so let me tell you about my awesomely amazing fucking day okay

so i went to chillystuck today and it was cool as fucking shit
i was gonna go as jade and then i was gonna go as nepeta and then i was gonna go as sis but at the last minute i decided to do gamzee idk
so my friend renata came over and we did my make up which took like an hour and i didnt have any of that dry-y stuff so i just had to wing it and let it air dry which it only really air dried on my arms but whatever
so we went to chillystuck which was at this chuck e cheese in the ghetto part of philly but either way it was fucking chuck e cheese man
so we got in and i saw the guy at the door laughed and he was like oh they just keep coming and he let us in oh btw my friend was dave
and so we walked over to the homestuck table and my friend jake was there as equius and i was like hi jake and he was like hi abi and this girl named amber who’s really cool was there and this girl named jenna who i’ve heard about but i’ve never really met met but okay she’s cool
and so my secret santa elephant whateverthefuck was a calculator because why the fuck not
so people started leaving like this cool jane and jake and mom and i was like awh but they left
so i went and i started to play games and somehow met this awesome dave person who’s really really cool and her name is jackie but like we were playing this shooting game and it gives you a compatibility score (lolol??) and we got 69% whoo!
but so we really wanted to play this one racing game but bitches kept putting coins in so we were like whatever fuq u and we played guitar hero instead
which i totally beat jackie’s ass 2 out of 3 times and the one time she won was because i accidentally put my guitar on left handed but it was fun
and so eventually everyone left and my boyfriend jawn and my friends ceej and ashme came so they went with renata my friend and they were playing games and jackie and i were just chilling at the table talking about random shit
and these little kids were staring at me and they were like is that your real skin and i was like yeah im an alien from the planet alternia and they were like naw and they were feeling up my arm to see if the make up was real and i was dying
but then jackie had to go and i was sad because she’s cool and stuff
but then i just kind of hung around my little group and we huddled up like penguins outside when we were waiting for my stepdad because it was fucking cold and we were playing like horseshoe with my gamzee horns and a santa hat
and then we did these fake death things idek

it was fun