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The Preschool Teacher - Chapter 12

Harry yawned and stretched, laying his arm out wide to rest on your hip, only to feel the wrinkled sheet next to him. Squinting his eyes and glancing to your side of the bed, then looking around the room, he spoke out into the quiet.


Not hearing a reply, he quickly stood, looking in the washroom then walking through the house.

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Planning Frustrations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: Attempting to plan your wedding, you get frustrated from the lack of help.

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and her SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 3. I picked prompt 2: Planning their wedding leads to bickering and conflicting ideas

Warnings: Little bit of angst

It should have been the happiest time of your life so far. You were marrying the man of your dreams in a short couple of months. When Jensen had proposed, you had been ecstatic, more than ready to spend the rest of your life with this green eyed handsome man.

But with Jensen working up in Vancouver, and you stuck down in Austin, trying to balance both work and wedding planning, you were beyond stressed. Nothing seemed to be going right, and you were about ready to throw in the towel and hire a wedding planner.

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anonymous asked:

I love swaplock where Sherlock is the one with the crush and Molly is oblivious, but everything else is the same. :) May I humbly request?

“Any luck?”

Sherlock looked up, startled. “What?”

“With the flowers,” John nodded to the bouquet on Molly’s desk. “You bought them, didn’t you?”

Sherlock scowled, shoving his hands in his coat pockets. “Not according to her.”

“What’s that mean?” John asked, amused. 

“Means she didn’t read the card, obviously.” 

“Why not take her to lunch or something?”

“Because, John, she’s not that sort of…ugh.” Sherlock stalked off, glowering. He waited until John had caught up with him. “She doesn’t take hints very well.”

“Well, knowing you, you didn’t put the card in the flowers,” John said.  

“I…had it written out…”  

“Okay, but still missing the point.”

“Well…she should know by now nobody buys her flowers, she could have seen me walk in with them!” Sherlock blustered.  

“Okay,” John nodded, humoring him. “How?”  

“Well…when…through security feeds!” Sherlock tried.  

“Mm, right, and when does she have time to hack the security feeds, on her lunch hour?” John shook his head. “Sherlock, just ask her out.”  

“Ask who what?”  

Both men turned with a start.  

“Uh…” Sherlock flicked a nervous glance to John, then back at Molly.  

“Sherlock is taking you to lunch,” John said. “That’s nice of you, Sherlock, well I’m going back home, let me know if anything comes up!” he slapped his friend on the back, waved goodbye to Molly and jogged off. 

“So…lunch?” Molly asked, pushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear. 

Sherlock followed the curve of her fingers, distracted. Blinking quickly, he shrugged. “Yes! No…I…had thought dinner…instead.”

“Okay,” Molly shrugged. “For what though?”

“To…thank you,” he decided, mentally berating himself. “You’re quite singular, Molly Hooper.” 

Ah, better. 

“Sounds like fun!” she smiled brightly. “I’ve got loads to do, so lunch wouldn’t have worked out anyway, I’ll see you tonight, seven-ish?”

“Yes, I’ll pick you up-“

“Oh no it’ll be faster if I meet you, what’s the address?”

A plan quickly formulated in his mind. “You know Angelo’s restaurant?”

“I do, love it there.”

“Yes I know,” he murmured. 


“I said ‘Oh good’,” he answered quickly, flustered. “Yes. Angelo’s. Seven-fifteen.”

“Right. Okay!” she jotted down the time and place on the notebook she carried.

“See you then!”

Sherlock would have been lying if he said he’d nearly ducked his head to kiss her cheek, but she was past him before he could complete the motion. Well, there would be time for kissing later…he hoped. 

Sherlock Holmes was, for lack of a better word, utterly besotted. Molly Hooper, for whatever reason, either had no idea, or no interest. He felt rather sick to his stomach, the idea of her rejecting him, and thus ending their friendship. Perhaps she was oblivious, it was entirely possible, after all, it wasn’t as if he’d been clear from the start how he’d have liked their relationship to go. Well, he could and would clear all that up tonight. 

Later that evening, around seven-ish
Molly ran a hand through her still slightly-damp hair. The windy evening had mostly dried it, but she was all-too-aware she looked rather wind-blown as she stepped through the doors to Angelo’s restaurant. 

“Sherlock Holmes’ party,” she murmured, breathless, trying to comb down her hair. 

“Yes of course Miss Hooper, this way,” she was about to thank the hostess when she looked up, and suddenly wished she’d put on a nicer dress. Not that she was improperly dressed, but it was just an plain black sheath dress, one that allowed her to move freely while she worked. 

Looking around the restaurant, Molly couldn’t help but stare.
“Where um…where is everyone?” she asked.

“The restaurant is yours for the evening,” the host pulled aside the curtain to the outer patio. There was a single table, candles and paper lanterns decorated the patio. Wine was being chilled and a bouquet of heady peonies and roses decorated the table. “Enjoy.”

Molly couldn’t speak, still staring at the grand gesture that was spread before her. This was not a friendly dinner to say ‘thank-you’, and she felt quite foolish suddenly, for not having seen Sherlock’s attempted advances before. It all made sense! His spending time in the lab even if he had no cases or experiments, his assistance on her caseloads, the mysterious bouquet of flowers that showed up twice a month… 

Sherlock appeared, muttering to himself as he wrestled with a champagne bottle, clearly trying to get the cork out. He was dressed quite nicely in an rich aubergine button-down, and one of his nicer suites (though to be fair, all of his suits were nice).

