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I'm going to the Kew Gardens, this summer :)!


things that are cool about Kew:

-the main glass house is like 200 years old and at the time was the largest glass structure in the world. its so big they actually took techniques from the ship building industry to build it, and they originally built it to accommodate rare and exotic specimens that explorers brought back from their journeys for study. some of these plants are still in the glass house in their original spots

-the newest house is the alpine house, which is built of sails that automatically reconfigure to keep the chilly babies cool

-then you get into the research part. the Kew is the botanical research hub of the world and has tons of botany labs and rare specimens that aren’t on display, just there for research, protection, and care

-they have specialists there that just specialize solely in endangered plants that are dying out because we can’t figure out how to help them reproduce. when things get tough the Kew calls in its top “codebreaker” horticulturalist and badass Carlos Magdalena, who has single handedly saved several species from extinction, including the world’s smallest lillypad species. this guy’s job is literally to figure out how stubborn plants reproduce and help them live and survive so they can put them back in their native land to be happy

-they also house rare and endangered species 

-on top of that, lets not forget the Kew’s Millenium Seedbank. this is a massive seedbank thats literally large enough to, in theory, hold seeds from every known plant in the world in a set of huge climate controlled vault.

-and on top of THAT there’s the massive herbarium ALSO used for research

-thats not even the beginning like the Kew is so badass and connects and communicates with hundreds of other conservatories and research centers around the world to help the plant babies and also people while theyre at it

-you can find their plant species database and herbarium database on my about page

NACHO cravings sorted😛✔️✔ Recreating wholesome and cruelty-free versions of old favourites is one of my favourite things to do. And even more so when they end up tasting much better than I remember👌🏼Crispy oil-free chips layered with spicy black bean + pulled oyster mushroom chilli, corn, baby spinach, fresh coriander and drizzle of tahini💫🌿 #vegan
What are your favourite dishes to recreate??

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Don’t You Want Me? (Jooheon x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) YA’LL. WHAT IS GOOD???? It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and what a great way to return then with some Monsta X? I’ve recently fallen extremely hard for this group of boys and I’m already in way too deep. Help, I’m drowning in Wonho and Shownu’s back sweat. Ew, okay that was gross. Anyway, without further ado, here’s some yummy first-time smutty smut with my dimple-faced angel Jooheon (◕‿◕✿)

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You couldn’t ever say no to Jooheon, no matter what the request, big or small. You were already a huge pushover, but when it came to that dimple-faced angel, you were completely powerless to him. So when he begged and pleaded to go camping down by a popular creek to celebrate your six month anniversary, he didn’t have to try too hard to break your will.

You liked camping, but you didn’t love it like all the crazy outdoors nuts. You liked laying out in the sun to tan, eating the delicious camping food, and just lazing around without a care for what time it was or what you had to get done. You didn’t love, however, the bugs, the unpacking, the packing, the greasy hair, and the stink that just clung to you no matter what you tried.

But you would put up with it, for Jooheon, because you loved him more than anything…and you also had a surprise in store for him.

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Drabble 003

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This was requested by an anon and I think it’s something we all wish could come true. I know it’s a little short but it basically covered what the request was. Maybe I’ll incorporate this idea into a future fic. PS I’m open to more requests for drabbles or fics so don’t be afraid to slide into my inbox.

As you were typing away on your laptop, the light around you flickered seconds before the entire room went dark and your laptop shut off.

“No no no no!” You froze in shock as your entire paper for class was just lost forever. 

“Baby, are you okay?” Josh said as he came rushing into the room with his phone flashlight shining in your face.

You squinted your eyes at the bright light and got up while you closed your laptop, letting out a deep sigh of frustration. You stepped closer to Josh and covered his flashlight with our palm. 

“Oh, sorry.” He blushed as he pointed it to the ceiling.

“Well, looks like the storm finally fucked us.” You groaned as you began to rub your arms.


