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We need to talk about Hurricane fucking Irma.

We need to talk about this bitch. First of all, BEFORE she even arrives at Florida, Irma will go through the Caribbean as a Hurricane category 5. Now, is not the first one in history to go through the Caribbean leaving chaos and havoc behind. Irma is, though, the strongest bitch since Patricia. I’ll get to that. 

So Houston, Texas just went through Hurricane Harvey, cat. 4. If you think that, that display of destruction was bad, just wait until Irma starts showing off. Puerto Rico is a really small island, THERE WOULD NOT BE A PART OF THE ISLAND UNTOUCHED BY IRMA, WITHOUT A MIRACLE!!!! 

Katrina category 5, former princess baddest bitch in town, ain’t shit compared to Irma. Don’t get me wrong Katrina left a trail of destruction, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Multiply that shit by 100 and that’s exactly what the Caribbean is about to get. 

Sandy, category 3, one of the deadliest of 2012, is about to be turned into child’s play by Irma. Irma is not here to fuck around. People were hoping for Irma to chill, the bitch said, aha? LOL NO. 

Hurricane Andrew category 5. LOL boy, 1992 called,  they just said good luck. You people do not understand, Irma, is stronger than all of these hurricanes. Is even stronger than Wilma former, heir to baddest bitch in town throne, category 5 from 2005. 

Then we have Hurricanes Georges, category 4, 18 years ago; and Hugo category 5. I personally lived through Georges, it was scary, i can still hear the wind and the sound of the windows about to burst, but we got through it. I am fine with hurricanes strong enough to reach category 4, but the moment it hits category 5, my heart stops. Hugo left a shit ton of destruction, chaos, and havoc as well. Irma is about to cover ( no seriously, cover all the island) my island and destroy it, unless, somehow it chills the fuck down. 

Now, Irma by the time that was entering the Leeward Islands was already with winds at a whooping 185mph. Bye Katrina ( winds up t 175 mph). Bye Wilma (winds up to 183 mph). We are talking about gorgeous small islands like Antigua, St. Kitts, Barbuda, etc… we literally have nowhere to evacuate to.

 From more recent hurricanes, Irma is second to the baddest bitch in town, Patricia, with winds up to a whooping 215mph. Irma, what’s good? no seriously, Irma chill.  Hurricane Patricia was baaaaaaaad, like reaaaaally bad, and somehow we managed to avoid that. IDK how, but I am not complaining, now Mexico and the US weren’t so lucky. Irma is only 30 MPH BEHIND PATRICIA! Guys 30 miles per hour, is like ONLY 10mph over a school zone at the USA. LET THAT SINK IN!!! Irma is going for it!!! The only difference is that Irma is sooooo powerful that you can get readings of Irma on devices to detect earthquakes, well thanks Irma. 

Puerto Rico hasn’t recently had a hurricane like Patricia, but Irma is the first one of its strength and power since the 1928 hurricane Okeechobee a.k.a the San Felipe Segundo .Ask your abuelas and abuelos about it, shit ask them about Hugo too, he was an asshole too. Officially classified as category 5 hurricane and one of the deadliest tropical cyclones in the history of the Atlantic area. So, Okee had winds up to 160mph, but then Irma is here like 185mph, HIIIIIIIII and we are like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! BITCH BYEEEEEEEEE!!!! It might not seem like a lot but here’s  a perspective of all the people Irma is about  hit and again no airline will take the risk to fly anyone out and i get it. In moments like this one, the Caribbean Islands are usually on their own, until the storm passes. 

Irma is getting stronger and by the time it reaches Florida, the bitch will die a little. The moment a hurricane hits land and cooler waters, it dies, which HEY FLORIDA GOOD NEWS, Irma might just be a category 4 for you!!!  I take a category 4 over a 5 any given time. I’m not saying is good, but compared to what is about to happen….you have to choose your deadly posion. The USA media is focusing in Florida and glossing over the Caribbean, and I get it Florida is at risk, but let’s face it, so ARE WE. 

