chimay red


Chimay Premiere 7%

Score: C

This is a good beer to use as a steak tenderizer. Not so strong and not so dark to make the steak taste like chocolate. I don’t dislike this beer aka Chimay Red.

After tasting so many Belgian beers I come to realize that Chimay is not that good. When demand is high and your main business is not making beer you cut corners. You don’t use the best ingredients and hope the brand is well known to trick beer drinkers into thinking that a beer made by monks is awesome.

A slight aroma of bread and nuts. It pours with little head that takes off quick and becomes flat. Not a lot of taste but more of alcohol. Some bitterness. At room temp it starts to taste like Orval. In a very bad way.

Not much to say about Chimay. I used to idolize it. In the same way that monochromatic beer drinkers like Miller lite.

The Belgian magic was gone a long time ago.


BELGIAN STYLE/BELGIAN WEEK - Chimay Red (aka Rouge, Première) is an unpasteurized Belgian dubbel that had been fermented and then refermented in the bottle. Sampled from a bottle the beer poured a cloudy red-brown with a large pillowy ivory head. Once it had died down it left some spidery lacing along the glass. The nose is comprised of malts, caramel, hints of chocolate, fruitcake, and spicy Belgian Yeast. Taste has the same flavour profile with dark fruit, caramel, molasses, a nuttiness and hints of chocolate at the end. The sweetness gives way to light hop bitterness at the finish. The beer is medium bodied with a pleasant creamy and smooth feel. The carbonation is refreshing but not aggressive. A delicious treat, thanks to the Monks.

7% from Chimay, Belgium