R&B/Chill: Alina Baraz - Electric (feat. Khalid)

Insomniac Playlist

   Click the songs to hear them. I recommend headphones, a hot cup of tea and a book - put your phone away!

1. Sound Asleep // Blondie : This song just describes that state of mind where you’re craving sleep but it just won’t come to you. Packed with a whirling lullaby melody, a soothing, calming beat and Debbie Harry’s dreamy vocals - this song is perfect to wind down to.

2. Oblivion // Bastille : The basis of this song is about watching someone fall into oblivion and never managing to quite get there yourself. Starting with Dan’s clear, calming voice and a single piano, it escalates into a beautiful tangle of strings with mesmerizing electronic beats and heartwarming, layered high notes.

3. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground : It may be decades old but for me, this song is my secret sleeping weapon. Consisting of a mellow bass, light riffs of acoustic-goodness and a pure voice singing some of the most beautiful words ever written - this song and it’s hypnotic nature will have you snoring in seconds.

4. Breathe // Of Verona : This song is purely about love, however the chorus can really help to soothe your breathing and chill you out. Starting out as just a silky voice and basic, haunting accompaniment, it gradually blossoms into a beautifully dramatic collision of cymbals, layered, echoing vocals and a lullaby-esque flooding of drums and piano.

5. Tempt You (Evocatio) // Nothing But Thieves : Pure slow-indie perfection about being tempted away from ‘the city’. It’s a mollifying, smooth vocal that will make your head spin paired with a gradual build-up of minimalistic guitar and electronic sounds - this is sure to send you into a deep on-the-edge-of-sleep feeling.

6. I Work Nights and You Work Days // To Kill A King : This song is written about someone who works nights and comes home to see their partner sleeping lightly. Consisting of a consoling, rich folk voice that lies softly alongside a piano laced with sections of heart-warming strings - this song will make your eyes feel heavy and your bones feel tired.

7. Hold You // Nina Nesbitt (ft. Kodaline) : A match made in lullaby heaven, this collaboration will have you drifting between dreamland and reality. A slightly raspy but somehow clear, Scottish female voice teamed up with a gentle and heart-wrenching, Irish male voice layered over the top of a folk-indie instrumental, this is a definite track for a sleep playlist.

8. The Parting Glass // Ed Sheeran : Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but this hidden track found at the end of Give Me Love from his first album (+) is so simple and yet so soothing that it had to be included. With the only accompaniment being Ed’s harmonized humming and the rest is his reassuring vocal, this minimalistic track is amazing as a lullaby.

9. Final Masquerade (Acoustic) // Linkin Park : The original version of this song was on The Hunting Party, an album that I only own on vinyl but the acoustic version was floating about on iTunes. A true acoustic featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocal, contrasted with a lower male voice and packets of a woman’s voice during the beginning - this song is like a stepping stone to a chilled out mind.

10. Metal & Dust // London Grammar : Indie relaxation at it’s best, this song can be interpreted into many different messages. Filled with light and fluffy beats, some hidden strings possibly and dominated by Hannah’s velvet-coated vocals, this is fantastic.


I love CMA’s music. I’ve known his music for like 4 years now and he always amazes me. I listen to him when I study, meditate or just relax. 

according to him ‘a lost mind’ is dedicated towards people who are dealing with a depression, a loss or are caught in a bad situation. he hoped this song could bring the feeling of hope and peace. I think it does! Enjoy!


Future Shock 3 Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix 5

Prism Leisure 1993, 52 min

“I have the original hard case version of this tape which came with the limited edition card set. The contents of the mass-produced tape are the same though. All, or at least the majority of this video was produced in Autodesk’s 3D Studio, and for the date this was first released, is quite impressive. Visuals to Music, from groups such as the Orb.

Box says: Primal forces, synthetic mindscapes, visual worlds, advanced reality. A Techno Pagan future. 21st Century visual entertainment.”

1. Papua New Guinea - Future Sound of London
2. In The Path Of The Whale - Attic Attack
3. Fractal Zoom - Brian Eno
4. Soufie - Banco De Gaia
5. Sensorium - Bureau of Beautiful Information
6. Speedlearn - The Higher Intelligence Agency
7. Aegosopolis
8. U.F.Orb - The Orb
9. No Bounds - G.O.L.

0:33 - Papua New Guinea - Future Sound of London
7:26 - In The Path of The Whale - Attic Attack
11:50 - Fractal Zoom - Brian Eno
15:38 - Soufie - Banco De Gaia
22:30 - Sensorium - Bureau of Beautiful Information
26:40 - Speedlearn - The Higher Intelligence Agency
32:17 - Aegispolis - Aphex Twin
37:35 - U.F.Orb - The Orb
43:40 - No Bounds - G.O.L.

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