“Oh…” Molly finally spoke.  

The cork finally popped out with a terrific ‘crack!’, just as he realized she was standing there. He cursed under his breath as the champagne foamed over, he grabbed the cloth from the handle of the bucket, wrapping it around the neck. 

She couldn’t move, or else she’d have helped him. Rooted to her spot, she again took in the beautiful sight. A lovely reserved restaurant for two, candles and flowers and champagne…and Sherlock, trying his hardest to appear blasé about half a bottle of wine foaming over his hand. 

“Molly,” he tried. 

“You meant me…” she finally managed, and he met her gaze. 

He quirked a smile, nodding. “Yes. All this time I’ve been making rather a poor show of trying to tell you but-“

“No, I’m just dense sometimes, you were lovely, and I’m sorry if I misunderstood,” she shook her head quickly. “I just…I never expected,” she gestured to their surroundings, then to herself. “I never expected anyone to do this for me and I’m…” she blushed, smiling at her feet for a moment. “I’m overwhelmed, if I’m quite honest,” she laughed, nervous, but she dared a step forward. 

“So…you’ll stay?” he too, moved nearer. 

Shy again, she nodded, pushing her hair behind her ears. “I’m sorry I’m not properly dressed,” she gestured to herself. “If I’d have known I-I’ve got a really beautiful dress at home, it’s dark green and velvet and not just an old work sheath.”

“You look lovely,” he said, quite honestly, and held her chair for her. “I’m just glad you came.”

“I’ll always come when you need me to, Sherlock,” Molly replied. “If I seem surprised it’s because…I guess I never expected someone like you to want someone like me.” 

He looked at her as if she had two heads. “I find that hard to believe, considering your brilliance, your fascinating line of work, to say nothing of your physical features,” the waiter stood by the doorway, and Sherlock noticed. “I could go on,” he said. “But there is the waiter with the menu, but I would like to discuss what our future would be, should we continue this relationship on a more intimate level.” 

“I’d like that,” she nodded, flushing, eyes shining at him.

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Older Noctis x Reader are married and while they're on a date, Ardyn shows up and wants revenge on Noctis so suddenly Noctis leaves to get desserts and Ardyn appears and kidnaps the reader and takes her away. Then Noctis finds out and goes aftet Ardyn to get his wife back. And Ardyn almost beats the reader for not telling him where the crystal is.

I changed this a little to work in my crazy brain, I hope that’s okay.

Major warning here. This story contains some Ardyn x reader abuse and just some general Ardyn being an absolute creepy freak. I honestly got chills writing this. Please don’t read this if any of this bothers you. Don’t worry, Older! Noct is there to save the day.

(Also, sorry I didn’t post this correctly the first time.)


Becoming a queen had never been part of your life plan. Hell, falling in love had never actually been in your plan either. Then, one dark haired, sleepy prince with a smirk that could break hearts and a smile that could cause the Astrals to swoon had passed through your sleepy town all those years ago and everything you had ever wanted for yourself and every plan you had ever made flew out the window just like that.

You had denied your feelings for months as you traveled on and off with the young King and his friends/personal guards. The two of you flirted, stole kisses, and reveled in the innocent love that blossomed and thrived between you. When things got tough, you were right there to fight and defend your king along with everyone else. It was standing on the underground dock at Cape Caem with Iris and Talcott that finally broke down the walls that guarded your heart. Your threw your arms around a very surprised Noctis as tears poured from your tightly shut eyes. He stumbled but managed to catch you and hold you closely while the tears fell. He reassured you that no matter what, he would come back to you and that he felt everything you did for him as well. His kiss stole your breath before he was forced to part with you and head for Altissa and ultimately Gralea where he would begin to fulfill the prophecy.

Those ten years were hard. You lost nearly everyone close to you and found yourself in Hunter HQ with Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis where you learned to fight and to be a proper hunter. All the while, you kept the hope in your heart that you would see Noctis, that he would return to you just as he promised. When he finally did return, you refused to allow him to face his future alone. It was by the grace of the Six that Noctis survive the final battle with Ardyn against all odds and finally took his throne and his kingdom.

The wedding was beautiful and small with only a handful of friends – just the way the two of you had wanted. You found the crown weighed heavily upon your shoulders, though not nearly to the same degree as your husband, and the two of you found strength in one another in the darkest of times. Nightmares still plagued you from the journey that had left you with the love of your life and a title of your own. Noctis usually found himself, with the help of a certain adorable fox-like creature, within your dreams world and was always the one to pull you out of the night terrors.  

Ardyn Izunia was the monster you couldn’t shake. The way he had sneered when he saw you enter the throne room just behind Noctis with a look of determination made your skin crawl. He had attempted to entice you to choose him over your love, promising that he would protect you from the darkness Noctis could never hope to dispel. His words still filtered through your mind and made you want to wretch with their forced sweetness. The worst part was that it was always so hard to know when you were dreaming.

