chillin alone

Sam Wilkinson Imagine (smut): First Time (requested by magcon-imagines-asfff)

You: hey babe

Sammy: what’s up, beautiful?

You: nm handsome just chillin at home alone.

Sammy: oh really? 😏

You: mmhm. Come over? I’m super bored.

Sammy: I’ll be over in 10.

You: someone’s eager.

Sammy: 😘

You really are bored out of your mind. Your parents left a couple hours ago to drive up to the funeral of some person you had never met, so you decided not to go. You have the whole place to yourself for the next couple of days.

Just as promised, you hear a knock on the door ten minutes later. You jump up eagerly from the couch and open it, your heart fluttering at the site of your beyond gorgeous boyfriend standing in front of you, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey, baby,” Sammy beams, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and lifting you up.

“Hi,” you laugh in response, giving Sammy a quick peck on the lips.

“Come in,” you continue as soon as Sammy puts you back down on the ground again. “I was just watching Sex in the City.”

“How about we act out sex in this house?” Sammy asks cheekily, flinging himself down next to you on the couch.

“Sammy!” You screech and hit him on the arm playfully.

“I’m kidding! Unless you want to, of course.”

You blush and look down at your toes.

“I don’t know, I’ve kinda been thinking about it,” you say shyly.

“Really?” You look up to see Sammy staring at you full of lust and disbelief. You hesitate to answer.


“I don’t want to pressure you to do anything you don’t want to,” Sammy says tentatively.

“No, I do,” you respond, almost eagerly at the thought of it. “I really do.”

Sammy licks his lips and places his hand on your thigh.

“Okay, um… Do you want to go to your room?”

You blush even harder and nod. Sammy takes your hand in his and pulls you along into your room, closing and locking the door behind him. You sit down awkwardly on the bed and wait for Sammy to instruct you or something, however this works.

Sammy smiles down reassuringly at you and pulls his shirt over his head. You admire his toned body, feeling an unfamiliar tingling from between your thighs.

Sammy pushes you gently back onto the bed and climbs on top of you, connecting your lips briefly before beginning to suck and bite your neck. You let a couple moans escape as small sparks of pleasure wash over you.

Sammy begins grinding his hips into yours. You can feel your panties begin to soak as a small bulge forms underneath Sammy’s jeans. Your breathing picks up, your fingers running through Sammy’s hair and down his bare back. He backs off a bit, helping you pull your shirt up and over your head and then proceeds to removing his jeans and your sweatpants.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a condom, would you?” Sammy asks, suddenly hesitant.

“I’m on birth control,” you reply sweetly, smiling up at him.

“Nice,” Sammy chuckles, pecking your lips again.

You arch your back up and unhook your bra, throwing it across the room. Sammy’s hands roam across your chest, squeezing and kneading your breasts as he admires them with lustful eyes. He brings one breast to his mouth and begins licking and sucking on your nipple, causing a string of moans to escape from between your lips.

“Sammy, p-please,” you groan. “I can’t wait much longer.”

Sammy chuckles again and slips his hand into your soaking wet panties suddenly, rubbing the tip of his middle finger along your opening. You screech in pleasure as he flicks your clit, a smirk resting on his face. He is so damn sexy, you think to yourself.

“Sammy!” You moan, an unfamiliar knot building in your stomach. Sammy stops and pulls your panties down your legs, afterwards taking off his own boxers and positioning his hips in between your thighs. You admire his size with wide eyes.

“You’re absolutely sure you want to do this?” Sammy asks again, the concern evident in his features. You nod confidently in response.

“Okay, tell me to stop if it hurts too much, baby.”

“Okay,” you say quietly, keeping your eyes locked with Sammy’s and placing your hand on his shoulder. You don’t break eye contact as he slowly pushes into you, making you cringe as he stretches your walls.

“Are you okay?” Sammy asks, giving you a moment to adjust to his big size. You nod and urge him to continue. He slowly begins thrusting in and out of you, entwining his fingers with yours as you begin moaning, throwing your head back with pleasure.

“Fuck, you’re tight, baby,” Sammy pants, picking up the pace. You feel the knot in your stomach begin to become undone. You dig your nails into Sammy’s back as he groans in your ear, close to his own climax.

“I’m so close,” Sammy groans.

“I-I’m coming, Sammy, oh god,” you scream as the knot becomes undone, intense waves of pleasure taking over your body as your writhe against Sammy’s chest. You feel Sammy cum inside of you and then he collapses on top of you, breathing heavily. Both of you are exhausted.

“That was fucking amazing,” Sammy pants and rolls over, hugging you into his chest. He plants a kiss on your forehead and begins playing with your hair. You listen to his heartbeat gradually slow down.

“Was I okay for your first?” Sammy asks. You smile up at him and plant a passionate kiss on his lips.

“You were perfect.”

Hey Im Nikky (real name Dominika), this month celebrating 20th birthday. Im from Slovakia (center of Europe).

Love meeting new people :)

Music. Art. Girlgamer. Sports. Book reader. Film lover. Dreamer. Believer. Love chillin somwhere alone (or with someone), counting stars, making wishes, talking about shitty unimportant things. Just living the life.


today i left an interview and there was dog chillin outside all alone and i sat and pet him for 5 minutes and if thats not a good omen idk what is

(note: i walked with him when he went back to his house and made sure to find his owner b4 i left. he was a good dog)