chillin in the library

i was out for EIGHT HOURS playing pokemon go with my good friend who lets me use his hotspot, bless his heart

here’s some stories from today:

  • found a cp 1600 typhlosion. it ran away. yes i cried.
  • found a lapras in the water, we went to catch it. his was cp 1300. mine was ………33
  • at the pier where we caught the lapras, we met a dude who was also catching the lapras. he showed us his pokemon and we made friends. he then left, and came back excitedly to show us the shiny magikarp he caught!
  • found a random charizard just chillin out behind the library. it wasnt the best one but like. charizard, dude!
  • met an old lady named linda who was also playing pokemon go. she is apparently super in to it, level 33, trying to complete her dex. we walked and talked while we played, and she pointed out a dragonite. i was sad cuz my friend had left at this point so i couldnt catch it. but she was kind enough to let me use her hotspot to capture it!!!!
  • and if that isnt fuckin cool enough, the dragonite wouldnt let itself be captured y my ultra balls or great balls, i ran out of all of them, as well as my razz berries. i was hopelessly throwing pokeballs at it and yes. i caught it!!! (good karma is coming for linda!! i hugged her)
  • went to the park to take over some gyms with friend. dude who was fighting our valor gym overheard me planning out how i was gonna fight it, and he said from like. twenty feet away “just let me put my pokemon in so i can get the coins, then you can kick me out!” on his way out, he winked to us and said “dont be too rough on him~,” in reference to his machoke!

some unrelated but still nice stories from my adventure too:

  • met a cute cat with no tail who kept meowing at me!
  • petted three dogs
  • ran in to an old friend while we were recharging our devices in starbucks
  • saw a cute gay couple
  • managed to walk all the way up our intense death hill without deciding to ride the bus

so yeah!! pokemon go brings people together, gets this depressed poor person outside, and makes me happy

The fresh queen of Terrasen

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, go grab a pen
I’ll tell you how I became the queen of a place called Terrasen

In Orynth Palace born and raised
With my cousin is how I spent most of my days
Chillin out, maxin relaxin so rad,
And all burnin down libraries which the scholars mad

Then this king comes around and he fills us with dread,
Started killing parents, makes the sovereign dead,
I got away from the place and Arrobyn finds me
He said “Your name’s now Sardothien, I’ll kill you if you flee.”

I begged and pleaded with him, day after day,
But he made me break my fingers on a big door frame.
He killed my boyfriend and then he sent me to jail,
“My name is Celaena Sardothien and I won’t be afraid”

In the glass Castle, yo, this is beastly,
Killin other dudes so I can be free
Fell in love with Chaol but he killed my friend
Then, me to Wendlyn, the king sent

I met my mate, Rowan, and when he came near,
I felt nothing because my will to live had disappeared
We got better, back to Adarlan, cousin “sup”
I freed Dorian, together, we fucked the king’s shit up

Loads of other shit happened, I got locked in a box
But I got out, (right, Sarah?) now, back to my hawk
I looked at my throne, I was back again
To sit on my throne as the queen of Terrasen

college!jungkook au

 this is the first au i’ve ever done so its kinda messy but i hope yall like it!! also if you want me to do another au just tell me and i’ll get to it :)) 

- oK i can see him having a game development major !!

- and for his minor maybe languages bc he seems to like learning other languages :))

- since he’s v athletic he’s probably involved in a few sports like soccer and wrestling !!

- i don’t think he would be obsessed with having perfect grades but he mostly has Bs

- we all know this boy dresses casual so his outfits are mainly plain t-shirts and jeans !

- sO let’s get started into the good stuff ;)

 - he’s chillin in the library working on a mini game for a project when you sit by him

- you’ve got ALL these books and he’s like ‘tf you need all those books for??’

- so he’s just staring at you with a weird ass face and you look at him raising your eyebrows

- he doesn’t say anything so you just start working on your project that’s worth 200 points (!!)

- he turns back to his work since he procrastinated and its due in 2 days

- after a few hours you start to pack up and look to see that this dingus is passed oUt

- you would feel bad if you just left him so you tap him a few times but he doesn’t get up

- so you full on smack him and he jolts up like wtF wAs ThaT fOr !????!?

- you point to the clock and he sees that it’s almost 12am

- you’re pretty hungry and you hear his stomach rumble so you ask if he wants to join you for food awkwardly bc you don’t really know him but you’d rather nOt go alone ya kno ??

- when he heard you he kinda pauses at first but eventually he’s like ’ what store is open at 12am hMmM??? but lmao yah i’ll join ;)’

- you’re like trU so y'all start searching for a place that’s open with cheap food bc broke college life

- fiNally you find a place that’s about 5 minutes away so y'all start walking there 

- its a small corner store with ramen and they even had fries and lil chicken tender things so both of you are like yEs !!!

- walking in the lady at the counter smiled at yall and waved nicely so you had a good feeling there,, he’s just thinking about the food bc he’s just a hungry boi

- finding what you want you walk over to the register and here comes jungkook with 5!cups!of!ramen!

- and you’re like biTcH wtF I aInT paYiNg fOr tHaT !! and the lady is just like ‘i mean more money for me so yEs honey get as much ramen as you want ;))’

- he places them all on the counter along with your things and reaches into his pocket bUt guess what ?? this dingleberry forgot his wallet and you can tell so you just siGh and pull out yours and pay for them

- he stares at you with a lil smile bc aW you’re too sweet but here’s the catch !! you tell him he has to buy you lunch next time

- he’s like 'next time hm??? are you calling for a dAtE!?’ and you’re just like listen lil fucker ,, i just spent like $20 on you sO you bet you’re gunna pay for my lunch next time !!