Irma is giving the Typhoon Tip a.k.a the Typhoon Warling, a run for it’s money too. Cause coming after Patricia is not enough. Ask your parents about this Typhoon, form back in 1979. The highest wind speed recorded were up to 190mph sustained for a minute or so, unlike Patricia, who just reached it… hold me bitch!!!!  In other words HIIIIIII!! WE ARE THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS AND IRMA IS FUCKING SHIT UP!!! WE WILL APPRECIATE THE HELP, THANKS!!

So, keep in mind that yeah Florida is about to get fucked up, but the Caribbean is up  first!!!! And we are about to get HELLA FUCKED!! That’s all!! Thanks for your attention, and PLEASE TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU!!! AND CONTACT YOUR LOVED ONES!!


Edit: Just so you have an idea about the wind power!!

Jake Dillinger wasn’t a bad kid. Then again, he wasn’t a good kid either.

Good kids didn’t sneak out of town with their best friends and drink until they could almost forget the world.

Forget that they’d be (once again) coming home to an empty house, an empty bed.

Good kids didn’t fail all of their classes and spend their summer in summer school.

(He met Rich there, a shock of red shooting through his hair, and his voice lisping on the Spanish he tried to pronounce- Rich always hated his lisp. Maybe that’s why it disappeared. Which was… annoying. The lisp had always been cu- /endearing./ Always been endearing. Not cute. How weird would that be? Girls were cute. Not his best friend. Not a boy. Boys were for gay people and Jake- Jake was NOT gay. Good kids weren’t gay. (At least that’s what his father said.) (Before he left.) Good kids were straight and didn’t wear their best friends socks and cry themselves to sleep at night because their parents weren’t there anymore. Good kids were strong.)

Good kids didn’t wear red hoodies with pins stuck in them like abandoned interests. Abandoned dreams that stuck to you like sap that wouldn’t ever come off. They wore plaid.

(Plaid had always been Jake’s least favorite.)

(His parents loved plaid.)

Bad kids… bad kids… bad kids flunked school.


Bad kids do drugs and alcohol and throw huge parties and always have bruised knuckles from a fight or punching the wall or hitting themself again and again and /again/ until the marks are permanent.


Bad kids wear hoodies and don’t wear plaid and have dumb thoughts about their best friend looming above them like a wingless angel, freckles tattooed across their body in a sporadic array of constellations on their skin and red and blonde hair dripping sweat onto the bed-

(… Check.)

Bad kids have hickies from a girl they don’t love and don’t think they could ever really love.


(Sorry Chloe.)

Bad kids… bad kids are Jake Dillinger.

(Well shit.)


Holy SMOKES that’s a looooong post!!

So, @min-play​ made those skelebros reactions to alcohol, and it got me thinking! (It’s dangerous to think, I know) because I always thought US!Papyrus as a regular stoner, and with a big heart for sweets, he would probably make some “funny” brownies.

My friend @thelongshorts​ came up with the idea that Sans just becomes other alternate universes of himself, ESPECIALLY UT!Sans since he’s so chill and sleepy and punny :> But also UF!Sans because your mood can swing so much when you’re high.

I’ve NEVER made anything this long! Proud of myself *runs around in circles*

bmc headcanon that when the squip said one of his settings was “sexy anime girl” jeremy made him change to that appearance as a joke but the voice is the same so since then everything the squip says, jeremy cant take seriously and none of the awful bad things the squip says to jeremy are repeated because hes too busy laughing at haruhi suzumiya with keanu reeves’ voice

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I feel bad for new charioce or charinina fans who get desperate by amount of hate toward cari or nina. When i was new into this fandom, i thought the hate come from misunerstanding to thw plot so i try to clarify it but it seems the antis are just either idiotic or purposely ignorant to hate chara. The fans of chris also need mental fortitued u seeXD to give zero fuck n now i am like=come bash me, hate me, juat bcoz i like fictional chara

Yeah, actually SAME MATE, to think that there may be new charioce/charinina fans surfing the snb tag saddens me, because there’s the chance all this hate would let them down… ಠ╭╮ಠ

I mean, by now I’ve seen so many arguments pulled out, I got used to that I don’t care anymore. But I know sometimes people want to have a validation, an acknowledgment of their likings, so they go on the internet for some feedback. And what’s on the main tag lately would probably let them be unsure of what they like…? I hope not. Everyone is free to like the f they want imo.