The word “exhaustion” took on a new meaning after you become queen. You did everything in your power to lighten Noctis’ load and the two of you often fell into bed during the late hours of the night only to rise with the sun a few hours later. There were the rare occasions where the two of you would shirk your duties and find time to yourselves. Your favorite place was a small restaurant that specialized in pastas and desserts, tucked into a backstreet of downtown Insomnia. The small shop was rarely too busy and the two of you enjoyed the near privacy the shop afforded you. The twinkling lights of the patio mimicked the nearly invisible stars of the night sky blocked by the light of the rebuilt city.

“I’ll go in and grab our dessert,” Noctis kissed you sweetly for a moment before pulling back. “Do you want the usual?”

Giggling you brushed some of his eternally messy hair from his dark blue eyes and nodded. “How about we try the strawberry this time, though?”

“I like the way you think,” he stole another quick kiss before slipping back inside the small diner to purchase a dessert for the two of you to share. You couldn’t help staring lovingly after your king as he went, resembling a loves truck school girl as you rested your hand on your head.

The door had no more than shut, leaving you on the isolated patio when chills raced down your spine and your breath hitched as the voice that whispered so softly into your ear. “Come now, my sweet little queen, do not let such an…unfortunate king keep you from me,” Ardyn traced a finger along your exposed shoulder and up to your neck. Terror kept you frozen beneath his touch and your fear widened eyes remained locked on the door Noctis had just disappeared through. “I’m going to take you away from here and when your dear little prince comes looking for you, he’ll be forced to tell me where the crystal has been hidden.” The power and the dark joy hidden in his singsong voice nearly had you gagging.

Finally coming to your senses, you opened your mouth to scream when a large hand covered your mouth and pinched your nose so that you could not breathe. “Ah ah,” Ardyn tutted into your ear, “can’t have you spoiling our fun before it’s begun.” You struggled beneath his grip as your heart hammered into your chest. You could feel the oxygen in your veins wearing thin as you began to feel dizzy, your efforts to free yourself only making it worse. “Sleep, little queen, and I’ll be waiting when you awaken,” he licked your earlobe as your world faded to black.

It was the feeling of a hand on your cheek, gently caressing your sleeping face that woke you. Your eyelashes flutter open as you pulled yourself to sit, surrounded by the plush covers of your bedding. You expected the navy galaxies of sprinkled silver that were Noctis’ eyes but were met with the frozen golden depths that haunted your darkest moments. You gasped and attempted to flee the room but found yourself chained to the bedpost.

“There, there, my little queen. No need to be frightened,” Ardyn dipped his head slightly as he offered you a trademark smirk.

You had to swallow several times before you could finally foce words from your throught. “What do you want? Why are you doing this?” Tears of anger and frustration leaked from your eyes. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

The façade Ardyn so often kept of an eccentric gentleman faded as his eyes hardened. A slight frown pulled at his lips and his voice deepened to a near growl. A hand wrapped around your throat as he forced you to look at him. His grip tightened enough to restrict your air supply and hold you in place. “Why am I doing this?” he scoffed. “Because this,” he swept a hand wide as if to indicate everything around you, “was meant to be mine. Was mine, until it was all taken from me.” His grip tightened around your throat and you knew there would be bruises later. “Tell me where the crystal is and I will let you live. You can even keep your crown and be my queen once I’ve taken back what was supposed to be mine.”

Mustering every ounce of strength that remained in your body, you managed to spit directly into the face of your enemy even as you gasped and clawed at his hand for release. “I would never betray Noctis,” you stammered and gasped between each word.

Ardyn laughed and tightened his grip enough to cause your vision to crumple around the edges before releasing you. Falling into a gasping heap onto the bed you cradled your neck. You were jerked forward by a firm grip on your hair and tears stung at your eyes once more. Your face snapped to the side as Ardyn connected the back of his hand to your face in a swift smack, the metal of his ring splitting your lip in the process. “You are trying my patience, little queen. I will not ask you again,” he seethed through his teeth.

Licking a drop of blood from your split lip, you still attempted to even out your breathing. The burn in your neck was nearly as much as bad as the stinging of your face. “No.”

There was no stopping the whimper that escaped you as Ardyn’s hand connected with your face once more. This time, the pain centered around your left eye, certain a blackened eye would be in your future. Ardyn seemed to be in a daze as he struck you several more times. His face never betrayed any sort of emotion as you accepted your punishment, your body too tired and oxygen deprived to put up a proper fight. You closed your eyes and awaited the death that would surely meet you at the hands of this crazed man.

A bright light sparked just behind your closed eyes before soft hands cradled your face and you were enveloped by the comforting scent of your king. Trembling fingers wiped away the tears that naturally leaked from your eyes. “Shh,” Noctis hushed you, “I’ve got you.”

Sitting up with a start, you glanced around the darkned room of your royal bedchambers. Noctis immediately wrapped you into his strong arms and pulled you against his chest. “He was here, Noct. I-I, oh Six,” you sobbed as you clung to him. “I was going to die. He was going to kill me.”

You could feel Noctis shaking as he held you so close it was difficult to know where you ended and he began. You could tell by the silent wracking of his body that he was also crying into your hair as he rocked the two of you. “I would never let that happen. It wasn’t real. I promise you’re safe,” he mumbled again and again to reassure you both.

