chillin in the trap

TEAM Stark Kids playing EVERYONE because winter is the time for wolves, dammit!
Watched OUAT promo.

So, the consequences of the charmings adopting baby Emma during her childhood would be: 

  • Henry is never born.
  • Neal continues to be a thief.
  • August becomes a puppet and stays a puppet because there’s no magic in our world.
  • Hook and Cora spend the rest of their existence on the part of FTL where the curse didn’t reach. Have fun guys. 
  • Peter Pan is alive. 
  • Elsa is stuck in the jar (how did I even remember this plot point!?).
  • Robin and the merry men take up residence in Rumple’s castle. 
  • Maleficent is still a dragon.
  • Cruella and Ursula… I don’t care. 
  • Aurora sleeps. 
  • Mulan and Philip look for Aurora. 
  • Zelena… where was Zelena!? Chillin’ in Oz? 
  • Gold keeps being Gold.
  • Belle is still trapped in the asylum.
  • Regina is stuck in the endless loop of the curse without any chance of breaking it and she won’t have Henry. 
  • On the plus side… Graham is alive. 

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Hello friends I’d like to introduce you to  Scutigera coleoptrata, also known as the ‘House Centipede’. 

This slender, many-legged bug can get about 4 inches long, and scuttles across floors and walls and ceilings and basically anywhere because goddamn that’s a lot of legs. 

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I just took a shower and when I got out there was a big ass palmetto bug just chillin and now it’s in my clothes, I’m trapped naked in the bathroom forever