chilly day in the city

Fandom: Mob Psycho 100

Relationships: Teru/Mob — Unrequited (but not really)

Characters: Ritsu Kageyama (brief), Teruki Hanazawa, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama

(Prompt at the bottom, given to me anonymously.)

On a chilly day in Seasoning City, Shigeo Kageyama goes missing.

If one were to go looking for him, they would find him in none of his usual spots. The school day was over, and club activities had passed, so those items could be immediately crossed off the list. A little ways deeper into the streets, the Spirits and Such Agency was occupied by a single man giving a massage — that is to say, a full-body exorcism — but his student was nowhere to be seen. And the boy was not at home, either, which would certainly be the place to find him after school on a day he did not have work.

Though to say that he went missing is something of an exaggeration, the impression was certainly garnered by a boy wondering where his older brother could be. It was too early for real concern, but Shigeo was a simple boy without many deviations to his schedule.

Now, had Ritsu simply called his parents, he would know that his brother was spending the day with Hanazawa Teruki.

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“Here, let’s share this blanket” Requested by @dudalus (Thanks Kate. Love you <333)

The day was gloomy, clouds hovering over the city, air chilly. A mixture of rain and snow fell down outside while you curled up on the couch. Your best friend Jasmine’s voice echoed from your kitchen as she searched for some snacks. A movie you weren’t even paying attention to played on your tv, illuminating your otherwise dark room.

Jasmine returned to the living room with two bottles of coke and a freshly popped bag of popcorn. The smell of salt and butter wafted into the room as she plopped down beside you, setting the bag between you two. She tucked her feet under herself in order to keep them warm and wrapped her blanket around her shoulders

“What’d I miss?” She asked you quietly as if either of you were actually interested in what was happening on screen.

“Something about… Car chases or something,” You said with a shrug, leaning against the arm of the couch. A shiver ran down your spine as a draft entered the room and you
curled into yourself.

She laughed at your inattentive attitude towards the movie and opened the popcorn, popping a few kernels into her mouth. It was only a few minutes later, when you found your body shivering, that Jasmine took notice to you freezing.

“Hey, (Y/N), are you okay?”

“Hm?” You looked at her through bored eyes, “Yeah, Just a little chilly.” You gave her a small smile. She sighed.

“You’re shivering like crazy over there.”

“Yeah, okay. Maybe I’m a little cold.” Jasmine smiled sweetly and picked up the popcorn bag between you two, setting it to the side.

“Here, let’s share this blanket.”

“O-oh um, That’s okay, really,” You told her, stuttering over your words. The thought of you and Jasmine together under a blanket was a little too much for your brain to process.

“Are you kidding? You’re freezing. Here.” You watched as Jas scooted towards you, pulling the blanket off her shoulders so she could set it on your laps. She curled her legs up beside herself and placed the blanket over you. She scooted in closer to fit under her side of the blanket, her knees resting on your thigh and her shoulder against yours.

Your heart sped up at the close proximity, but you tried to act cool as you pulled the blanket up to your shoulders. Jasmine gave you a cautious look before slowly resting her head on your shoulder, and suddenly it felt as though your heart would explode right out of your chest.

“Better?” She asked, glancing up at you.

You looked down at Jasmine, body feeling cozy and heart feeling warm. You smiled at her softly, laying your head on hers.

“Yeah,” You told her, snuggling into her side, “Way better.”

Caught in the Act

It was a very chilly day in the lovely city of Paris, where very little amount of civilians were wondering the streets. Esmeralda was in her gypsy attire, which wasn’t fitting for the weather. She needed to stay warm, but more importantly, return to her usual dancing spot for money. She couldn’t afford to go a day without earning any money. She woman-ed up and headed out of the Court of Miracles towards the square.