SO FEAR NOT, FELLOW FRIENDS! Here some good stuff to cheer you up, reminding everyone how this is a freaking show with fictional characters, that you can like what you want and most importantly that all these sweet scenes happened for real ❤️

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k, so, AU where Jeremy and Michael do split the squip. And, like, they both get Keanu Reeves, but instead of Jeremy’s even attempting to help him, it only makes him hate himself, thus making everything worse. The only thing it’s good at is math homework.

Meanwhile. Michael does get a squip that helps him, and it doesn’t tell him he’s terrible or anything. Michael somehow naturally flows up the school social map, and he takes Jeremy with him. To the eyes of everyone else, this weird kid and this super popular kid obsessed with the ‘90s are friends for no reason.

But, despite already being each other’s favorites, they’re even more inseparable. Whenever Michael and Jeremy are together, their squips work fully, and that’s better for Jeremy.

The BNHA Fandom

I love that in every other fandom there are buildings burning, character hating, and ship wars, and the BNHA fandom is like… “Oh you ship Izuocha? I ship Kacchako, but that’s cute,” “Honestly they’re all just cinnamon rolls,” “buT ALLMIGHT AND DEKU THO” #fathergoals “did you make an OC yet?” “ha I ship deku with everyone tbh” like wHAT? It’s so chill ?? (Well except for the Bakugou good or bad argument, but that’s pretty black-and-white) It’s probably because it’s the new and upcoming fandom, but coming from someone who always watches the show late, it’s pretty cool to see.

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persephone & hades {d}

forever tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek @arkham-dame​ (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

word count: 1,127

warnings: if you’re afraid of Greek mythology, run far, far away. + fem!reader, cause ya know, Persephone was a goddess. ;)

“I asked him for it. 

For the blood, for the rust,

for the sin.

I didn’t want the pearls other girls talked about, 

or the fine marble of palaces,

or even the roses in the mouth of servants. 

I wanted pomegranates-

I wanted Darkness,

I wanted him. 

So I grabbed my king and ran away

to a land of death,

where I reigned and people whispered

that I’d been dragged. 

I’ll tell you I’ve changed, I’ll tell you

the red on my lips isn’t wine. 

I hope you’ve heard of horns, 

but that isn’t half of it. Out of an entire kingdom

he kneels only to me,

calls me Queen, calls me Mercy. 

Mama, Mama, I hope you get this.

Know the bed is warm, and our hearts are cold, 

know never have I been better

than when I am here. 

Do not send flowers,

we’ll throw them in the river.

‘Flowers are for the dead,’ ‘least that’s what 

the mortals say. 

I’ll come back when he bores me,

but Mama,

not today.”

- Daniella Michallen, “Persephone Speaks”

The first time you’d met it was raining. You remember it so vividly, as if it had happened only yesterday. 

The rain was pounding against your window. You almost didn’t hear him knock. But you had. And you opened the door. Maybe if you hadn’t opened the door, things would be different. But now isn’t the time to dwell on what could’ve been. 

You had opened the door. You couldn’t change that. Not now, not ever. Some would say you’d made a mistake. Others say it was a blessing. Whatever the case, that damn door had changed your life. 

We’re getting off track. 

The door was open now. He looked pitiful, like a kicked puppy. His ebony hair was a wet mess, drooping over his seemingly sweet, chocolate-brown eyes. He was wearing a suit. That didn’t strike you as strange. He could’ve been a businessman, or he could’ve been on a fancy date. 

“I’m so, so sorry for bothering you, miss. But I was wondering if I could wait the storm out in your home? It’s too dangerous for me to drive in this weather.”

