chillin in the background

im so fucking busy that its fucking hard to take even one selfie

there ya go peopel, my face
my ugly

now im gonna go draw my muse’s wolf form, so cya l8r

dont mind my family of unicorns in the background
they just being homo and chillin’


C2E2 Day 2: Down with the LMDs! 

Season 4 Jemma Simmons: me

Daisy Johnson/Quake: @daisy-in-the-skye
LMD!Fitz: @centurionjones
Season 1 Jemma Simmons: Lily, 10, who did all of the blood makeup for the aftermath of our LMD battle!

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anonymous asked:

2 bros chillin in a bathtub five feet apart cause they're not gay

god i cant wait to see 2 bros chillin in the background of a vidcon vlog zero feet apart cause they are gay