chillin' hard


the toddlers are back in town😎👉🏼👉🏼


Arnav: TV ka volume itna loud kyun hai? Aur Lakshmi yaha kya kar rahi hai?
Khushi: Woh Lakshimi ji aur hum rashi bhavishya dekh rahe the. Aur hamne socha ki shayad Lakshmi ji..
Arnav: Tumne TV ka volume iss liye itna loud rakha hai taaki Lakshmi suun sake?
Khushi: Haan..hame pakka pata nahi tha na ki awaaz Lakshmi ji ke kaano tak pauch rahi hai ya nahi..issi liye!

anonymous asked:

Ok, I agree with you that of course you can like a character despite the age difference between the two of you (duhh) but it got me thinking 17 yr old Ponyboy headcanons would be cool pls

i didn’t know this was something i needed until now this is great,,,

  • listen 17 yr old ponyboy is still quiet and a little more //shy// now
  • he’s one of those people that spends most of his time listening instead of talking and bc of this he remembers EVERY little thing about people
  • he’s tall and has stopped greasing his hair so it’s soft and fluffy now
  • it’s also back brown but he has NEVER lived down the nickname blondie though
  • he’s grown to be more open and accepting and BOY he smiles so much more now so u get to see those dimples all the time
  • despite getting off to an awful and all around stressful start, he’s a pretty good driver now
  • him and curly have become Best (Fake Deep) Friends^tm and they either go driving around or climb on the roof and share cigarettes instead of going out to the drive in or the dingo now ((since both tim and darry are all abt keeping little brothers out of trouble and curly has stayed out of the reformatory since he’s been friends w/ ponyboy so tim can’t complain))
  • he started trying to write more and once when he got writers block he got upset and threw all of his writing away, convinced that it was awful but darry found it in the trash and brought it in his room to him and told him that it would be a shame to see all his hard work end up burried w/ all of two bits beer bottles
  • really and truly he’s just chillin rn
  • like there are hard days but him and darry and soda have all become closer and he knows he has them
  • he visits jay mountain once a year and drops a lit cigarette in the ruins of the church before leaving
  • also major major cuddle bug loves to cuddle lives for cuddling
  • in conclusion 17 year old ponyboy is great and i love him