Por fin, aquí está. Si escucháis música cuando estudiáis, cuando vais a correr, en casa, en el trabajo, etc, estas listas son la mejor elección. Me he llevado un buen tiempo coleccionando y buscando en Spotify canciones, pero merece la pena. 

Usuario de Spotify: OHMusic_

¡Gracias a todos y disfrutadlo!

Today Is The Day I Release My First Ep,Beat Tape Titled “The Scope” this Ep’s Sound is a Hint Of Space Music,Ambient,Chillwave,and Lougne Something You Can Close Your Eyes And Chill Out Too

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Tortured Soul/Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer ( Original Mix ).

I designed this album cover for a friend (Savvas Kattamis) some months ago, and I never got around to uploading the work on the blog. The name of the album was OCTAGONA, and the brief involved (obviously) playing around with octagon shapes. 

For the background image, I used photos taken by the Rosetta Spacecraft’s Philae Lander of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko back in November 2014, which I felt complemented the space-y noises in Kattamis’ work, and messed around with them using pixeldrifter.

You can listen to samples of his music, under the name AAVAA on Soundcloud.