One the two of you had calmed, Noctis released you enough to look at your face. He traced an unsteady finger over you lip and you winced though there was no physical mark. You lip throbbed exactly where you were certain Ardyn has struck you in your dream. “You looked so broken,” Noctis breathed. “I thought I was too late this time,” he hung his head in shame.

A breathy laugh escaped you as you snuggled against his chest once more. You were beginning to regain some sense of composure as the remnants from your dream began to leave you. You inhaled deeply the musky scent of your king and tangled your hands into his shirt. He was warm as his arms encircled you carefully and the two of you lie there. “You always find me.”

“I made you a promise once. One that I will always keep. You’re my queen, my love, and my life,” Noctis breathed against your forehead before kissing you there, his mouth gradually trialing southward in a wake of kisses before taking your own lips with his. He kissed you with enough gentle passion to chase away the lingering pain and fear of the dream.

Fairy Tales/Mythology

Since Forever’ Read on ch 1   ch2   ch 3   ch4   ch5   ch6   ch7   ch8

Prompt: Fairy Tales/Mythology. Natsu planned to read Lucy a fairy tail he’d written himself - but they got to talking. Natsu decides to abandon some of his plan - being under the romantic stars and having a deep conversation about them is pretty good in his book. There’s no way he’s gonna back down from telling Lucy how much he loves and cares about her though.

“Give it to me!” Lucy wanted to stamp her feet and shake her fists - but that never worked. It was more apt to escalate this into a shouting match. Or worse, he might hold the letter over her head and taunt her by holding it out of reach.

“Give it to you? You didn’t even buy me dinner first.” Natsu laughed awkwardly. “You don’t want to see this.” He scooted away from Lucy. “Trust me!”

“Give it to me!”


Lucy scooted closer. “Give it to me!”


“Give it to me!”

Natsu moved away again. “No!”

“Give it to me!” Lucy kept pace, leaned forward and stared Natsu in the eyes. They were forehead to forehead - and that’s when a couple of older ladies passing by intervened.

“Millicent, can you believe how shocking young women are these days?” Phyllis gasped, her hand on her ample chest. In a judgemental tone of voice, she spoke to Lucy. “No means no young lady! Respect your date!”

“Give it -” Lucy broke off what she’d intended to say. “He’s not my date. We’re just friends.”

Millicent clucked her tongue. “Such a pity! You’d no doubt get further into his knickers if you asked nicer!” She shook her head and addressed Natsu who was almost as red as Lucy. “Is she harassing you?”

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Suitors in the Summer

Leo -
Bookstore visits where the breezes carries the scent of old paper through the store 📚
Getting iced coffee/ tea from your fave cafe sitting on the patio
Reading under the shade of a big tree

Albert -
Historical re-enactments and tours where you two try historical dishes
Feeding the ducks at the pond 🦆
Road trip where you visit some huge monument and stay in a creepy motel

Giles -
Theatre / Shakespeare in the park every Saturday evening
A carriage ride and then dinner on the balcony of a nice restaurant 🍴
Shopping for summer clothes together

Louis -
Dancing in the park every Friday night
Picnics by the lake with strawberry champagne 🥂
Playing croquette on the lawn and getting super competitive about it

Nico -
Amusement / theme parks until you’re exhausted
Trips to the water park with your friends, but he always bundles you up in a towel when you get out of the pool
You two each get your flavor of ice cream and share 🍦

Alyn -
Horseback riding through the woods in the morning
Bonfires with s'mores at night 🔥
Berry picking in the sun for pies and baking them that night- eating them with homemade ice cream

Rayvis -
Walks in the park with Luke 🐺
Hiking in the woods to a lookout where you both can chill and each lunch
Playing chess on the patio until the wee hours of the morning

Byron -
Stargazing while lying on a blanket in the garden and falling asleep in his arms ✨
Having him push you on the swing in the park
Making dinner together from scratch and feeding each other tastes of it

Robert -
Walking on the beach, holding hands and watching the sunset in the evenings
Visiting the outdoor exhibits of art 🎨
Taking a pottery class together and getting to sit in his lap

Night drives in his car, sitting on the hood overlooking the city and just talking about life until 3AM
Outdoor movies and concerts where you sing so loud you lose you voice
Washing his car with him and you both end up soaked 💦

father-nikiforov  asked:

Lily, you know what I need. Chris <3 🔥🔥🔥

🙏🙏🙏 so um i decided to spring off the ficlet i wrote for @lovelytitania, hope you like 😉 it’s pre-yuuri, when chris is 20 and viktor is 22

“Let’s stay a couple days extra,” Chris says as they’re heading back from the banquet afterparty at a local bar. Viktor giggles a little, leaning heavier against Chris’s side and tossing his head back to look at the bright street lights of Marseilles overhead.

“Where would we stay?” he asks. “We can’t afford this hotel on our own.”

“I know someone with a holiday villa here,” replies Chris with a wink. His hand snakes around Viktor’s waist, burning with want, and Viktor welcomes it.

He knows Chris still shares a room with his coach, so he invites him back to his room instead and they collapse back onto the bed in each other’s arms, Chris nosing hungrily against Viktor’s neck while his hands skim lower and lower along Viktor’s body. Viktor can only tangle his hands in Chris’s hair in return, admiring the growing angles of his jaw, the rub of stubble against his skin. 

