about her old life.  It was all so achingly familiar.

Someone was shaking her shoulder, disrupting her dream and she let out an unhappy sigh, wanting to be left alone to remember.  

“Rose,” the Doctor whispered softly.

She turned away, whimpering. It sounded so much like him.

“Rose,” came the voice again, this time more insistent.

Warily, she opened an eye…then another.  The Doctor, her Doctor, was standing in front of her.  She sat straight up, every muscle in her body tensed.  “It’s you.”  

His hand reached out to touch hers.  “It’s me.”

“You’re here,” she whispered in awe.  “I mean…you’re really, really here.  Oh my God…you’re here.”  Her lower lip trembled and her eyes shined.  She choked back a dry sob.  “How are you here?”

He shook his head.  “I found a way.”  He scratched his neck and sniffed.  “Wasn’t about to give up on you.”  

She stood up and his eyes bulged.  

“Rose…” he gasped.  “You’re…”

She nodded.  “Yeah.”  

His hand tentatively reached out for the swell of her stomach.  “Is it…” he trailed off, afraid to ask.  

Tears welled in her eyes. “Yes.  Yours…ours.”  

He sank to his knees. “If I had known, Rose…”

She choked out a little laugh.  “You couldn’t have done anything, Doctor.  I know that.”  

His brown eyes searched hers.  “Wasn’t even sure I’d make it through alive, but the TARDIS found a way,” he smiled.  “She seemed intent on my finding you…now I know why.”  He ghosted a hand across her stomach again, his head dropping.  “I-I can’t stay.”  

She shook her head desperately.  “I’ll come with you.”

“But your family…” he trailed off.

Rose bit her lip.  “How long do we have?”  

The Doctor sighed.  “Maybe ten minutes…”  He gently placed his hand on her stomach.  “I’m so sorry.”  

She slid her hand along his cheek.  “Don’t go anywhere.”


She placed her hands on his shoulders, shaking them.  “Promise me. Don’t go anywhere till I come back.”

“Rose, we don’t have the time-”

“Just stay put!” she exclaimed.


“Mum,” she shrieked, “Pete, get up!  It’s happened!  He’s here.”

Jackie sat up in bed, her pyjamas twisted around her stomach.  “Rose…” she trailed off.  “What…”

“Mum.  He’s here- downstairs.  Ten minutes, Mum.  Ten minutes.”

Jackie’s eyes widened. “Oh my God.”  

Rose looked her Mum in the eye.  “Are you ready?”  


Rose rushed down the steps and back to her bedroom.  The Doctor was sitting on her mattress, paging through a book from her bedside table. He stood up abruptly when she entered.

“Rose, I want you to know, you don’t have to come with me,” he said soberly.  “I can’t take you away from everything you know and love.”  He inhaled sharply.  “But I thought I’d maybe…”  He scoffed, his eyes bright.  “Silly old Doctor…if I’d known about the baby…” he touched her stomach again. “Rose…”

“Doctor, whatever it is you’re thinking, please stop,” she said softly.  “We’re ready for you.  We had a plan…in case you ever came back.”  

On cue, Jackie and Pete stumbled into Rose’s room, bleary-eyed, each carrying a small suitcase.

“See,” Rose continued, “we had a talk after the beach…that if you ever came back, we’d be ready.”   She swallowed.  “I couldn’t leave my mum behind, but she couldn’t leave Pete behind, either.”  She walked to her closet and pulled out a suitcase.  “If you came through, we didn’t know how long we’d have so we always wanted to be ready.”  

The Doctor sat down, dumbfounded.  “So you-you’re all coming back?”  

Rose smiled, tears shining in her eyes.  “Why can’t we all have a happy ending?”  

He looked at the three of them, sitting there, smiling, suitcases in hand.  His eyes widened and he wondered what he’d done to deserve such a moment as this.  “Oh, Rose…”

“Doctor,” Rose said softly, “take us home.  All of us.”

He swallowed and shook his head, his eyes bright.  “Rose Tyler, you are brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant!”  

Pete and Jackie stepped through the door and onto the ship, setting their bags down on the metal grating. The Doctor carried Rose’s suitcase, his hand at the small of her back.  

He paused briefly, his smile fading.  “You’re sure this is what you all want?  I can’t come back.”  

Pete smiled and placed a hand on the Doctor’s arm, giving it a gentle squeeze.  “We’re all sure, Doctor.  This is what we want.”  

Rose stepped up to the console, patting it lightly.  “Take us home, old girl.”  

The TARDIS hummed appreciatively, and the Doctor’s smile returned.  “Right you are, Rose Tyler.  Let’s go home- all of us.”  

He leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers, cupping her cheek.  She gave him a tender smile.    

“Go on…” she smiled.  “Say it.”  

“Say what, Rose?” he asked cheekily

“You know…” she trailed off, egging him on.

Jackie wrinkled her eyebrows.  “What the hell are you two talkin’ about?”

“Ahh, yes…” he said brightly, grinning like a fool.  “Allons-y!”