chilli red lipstick


MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus 2 Swatches

You have to hand it to her. Miley picks some great lip shades.

I didn’t think I would like VG Miley Cyrus 2 more than Miley Cyrus 1 but I really did. This is a pair of chilli-reds with an orange undertone, and the lipstick is a bit warmer than the gloss, which has a hint of pink in it. Layer them together and they’re even better. You get a saturated red with a touch of orange, and in some lights it looks more warm, some lights it looks true red.

[UPDATE] Because so many people were asking, I added on comparison swatches of Lady Danger vs Miley 2, and also Impassioned just for reference. Miley 2 is slightly cooler toned than Lady Danger, and not quite as orange. If you like the idea of Lady Danger but find it too yellow-toned, Miley 2 might actually be great.

Great for a retro 50s-style makeup look with flicky liner and curled hair. (Back in the day in most lipstick ads, they had 3 popular variations of red; orange red, true red, and rose-red.) Honestly, I think this shade looks fab on pretty much everyone from pale to dark skinned.

And if you have very pink undertones in your skin, this is still intense enough that you might be able to pull it off. Just make sure you even out any uneven patches of red/pink in your skin with a good-coverage base and pop on a touch of a warm or orange-hued blush to balance out the lip.