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Live Free Illustrations: Best of Toasty

(Best of Splickedy)

@splickedylit and I have been working on this fic since October 2015 and illustrating every chapter, so I thought I’d compile my favorite illustrations I’ve done!  This story has been a real journey in terms of both art and writing.  I’ve learned a lot about just diving right into backgrounds, for one thing, although they wouldn’t have been possible without ref from this gorgeously designed show!

primtheamazing  asked:

Iiiii just had a thought!! What if in the episode where Chuck gets all weird bc boosters he just fucking jumps Mike without hesitation bc haha consequences don't exist!!! Mike is super taken off guard and bewildered, but he's also got an assumed-unrequited crush on Chuck, so. Also, aftermath after the boosters come out and Chuck gets his fear reaction back aaah

Well on the one hand (and I feel like this has been drawn ten thousand times before but I had to I’m sorry)

But honestly even more importantly, emotional drama aside, just…………..


@splickedylit it was gonna be an actual scene from Werewolves of Detroit but the message got MAD lost on the way from my hand to my brain.  I’m very tired.  Anyway here’s weremike having a little adventure outside his natural habitat.

everyone, did u know splickedy’s working three 12-hour night shifts in a row this weekend??  damn!!  she’s working even as we speak!


Live Free, Chapter 17: A Change in Management: Let Them Know Who’s Boss!!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The stakes are higher than ever; all of Motorcity vs. all of Kane Co., and once again…Mike Chilton vs. Abraham Kane. Change is coming for both their cities, in the form of new alliances formed, new responsibilities undertaken, and the absence of a familiar face…

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat


Whoops, my hand slipped

(Previous redraws for those who’re interested)
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Live Free, Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End! Will You Stand and Fight?!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The verdict is found, and everything gets almost immediately worse. A surprise guest gives the people of Motorcity a little inspirational push.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat

Burners + Spring Flower Crowns
[1] Mike

I offset drawing things I am really not used to drawing (humans) by puttings things I am familiar with and love drawing (flowers) on top.

That, and it’s spring so I’m feeling SUPER flowery, and Mike Chilton is an adorable puppy who deserves flower crowns and kisses. I went with hellebores because I though they were very fitting flowers? They come in green, they’re one of the first spring flowers, they’re super hardy but also really pretty and soft. A+ good flowers for a good boy.