“You’ve grown so much since our first meeting,” he remarks vaguely, and Chris stops to look at him, hazel eyes thoughtful in the dim light of the room.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asks.

Viktor laughs, shakes his head. “I hope not,” he replies. He remembers how he himself had felt clumsy and awkward in his own body while in Juniors, how the year after his victory at the Junior Grand Prix Finals had been plagued with falls and stumbles as he adjusted to growth spurts and other terrible physical changes. Chris is at the tail end of his own transformation, like a butterfly getting used to its new wings, and like the beat of a butterfly’s wings, the press of his lips against Viktor’s skin is soft, fleeting.

In the morning, the two of them check out, drop the news on their coaches that they’ll be spending another couple days in Marseilles, and then waltz out of the hotel laughing at the indignant expressions on Yakov and Josef’s faces. They hail a cab to the villa that Chris’s friend (ex? one-night stand? Viktor doesn’t know) owns in the surrounding countryside, picking up several bottles of wine on the way. 

“Wine?” Chris asks once they’ve settled in, the mid-morning sun shining brightly against the terracotta tile of the patio where he’s chilling one of their wine bottles. Viktor slips his own hand against Chris’s waist, feels the other man press needily against him, and inhales his cologne. 

Chris’s responding laughter is dark and rich, like chocolate truffles. Viktor feels himself hardening in his jeans just listening to it so close to his skin. “I’ll take that as a yes,” the other man murmurs, turning slightly to press a kiss against Viktor’s jaw. 

“What will we be doing these next three days?” Viktor wonders as he accepts his wineglass. Chris clinks his thoughtfully against Viktor’s, humming to himself.

“Well, I wouldn’t be opposed to spending it all in bed,” he says, “but if you wanted to tour Provence, we could drive around as well – my friend probably won’t mind us taking his car out for a spin, as long as we don’t damage it.”

Viktor laughs. “How close is this friend to you, Chris? They’re quite generous.”

“Jealous?” asks Chris with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Viktor snorts. “You and I mostly see each other at competitions. I’d have no right.”

Chris laughs at that as well, and with his next kiss Viktor can taste the sweetness of the wine from his lips. 

It only takes them the rest of the bottle before Chris notices how long they’d been in the sun, because his expression lights up like the lights on the Moscow Red Square during the winter. “You’ve got freckles!” he exclaims, clapping his hands. Viktor feels his cheeks heat up at that, but there’s nothing more than friendly teasing in Chris’s voice as he leans forward to examine Viktor’s face more carefully. “Wow, I didn’t know that!”

“It comes out when I’m in the sun for a really long time,” Viktor replies.

“It’s like a superpower,” declares Chris, his voice a little fuzzy with drink, and Viktor laughs at that. “It comes out with the sun! Maybe you could connect each of them to make some sort of message?”

Viktor snorts. It’s in moments like this that Chris reveals that he’s still fairly young compared to himself. It’s getting harder and harder for him to maintain his long-haired youthful persona; soon he’ll have to change it – discard it and reinvent himself again. But in this moment, he can remain with Chris, remain caught up in the giddy happiness of youth for a little longer. 

Chris has fished out a marker from god-knows-where. Viktor grins and nods, closes his eyes. He feels the marker against his skin, gentle and brief as Chris tries to connect each freckle. “This will wash off, right?” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m not that mean,” says Chris with a giggle. “Wow, I don’t know what this is – take a look.” And there’s a snap as his phone captures a picture. Viktor looks at it, and bursts out laughing.

“Classy, Chris,” he snorts. “A dick.”

“I think your freckles are telling you that we should take this inside,” replies Chris with a wink, and Viktor draws him closer in response.

“I’d like nothing better,” he replies, and Chris’s rumble of laughter sends frissions of excitement through his veins. 

They return to the villa every summer after that.

Whipped - Michael Clifford

“Hey babe! Hi guys!” You came up to the guys chilling outside on the patio, sitting down on Michael’s lap. 

“Hey love what’s up?” Michael wrapped an arm around your waist while you clasped your hands together behind his neck. 

The past week has been hectic of errands and organization because of your sister’s wedding coming up this weekend and you basically being her second wedding planner. Calum, Luke, and Ashton have been invited as well but you’ve especially been having Michael be active in helping you helping your sister out. Tagging him along to stores, to the venue, to last minute things, and all other types of craziness in which you’re completely grateful for. 

“The tailor just called and said that the suit we got last week and my dress will be ready to pick up today at 2, and I need you to pick it up please." 

"Ok yeah no problem,” he said smiling back at you. 

“And my parents want to have one last big celebration dinner thing with family at their house so we’re gonna go to that tonight. Sorry it’s kinda last minute." 

"That’s fine I don’t have plans." 

"And one last thing… The shoes that I originally was gonna wear, one of the straps are actually ripped so I wanna buy new ones tomorrow.” You said with a tone hinting for him to come with you. 

“Ok sure I’ll drive you to the mall babe." 

"Yay, thank you Michael you’re the best!” You said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and getting off him to get ready for whatever other errands your sister wanted you to go on. “Don’t forget 2 o'clock! Love you!” You yelled back. 