“Yeah, I’m a little chilly.”

“C’mere, baby.” Josh grabbed your hand and lead you over to the couch where he sat down, pulling you into his lap. 

You curled up to him as he grabbed a blanket from behind him, wrapping it around the both of you. You nuzzled your face into his neck as he hummed a simple tune. Josh began to kiss your neck lightly causing you to let out a quiet sigh. 

“Josh…” You breathed heavily as he bit at the exposed skin of your neck.

He lifted your head up and pulled your face closer to his before he smashed his lips to yours, forcefully. You moaned into the kiss as you straddled him. Josh’s hands glided down your sides and stopped once he reached your bottom, squeezing roughly causing you to jump resulting in you grinding down onto Josh’s crotch. 

“Fuck, baby.” He grunted as he pulled away from the kiss.

“What do you say we go to the bedroom, light some candles, and finish what we’re starting?” You nipped at his ear, earning a deep groan from him.

“Get your ass in there. Now.” He ordered in a deeper tone than usual.

“Yes, daddy.” 

#15 and #3 - Scott McCall

Word Count: 248
Request: Can you do 15 and 3 with Scott please?
Prompt(s): “No grandma we aren’t dating.” “Yes im sure.” and “But baby it’s cold outside.”
Warnings: none

“No Grandma, we aren’t dating.” you spoke into the phone, a small smile on your face as your eyes focused on the tan boy decorating the tree.

“Yes, I’m sure.” You smiled, focusing onto your grandmother. “Alright, Merry Christmas to you too. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Do you think I should use red ornaments or white?” Scott asked from behind you. Turning to face him you smiled.

“White, definitely.”

Scott grinned, “Thanks babe.” You grinned at the small name.

Although you despised lying to your family members, you figured it was best for both you AND Scott to hide your relationship. Mostly due to the fact explaining your boyfriend can hear and smell nearly everything in a 5 mile radius due to him being a werewolf was not a conversation you were looking forward to.

Later that evening the two of you sat together near the fire, the orange flames illuminating the room. You frowned once you noticed the time.

“I really can’t stay.” You sighed, dreading the chilly walk home.

“But baby it’s cold outside.” He pouted, grabbing your hand.

“My mother will start to worry.” You frowned.

“Beautiful what’s your hurry?” Scott argued, not wanting you to leave quite yet.

“I ought to say no, no, no.” You looked down at your hands, contemplating your decision.

“Mind if I move in closer?” The McCall boy whispered, moving forward, your noses practically touching.

“There’s bound to be talk tomorrow.” You sighed, pressing your forehead against his.

“I don’t mind.” He smiled. “Stay?”

“Okay.” You grinned. Scott beamed with joy, as he leaned in, gently pressing his lips to yours.

You had definitely made the right decision.

I’m just going to stop using the phrase “it can’t get any gayer than this” because I have been proven wrong every single time.

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Miso Noodle Soup

  • 7 cups of water
  • ½ cup of miso paste
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • ½ teaspoon minced ginger
  • 1 tablespoon tamari
  • 1 carrot, chopped into thin rounds
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1 chilli, chopped finely
  • 2 sheets of nori, sliced into small squares
  • 2 portobello mushrooms, sliced into strips
  • 100g of tofu, chopped into small cubes
  • 180 grams of soba noodles

1. In a large pot add your water (not boiled, warm at most) and miso paste and heat on medium until the paste has dissolved. Never let the water boil or it will kill the miso.
2. Add in the garlic, ginger and tamari and stir until its all combined well.
3. Add your prepped vegetables and tofu (spinach, chilli, nori and mushrooms, tofu), turn the heat down to low and put a lid on the pot for about 30 minutes, check every now and then until the veggies have cooked to your liking.
4. When you’re about to be ready to eat yo soup, add your soba noodles and stir through for a few minutes until they’re cooked (if they’re dry soba like I use, they should cook in less than 5 minutes)