chilling with the lads

Drunk Chocobro Headcanons

Me, hearing banter that suggests the bros drank together back in Insomnia n rubbing my grubby little hands together: time 2 get 2 work lads


  • the chill drunk (AKA the stoner drunk)
  • seems way cooler and more sober than he is, but only because he plasters himself on a couch like a starfish as soon as he’s tipsy and will never get up again
  • will agree to do almost anything and go almost anywhere until he crosses the sleepy threshold, after which he will only want to go home
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • says deep and emotional shit randomly, but in a complete deadpan
  • stole a cat once


  • very fun but also a disaster 
  • will drink anything he is handed until he blacks out
  • takes hundreds of unflattering drunk selfies and sends drunk texts to the rest of the bros even tho they are right next to him most of the time
  • very touchy, with both his hands and his feelings (will touch all the bros’ faces and cry, usually for very random reasons)
  • has to be carried home 9/10 times
  • the other 1/10 times he sprints home, actually sprints, cannot be stopped


  • none of the bros can tell if they’ve ever seen him drunk
  • this is both because he is the usual designated driver and because he is exactly the same while drunk, just sassier and more irresponsible
  • sometimes he’ll disappear and the bros will be like where’s Ignis??? and when they call him he’s just … at home, got tired of u lot
  • will not stop making puns
  • WILL cook for everyone, even if no one wants it, but will NOT take suggestions or stop until he is done


  • a bully, but the fun kind
  • the one who will keep handing Prompto drinks until he blacks out, but also the one who will carry him home
  • scarily competent even while shitfaced / the True Drunk Mom Friend
  • asks for text updates when they head home and if anyone doesn’t text him that they’re home, he WILL show up at their house to make sure
  • always ends up eatin cup noodles, but no one knows where he gets them

anyways tag urself I’m Prompto

The Signs as ABRA Songs

ARIES: No Chill




LEO: Pride








2017 is the year of me being super broke cos all the bands and artists i like can’t stop announcing gigs within the same bloody month like chill lads i’m still paying for berlin and i’ve not even bought train tickets to paris yet let me live 

If Leafy wants to make a video or talk about the Tumblr fandom he is allowed to. I mean we are all posting and talking about him, so he very much has a right to say what he likes. It’s about HIM.

Like just take a step back and try and think about this from his point of view for a sec. He thought that his tag here would be FILLED WITH HATE, but it WASN’T. He was greeted with screenshots from his new vid and posts talking about how much they love his smile etc.

So relax a bit, he hasn’t done anything to warrant a fucking panic. It’s also very naive of anyone to think he hasn’t lurked before cuz he has tweeted about that before as well lol.

Look since One Direction Niall Horan has always been written off as the funny and cute one. He’s never truly been praised as an artist. Much less in any category as a serious artist. Like he didn’t even have a solo for most songs in the beginning. When hiatus happened we all were so excited about the possibilities of Liam singing, Louis possibly mentoring, Harry writing for others, but Niall everyone was like he’s just gonna go chill and be a lad. BUT NOPE Niall is the first one to get something out that’s completely his. That showcases him for the talented individual he is and it’s actually so good!!!  And he just released it out of nowhere with a simple hope you like it because of course he would that is quintessentially the most Niall thing to do. Like idk i’m just really proud of Niall James Horan.