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At least Annie felt guilty but she fucking deserved to feel guilty after the horrific sin she committed. I'm most disappointed in Reiner and Bertholdt. Whatever they get, they have it coming.

Agreed, honestly. But you know what’s pissing me off the most about all of this is the fandom. There are actual people getting pissy at others for disliking these characters.

“You can’t hate them!!!!!!! You don’t know their reasons!!!! They have a reason!!! Wait until then to judge!!!!”

Oh my god. OOOoooooh my god. Did you know people can hate characters for their ACTIONS?????????? Like, everyone on here is always screaming bloody murder about respecting each others ships even if they don’t like them, and that it’s okay to not like a pairing as long as you’re respectful, but if you hate a character suddenly that makes you bad for not giving them a chance. Not everyone has to like a character, just like how you have disliked characters omfg

I respect people who hate Levi, because it is their option on rather or not to like a character.

It’s okay to hate a character for their actions, and people have a damn good reason to not be too fond of them at the moment.

-Reason Eren’s mom is dead

-Reason Levi’s squad is dead

-Reason Marco is dead

-Are the reason many of the 104th trainees squad died

-Are the reason so many people died

-Are working with monkey trouble, who btw, killed Mike

And don’t give me that “They’re just kids!!! They know what they’re doing and feel awful about it!!!” Too bad, it’s still enough reason for people to dislike them, not everyone has to sit down and pity them for it. Just like how it’s alright if some don’t care much about Marco, it’s their decision to either like a character or dislike them.

Now I get labeling them as “evil” isn’t quite right since we don’t know exactly what their reasonings are, and clearly they feel bad for it, but that doesn’t give you the right to shame people for feeling bitter towards them. Everyone likes to say: “They know what they’re doing" Well, their way of doing things is pretty fucked up, so are you really that shocked at how some people hate them for it.

“Marco wasn’t an important character!!! Who cares!!!”


“The other characters killed people!!!”

They were legit being attacked by those people are u fuckin serious m8

“If you hate these characters I’m un-following you”

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i am just (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ IN LOVE with all of these beautiful characters i am seeing in the gw2 tumblr tag after the update today. i hope @guildwars2 takes a look at the amount of people here on tumblr posting positivity, joy and gratitude over this kind of representation in the character creator and really takes it to heart for future updates!

i also hope the salty peeps and the “ew this is ugly” people can take a giant seat and chilllllllll for awhile. to echo this great post by @teakettle-the-steamless, if you’re feeling negative about the new hair and faces, consider taking a stroll through the #gw2 tag and read the super positive posts coming from players (especially POC players!) and let their happiness illustrate why the update is important and lovely! :)