Michael looked back at you smiling, "Yeah babe, love you too!“ He turned back around facing the guys, looking off into the distance with a smile on his face and lost in his current thought. 

"Wow,” Ashton whispered. And Luke and Calum chuckled, already knowing that the three of them had the same thought. 

“What?” Michael asked. 

“Doing her errands?” Luke raised his eyebrows. 

Helping her with her errands,” Michael corrected. 

“Buying her shoes?” Calum added on. 

Taking her to get shoes." 

"Come on Michael we all know how this goes.”

“And what do you mean by that?" 

"That you’d do anything for Y/N.” Ashton chuckled. 

“Well she IS my girlfriend so…” Michael dragged on. 

“Yeah but sometimes you just seem so whipped for her." 

"You guys always bring this up. How am I apparently so completely whipped? I’m just helping her out with her sister’s wedding." 

"How? Well what about that one day you basically bought her like 72 different outfits?” Ashton exaggerated.

“I don’t see the problem with buying your girlfriend things every once in a while." 

"Ok and how about the many times you ditched hanging out to staying in?" 

"Once again - see no problem." 

"Mike… You literally almost cancelled a concert because she was sick." 

Michael opened his mouth to defend himself again but realized that was actually a valid point and that actually almost did happen. 

"But on a serious note, even though you two are equally head over heels for each other right now, you never know what will happen in the end. And we don’t want you to get hurt again." 

The guys have always looked out for Michael when it came to relationships because he always seemed to be the one putting in more time and effort and being the one with more feelings than the other. Before you, Michael just seemed to have bad luck with relationships. Especially with the last girl. She cheated on Michael after 3 months they started dating, and he found out on their 1 year anniversary when he was supposed to meet her at a restaurant. That she was already at with the other guy. It ended with a bad fight and even though Michael was furious he couldn’t help but be just as heartbroken. He knew the guys were looking out for him. He sat there in thought while the other guys started a new conversation. He thought of all the little and big things he did for you, doing things that you didn’t even ask for, realizing that he has done some above and beyond things for you, all until he finally came to a conclusion "Fuck I am whipped.” 

It came to 2 o'clock and the guys were still at yours and Michael’s place. But you left to help your sister put together little gift baskets for each bridesmaid. 

Michael was in the car on the way to the tailor when you called. But the rest of the day he couldn’t help but feel so down. All his thoughts were wondering if you loved him just as much as he loves you. Three years together that must mean something to you. You definitely weren’t like the past relationships and this was definitely Michael’s longest relationship, so what’s the big deal if he was whipped? But one thing - he couldn’t take his bandmates commenting on it any longer. 

“Hey babe are you on your way to the tailor?" 

"Yeah,” even though it was just one word, his reply seemed so monotone and tired. 

“You okay Michael?" 

"Yeah I’m fine, look I’m getting our clothes okay I’ll just talk to you later.” And he hung up. 

“Ooookay…” You whispered, looking down at your phone confused by his sudden attitude. 

“Everything okay?” Your sister asked tying a ribbon around the last gift basket. 

“Yeah I just got off the phone with Michael but he just seemed so… I don’t know, irritated? Mad? But he has never talked to me like that.” You said pretty sadly. 

“Aw well maybe something came up and he got stressed about it?” You gave your sister a sad smile still clutching your phone in your hands. “Well we’re all done with the baskets. Why don’t you go back home to Michael and I’ll see you later at mom and dad’s?” You nodded your head and gave her a quick hug before leaving her house. 

You weren’t sure if you were just overreacting about how Michael seemed to sound like on the phone, but he has honestly, never in three years of being together, spoken to you with such attitude. Even during fights while you’re being the crazy girlfriend screaming your head off, he’s the one who manages to keep a calm voice. 

You arrived to your house and saw Calum’s car outside so you knew the guys were there still. You walked in and instantly heard chatter and laughter, so why did Michael sound so annoyed? 

“Hey guys what’s up?" 

"Oh hey y/n,” Ashton said looking up at you, and the rest of the guys looking towards you. 

“Why are you home so early?” Michael said quite rude. 

“Well we finished early. So I’m done for the day,” you said shrugging your shoulders up and hopefully that now maybe you and Michael can do something together, despite the thing at your parents house later. 

“Yeah well we’ve been here the whole day, we’ll leave you guys together.” Luke added in while getting up, but Michael interrupted. 

“No, no guys you can stay here it’s no worries, I’m not busy today anyways.” And the guys sat back down agreeing that they had no plans either. 

“Um, Michael what about my parents later?" 

"Oh yeah I don’t think I’m gonna go." 

"What? What do you mean you’re not gonna go?" 

"Meaning I don’t want to go,” Michael looked at you sarcastically but you knew he wasn’t joking. 

“I thought we were gonna go together-" 

"Well now you can go by yourself Y/N. I don’t need to be there.” You couldn’t believe that you were really arguing with Michael with the boys still in the room. But you were starting to get heated. 

“Michael are you kidding me?" 

"No I’m not fucking kidding Y/N, I don’t need to be with you and do shit with you 24/7. You can take care of yourself." 

"So what about my sister’s wedding that’s literally in two days Michael are you gonna bail on that too?" 