His voice was deep, and husky. You remember clearly that it reminded you of a wolf, or some other predatory animal. It sent a chill down your spine. Whether that was good or bad, you didn’t know at the time. You still don’t know.

But you couldn’t just let the poor guy freeze out there, right? You couldn’t leave him on your doorstep. No one was that heartless, even towards a stranger. 

So you let him in. In both the metaphorical, and literal sense. You let him in your home, and your heart. But you didn’t know you’d done the latter. At least not yet, anyway. 

He regarded you curiously, as if he wasn’t expecting you to actually allow him passage into your house. You remember being suspicious. But you brushed it off. He’s a normal person, you kept telling yourself. He just needs help.

Night approached, and the storm still hadn’t let up. You let him stay for the night. You remember locking your bedroom door for the first time in years. 

In the morning he was gone. You thought you’d never see him again, but, oh how wrong you were. 

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sections in my band

flutes: salty, cant tune, will fight you, loyal and smart
clarinets: tired, dont give a fuck, either very good or very very bad
trumpets: chill. shy but hilarious. “everyone” likes them
alto sax: jazz - 10/10 chill dudes, very nice. concert - who?
tenor sax: prissy, very good, would not recommend long exposure too
bari sax: sad
trombones: new to band, total meme hos,
tuba: v smol, baby of the band, must protect
percussion: sonuvabitch, talented but dicky

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Scotch, no, emotions are not social constructs. It's not because of society that we enjoy the taste of sugar, infants are capable of experiencing the chemical reaction caused form tasting sugar because of biological instincts and natural selection. You may be overestimating what emotion is. Like, Dopamine is happiness in it's purest form, no amount of societal conditioning can break that.

emotions are social constructs, dopamine is something that encourages us to do more of the things that provided us dopamine, thats it my dude

you are told from the start how to act about certain situations. someone steals ur toy and ur mom makes a pitiful scrunched up face at you and goes “aww, are you sad? poor baby. it’s okay, come here” and you learn that you should feel sad and cry and seek comfort

someone steals ur toy and ur dad says “what are you doin, go take it back. that’s yours.” and you learn to be aggressive and stand up for urself and get angry when someone steps on u

someone steals ur toy but u live in a non-american tribe isolated from other societies, and you’re told “consider that child may not have understood they were taking something that belonged to you. consider that child needed it more at the moment than you did. talk to that child, figure it out.” you learn to cooperate and instead of reacting to things, you learn that things just happen and to talk and listen and express your thoughts in order to better understand the world around you

our basic feelings are good, bad, chill, and hype. if a child is told that being robbed of a toy is hurtful, negative, the child will feel bad and learn to associate that behavior with bad feelings and youve just created an “emotion” by manipulating the way they view the world around them.


• The show opens with More Than Survive, but instead of bumping into Rich, Jeremy bumps into a kid everyone calls “Squip”, the coolest kid in school who everyone looks up to but stays away from, who pushes him away and stalks off

• After play rehearsal, Squip confronts Jeremy and tells him to stay away from Christine, his ex (she broke up with him because he was a jerk, he wanted her to change everything about herself so she could fit in more), and gets really close to his face and pins him against the wall

• Jenna being Jenna, she takes a picture of this from an angle and sends it to everyone, they all freak out, and rumor spreads around that the two are dating

• Later on, we find out that Squip has killed himself, and everyone’s freaking out and feeling sorry for Jeremy because his “boyfriend” is dead, and he’s becoming kinda popular

• Jeremy is freaking out at Michael’s house and doesn’t know what to do, but he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his popularity, because it’s what he’s always wanted, and asks Michael if he’ll help him write fake emails from Squip to make it look like they actually were dating. Michael doesn’t think this is a super great idea, but wants Jeremy to be happy, so he agrees to help.

• Jeremy shows the emails to Rich, who had known the squip for 3 years, and was pretty upset about the whole ordeal. They had drifted apart the past year, Rich said he was starting to act a little strange, but Squip was the reason him and Jake became friends.