- y'all see a small table outside so while he goes and makes the ramen cups you set up your food and pull out your phone to text your roomie like sorry hun i stayed at the library and now i’m out eating with a dude

- and she’s like uH what whO are you eating with ???!!! don’t get kidnapped !! and you just laugh and tell her its jungkook

- speaking of the kid he walks out with the ramen cups all stuffed in his arms complaining how hot they are & you just roll your eyes and walk to take some from him so he doesn’t drop them

- sitting back at the table yall start eating but this boy keeps slurping loudly and you just wanna smack him so after a few more times of the annoying sounds you look up and flick his head

- he’s all wTf and you laugh and tell him the slurping noises are annoying and if he doesn’t stop you’re gunna make him pay for 2 lunches

- he says sorry and was like ’ you keep telling me to pay for your lunch and now that you added another one are you indirectly asking me for a date ??¿??’ and you blush slightly bc yEah he’s attractive and dUh you would date him

- so you just ignore his comment but he just smirks a bit and says he wouldn’t mind going on a date with you and you’re like whAt !?

- he shrugs and goes back to eating while you glance at him like hEllOo you need to stop being a lil shit and and answer me !

- you both finish eating and he starts picking everything up to throw away while you’re still waiting for him to elaborate on his comment but he doesn’t seem to notice

- looking at his phone he tells you that its rly late and y'all need to get back to the dorms

- so you just start walking with him back to the college and yalls hands keep brushing together and you’re just screaming in your head like tAKE MY HAND ALREADY

- this dork just doesn’t catch any hints and acts like its not happening and you just want it to hApPeN alrEaDy !!

- finally yall get to the dorms and he tells you he will walk you to your dorm bc its 'scary at night’ and puts his hand on your back while y'all are walking

- you are like oH sHiT iTs hApPeNiNg !! but that’s all he really does UNTILL yall get to your room

- you stop infront of your door and he clears his throat and you’re just like ’ yeS???’

- he kinda just stands there for about 3 seconds but he eventually tells you he had fun and wants to do it again and you smile and tell him you do too

- so he asks for your # and tells you next date he will pay for your food ;) and you’re like 'oh so nOw its a date ??’ and he laughs and nods

- yall exchange numbers and you wave bye and enter your dorm to see your roommate sitting at the couch just STARING

- you sigh and walk over to tell what happened and right when you finish you hear your phone ding so you check to see that jungkook had texted you saying tomorrow at 4pm

- thank goodness you have a morning class and can make it so you text him back saying okay and he sends a blushing kermit meme saying 'thanks for buying my food and the gr8 lil date thing,, goodnight’

- and you laugh bc wOw rly a meme but send goodnight back and head to your room to sleep

bizzyfish  asked:

What's an interesting fact or facts about yourself?

I LOVE overwatch (even though I don’t play it) I’m a art supply hoarder I own like 12 sketch books
I write self insert overwatch fics from time to time
My ideal day is spending the majority of it in the library. Doodling, reading, or just chillin'

fiyhi  asked:

how did u get to do art for collide?? its been my dream to do art for homestuck for years now.. did hussie contact you or vice versa?

okay, well, what happened was basically that one day I was sitting in the library just chillin and I opened up my business email after having left it alone for about two months like the procrastinator I am and saw an email from someone I didn’t recognize who turned out to be a What Pumpkin employee asking me if I wanted to work as an animator on Homestuck.  I was like “YES PLEASE” and freaked out for a whole week or so and they were like “alright cool, sign these forms and Andrew will contact you later.”

and he did and was very chill and nice and told me what kind of stuff I’d be doing and I tried to act like an ordinary professional person who wasn’t flipping out.  then I animated stuff for like five months until there was no more stuff to animate.

and then I waited for almost a year for Collide to happen, basically.  that’s my story.

keij-station  asked:

What is your possum's name?

Her name was Blossom! My wife, then girlfriend, found her by the side of the road after she’d been hit by a car and brought her to a wildlife rehab place.  She couldn’t be rereleased because she couldn’t climb trees anymore after her injury, so we just adopted her.  Possums are so dumb and docile that I’ve heard from other people that have kept house possums that they adapt to living with humans fairly well, Blossom mostly slept, then she would explore the apartment at night.  She was less finicky about being handled than most cats I’ve known, and the only problem with her is that she really wanted to eat lightbulbs ( I think she mistook them for eggs?) so you had to make sure you didn’t leave any of those lying around.  Her diet was a little tricky, since she ate a mix of live crickets, pinky mice, fruit, cat food, calcium supplements, and household leftovers. You could also hide things in her pouch.

Here we are chillin’ with a library book. The rat is either Astroboy or Herman the Vermin, I forget.

Single-handedly beat a level 4 Team Instinct gym on campus. Now I’m chillin at the library, which is a Pokéstop. So I’m doing work via pomodoro and collecting every 25 mins. Not too concerned about someone taking over the gym, but once I get to a 15 min break with my pomodoro, I might go back over there to take it again. *shrug*

So far I’ve seen about 20 people walk by playing, and I’ve only been here about 30 mins.