"Sorry babe,” he turned his head back and looked at you and gave you a sarcastic smile. 

You scoffed at him, raising your eyebrows completely in shock with this new attitude. Michael had never treated you like this and you were so close to running towards him and slapping some sense into him. And the fact that Ashton, Calum, and Luke were there didn’t help how awkward and embarrassed you felt. You weren’t going to continue this so you went to your bathroom to freshen up a bit before leaving early to your parents. You hated acting like a little drama queen but you felt like you had every right to do so. You didn’t give one acknowledgment or “goodbye” to either of the guys and just left slamming the door. 

“Well that went well,” Calum said. 

“She’ll get over it,” Michael shrugged. 

“Dude… We were just kidding about earlier,” Luke said, “I don’t know if it was because we pick on you a lot for being whipped for Y/N but I don’t think you shouldn’t have done that." 

"What? You guys made a point. I don’t need to be doing every little thing for her, she can handle herself." 

"Michael we were genuinely kidding. Y/N is a keeper. She treats you better than any other girl you’ve had. Don’t lose her just because we said some stupid shit." 

"Well fuck you guys,” Michael thought after realizing he just fought with you because he didn’t wanna look too whipped for you. 

“Hey hun- oh where’s Michael?” Your mom said opening the door, greeting you and noticing you were alone. 

“I don’t know at home,” you said back walking in, leaving your purse on the couch, clearly letting her know that you two got in a fight. 

“Okay…” Your mom awkwardly muttered to herself. 

As time passed, more family arrived. Family you haven’t seen in years, family who live in different countries, and family who live just a couple minutes from you. It was nice to reconnect with all of them in celebration of your sister and your new brother-in-law. Although it wasn’t so nice hearing, “oh where’s your boyfriend?” “isn’t your boyfriend in a band? How’s that going for him?” “how long have you and your boyfriend been together?” Especially since you just stormed out a couple of hours ago. You tried to avoid talking about him by simply answering the question quickly and going to the next family member. 

As people continued to linger and get food, socialize, do whatever they pleased, you were leaning against a wall by yourself checking your phone, realizing you haven’t checked it since you’ve been here. 

19 text messages and 6 missed calls all from Michael. 

You read them all and listened to his one voicemail that he left. 

“Hey babe, um… I’m sorry how I acted earlier. I shouldn’t have acted like a douchebag and told you those things. I should be there right now with your family. I should always be with you regardless but this one time I just didn’t wanna seem so whipped for you for once. But I can’t help it, it just comes naturally,” he paused for a bit to let out a small chuckle. “Anyways, I love you I’ll see you later." 

You smiled to yourself thinking how stupid Michael could be sometimes, but still loved him and how sweet and sincere he sounded in his voicemail. As if on cue, a pair of arms snaked around your waist and you quickly turned around and saw Michael looking down at you apologetically. You returned the same smile back and grabbed his hand, walking to what used to be your old room which your parents had now turned into a guest room. 

"Y/N, I’m sorry-" 

"It’s okay Michael,” you giggled at him noticing how nervous he seemed to be. 

“it’s just the guys always comment on how whipped I am-" 

"Michael it’s okay." 

"And this one time I just snapped because I was tired of hearing it and they always worry about my relationships because I always seem to get fucked over but really they’re probably just jealous because I have you and they’re single as fuck-" 

"Michael,” you laughed at his rambling and him clearly not paying attention to you. 

“So I acted that way because of them but honestly just know that I will never- this will never happy again because I don’t know if you listened to my voicemail but acting like this towards you just comes naturally because I’m so in love with you and you deserve everything that I can give you and more." 

Michael has never opened up to you like that, I mean, sure he said sweet things to you occasionally and vice versa but never anything so intimate as he did now. 

"It’s okay Michael,” you said grabbing his hands and pulling him towards you. “And for the record I’m never going to treat you the way your past girlfriends have. They’re your ex for a reason and now you’re stuck with me”, and you lazily pecked his lips and lingered away by resting your chin on his chest to look up at him. 

“Why are you so damn good to me Y/N?" 


So this request is finally done, I’m sorry it’s about two weeks delayed though - just been overwhelmed and super busy these past weeks. If you want to request more ideas, feel free to! But just know it will probably take a while for me to write them :( Anywho, let me know what you think and have a good day :)

Into You (3)

Originally posted by seolangel

Isis spent the remainder of the night putting distance between herself and Matthew again. Mostly because he had a way of making her body warm up and she wasn’t sure she liked it. He was making her want things she’d sworn off for almost a year.

Needing a break from the party, she walked down the hallway towards the rooms that were closed off. She was sure Matthew wouldn’t mind her just taking a few minutes to chill from the pace of the party. As she opened doors she found the bathroom, small in-home gym, and what must have been his bedroom. She was surprised to find that clean. His bed was half made; she could tell he just straightened the top cover to hide the wrinkled sheets under it.

Deciding to hide out in his room, she kicked off her shoes and pulled out her phone. She wasn’t sure who all was in that bed before her, so she passed it to the balcony she could see on the opposite side of the dresser.