• He also shows the letters to Christine, who is also upset because she’s just a really nice person, and someone she used to be close to just killed themselves. Jeremy sings a version of “If I Could Tell Her” to Christine, where he lies and says that Squip told him that he did feel bad for how he treated Christine and cared for her, but couldn’t say anything. He tries to kiss her but she rejects him, and he runs away.

• Jeremy meets Brooke, who kinda thinks he’s cute and tries to console him whenever he freaks out (She thinks it’s because Squip died but he’s actually just freaking out about all the lies he’s telling), and they start dating.

• “Upgrade” is basically Jeremy wanting to stop all this before his lies get out of hand, but Squip appears and tells him not to, that everyone will hate him if he does and he’ll be a loser again, so Jeremy keeps on lying.

• Jeremy starts ignoring Michael, and getting too caught up in his popularity to realize this.

• During the Halloween party, Brooke catches Chloe trying to sleep with Jeremy and runs out, crying. Jeremy finds Michael in the bathroom, and after basically ignoring him for months, all Jeremy says to Michael is “Hey you don’t have to worry about the emails anymore, I’ll just do them myself, it’s more believable that way”, and walks out. Michael feels like Jeremy doesn’t care about him anymore, and now he’s alone. After the party, Jeremy’s dad confronts him and they get in a huge fight, and “Good For You” is sung by Mr. Heere, Brooke, and Michael.

• Jeremy is devastated, but Squip reminds him how pitiful his life was before, and he’ll have to give up everything if he tells the truth

• Christine confronts Jeremy at school, and wonders if he made everything up, and in a panic, Jeremy shows her a suicide note that he wrote over the summer, when he tried to kill himself but failed, and pretends it’s Squip’s.

• Jenna happens to overhear this conversation, freaks out, and tells Brooke, and a version of “The Smartphone Hour” begins, and soon everyone heard about the suicide note.

• After the play, Christine starts crying because she thinks she was the reason Squip killed himself, and people at school have started yelling at her. Everyone in the green room (basically a dressing room) starts yelling and arguing, and Jeremy can’t take it anymore. He breaks down and tells the truth, and everyone gets really mad at him, and he runs out of the room.

• He runs into Michael, who can see how upset he is and comforts him, saying how he doesn’t hate him and still wants to be his friend. Mr.Heere tells Jeremy that he knows he hasn’t been there a lot, but still loves his son and isn’t going to leave him like his mom did, and sings “So Big/So Small” to him.

The Secrets of Exchange

Exchange is strange because you live two lives. Not just in the sense of where you came from and where you are now, but something more than that. You have the life you show on Facebook and the wicked pictures you post on Instagram and the fun, PG outings you write about in your blog, but what nobody knows until they get there is what’s beneath that surface. No one back home hears about when you sat in the bathroom and cried on the first day of school because your classmates just blankly stared at you when you walked into the classroom. Nobody knows about the times when your host mom washes your laundry and it takes a week to dry. No one hears about the times when you cry when you wake up and count the days until you’re back home. Nobody hears about the silent dinners with your host family when they aren’t up for talking. No one hears about the times you’re yelled at for things that you can’t even control. No one knows about the nights when your host dad texts you at 11:30, telling you it’s time to come home. See, people don’t hear about each and every strand of hair you have to remove from the drain every time you finish taking a shower, in an attempt to not annoy your host family. Nobody hears about the hours spent studying the language. Nobody hears about the shitty feeling you get when you realize that you were probably only invited to this party because you’re foreign and the boys want to get you drunk. Exchange is hard, and this is what nobody realizes. Exchange is dry skin, terrible breakouts, brittle nails and hair that falls out. Exchange is not always fitting in. Exchange is inevitably feeling pathetic sometimes.

But that’s where the magic lies. This is the reason why we grow. If we weren’t pushed to our emotional limits, we wouldn’t become completely different people. Exchange makes you sympathetic, tolerant, adaptable, more chilled out. The bad things make the good things that much sweeter. Exchange life is life to the utmost extreme, and once you’ve lived it, you’ll never be the same again.

Exchange is learning to deal.

Exchange is gaining grace.