Unlocking it, she pushed open the glass door and stepped into the cool air. The alcohol in her body had warmed her up enough that it didn’t bother her much. Isis curled her body onto the small couch and pulled out her phone. She rested her head on a pillow out there and stared up at the sky.

She wasn’t particularly into star gazing, but the full moon was always calming. She found herself counting stars until she could only see the backs of her eyelids.

Matthew closed down the party an hour after he realized Isis went missing. He figured she went home and since he only wanted to spend his time with her, especially after that dance, he told everyone to grab trash and get out. Taehyung and Tameka were already gone and he was sure they were back at her dorm butt naked between her pink and green sheets.

Sighing, he closed the door after the last person finally left and shut off the music. It was well past three in the morning and he had no intentions of not getting a full eight hours of rest. Treading to his bedroom, he pushed open the door and was instantly hit with a chill from his open patio.

“What the fuck,’ he mumbled, tossing the hat from his head to a nearby chair as he strode across the room to shut it. He was seconds from slamming it shut when a foot caught his attention. Stepping onto the small balcony he followed the leg it belonged to until his brown eyes landed on a familiar black and white hoodie. A smile tugged at his lips as he realized who was wearing it.

Turning around, he walked to his bed and threw back the main duvet. He didn’t want her to wake up and think they did anything, so he had all intentions of sleeping on top of the sheets. He wasn’t going to give up his bed, because he was sure the couch smelled like alcohol. Walking back to the sleeping beauty, he hooked his arms under her knees and back and effortlessly picked her up. He watched her nose scrunch up as she turned her head into his chest.

Using his foot to shut the balcony door, Matthew quickly carried and tucked Isis into his bed. She rolled onto her side with a yawn and buried under the sheets. He figured it was the lights so he quickly turned them off. Going into his bathroom he quickly showered and changed into something that didn’t reek of feminine perfume. His apartment would really need airing out in the morning to get rid of the smell as he cleaned.

Plugging up his phone, he sent a text to Tameka to let her know where Isis was in case she went looking at her dorm. Looking down at her one last time, the football player sighed heavily and rolled into bed. His eyes were dropping when his phone lit up. Normally, he would ignore it, but since Tameka’s name flashed across the screen he opened it.

He could barely control the laugh that bubbled past his lips as he read her text.

‘She’s a wild cuddler….’

Matthew had no idea what that meant, but he wasn’t sure if should stay in the bed to find out.

"I think they would be good for each other,’ Tameka said as she massaged her boyfriend’s back. Taehyung laid on his stomach in the center of her bed as she knelt over him with her hands digging into his tense shoulders.

"Why are you trying to get them together?” He repeated. She never meddled before and he was curious. Not that Isis wasn’t a good girl, but she never showed interest in Matthew. At least not like he showed in her when the girls weren’t around. Matthew always asked who she was and each time he would say a friend of Tamekas’.

“I mean, I think they would look cute together. Plus, he’s into her and I know she is into him. It’s not like she hates him. I saw them dancing together before we left and there is no way, she dances like that with a guy unless she is into them.”

Tameka worried about Isis. For so long she was just focused on school and it was hard watching Isis third-wheel when they went out. Her own time with Taehyung was going to be limited soon and she never wanted Isis to think that was 'rebound best friend’ time.

“But…” Taehyung groaned as she squeezed a particular place. He felt the tension melt from his shoulders and wiggled so she got the hint to slide down his back. Her thumbs dug into his lower back and the tight pressure made him slightly uncomfortable on the other side.

“She’s been through a lot. Her past relationship…I just know Matthew would never hurt her. I can sense it. I want her to be happy. I mean, she like my sister.”

Taehyung could tell that whatever Isis had been through, she’d gone through with her. Not directly, but whatever pain was there Tameka knew all about. So, he could understand why she wanted Isis to be happy.

Rolling over, Taehyung placed his hands on his girlfriend’s waist. For a moment, he was mesmerized by the sight of her in his shirt. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he sat up until he could kiss her. “You can’t make them be in a relationship. Let it happen and if it doesn’t I’m sure he would at least make her laugh and take her mind off the past.”

Tameka nodded and pressed her forehead to Taehyung’s. “Yeah,’ she mumbled as he kissed her. "I guess you’re right.”

Slipping his tongue into her mouth, Taehyung tightened his grip on her waist as he rocked her hips back and forth against his. “I know I am.” He lifted the shirt as Tameka lifted her hips. She loved the feel of him bare inside of her. The warm, thick, rod pulsing against her tight wall was euphoric on its own.

Sensing what she was doing, Taehyung rolled them over then pulled out. “I didn’t give you permission to do that.”

City Dreams And A Quick Guide To Toronto

Written by Ema // Photo by Kellen

I want the city. A place that never allows the deafening silence to enter my mind. A place where constant motion forbids me to wallow in self pity. A place that has a million faces I will never know. A place where my soul meets my wildest ambitions. I love the city. Unfortunately, I live in the suburbs where nothing ever happens. However, Toronto is fairly close to where I live so I get to visit there every once in a while. There’s something about the city that makes me feel like I could accomplish anything. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of everything or maybe it’s the way millions of lights cause the dense mass of skyscrapers to shimmer in the night. There’s a sort of beauty about the city, almost like you’re in a movie and waiting in anticipation for something wondrous to occur.

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