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Hi @slytherinash

You wanted a more detailed description of our food plan. I’ll do my best

Let’s say you buy a month’s worth of food at a time (as I think you mentioned in your reply)

Here is the first 4 weeks of the food plan. As you can see, each day has an assigned meal type (eg. beef, lefovers) or EXP, meaning free choice. You can always eliminate this option and replace it with something else

First, we ignore the days that contain takeaway or leftovers, as these aren’t relevant to our food shop:

The days in green are the days we need to shop for. Starting at the top, let’s decide what to have each day. I’ll just do week one as an example:

So we now know this week we’re having

Monday: Mushroom Risotto

Tuesday: Hot pot

Wednesday: Noodle soup

Thursday: Potato wedges with chicken

Friday: Leftover hot pot

Saturday: Burgers

Sunday: Chilli

Now we can build our shopping list day-by-day:

Monday: Arborio rice, mushrooms, olive oil, onions

Tuesday: Lamb, black pudding, onions, carrots, potatoes

Like so.

We then combine anything that’s repeated into one item:

Arborio rice, mushrooms, olive oil, onions, lamb, black pudding, carrots, potatoes

Say I know I already have olive oil and onions left over from last week, the list then become

Arborio rice, mushrooms, lamb, black pudding, carrots, potatoes

The list builds up like so, and then you’re ready to do your shop.

I hope that helps!


You are what you eat

Food feeds the body
Chillies fire the soul
All I desire
Is their fire
Chilli beef nacho
Extra jalapeño
sour cream
Spicy burrito
Mexican bean
Food of dreams
Burger with chilli
Jalapeños on top
Gotta be hot
Buffalo wings
Sriracha Sauce
It might sting
Fragrant Thai curry
Green or red
Fire raging head
Donner Kebab
Hot chilli sauce
(of course)
India’s finest
Tikka and tandoori
Finger licking
Always chicken
Bhajis pakoras
Naan breads
Many a curry dish
Madras, phaal, vindaloo
Bhuna my wish
Hungarian goulash
Extra paprika
Like a heat seeker
North African shakshuka
A Poached egg
Breakfast bazooka
If you are what you eat
I ain’t that sweet
I am on fire

(Written and submitted by @in-my-thinking)

redpetal  asked:

Hey girl! I was just wondering what your favourite meat substitutes are. For example, my family might be having chicken and veg but I'll just put the veg with a chick pea patty. Do you have any other suggestions of things I could have? Thanks x

Sure! Here’s a list of some ideas💛

- tofu (marinated and baked/stir fried or made into burgers/bolognese/chilli)
- tempeh (also marinated and baked/stir fried, this is one of my favourite recipes:
- grilled veggies or veggie skewers (can also put tofu on them/serve with hummus)
- bean burgers/veggie patties
- falafel
- grilled portobello mushrooms
- bean or chickpea chilli/curry or Dahl
- roasted chickpeas
- lentil ‘meatloaf’ or patties
- store bought veggie patties/meat substitutes

Hope that helps! xxx

anonymous asked:

What would the boys' favorite fast food restaurant be, and what would they order? Also, if it's not too much to ask, what drink would they get at Starbucks/the coffee institution of their choice?

of course! our favorite barista oliveroffcenter knows his shit. s( ^ ‿ ^)-b

Favorite Fast Food:

Noctis: Chick-fil-a. All their food is good but he usually orders the 10-piece nugget meal with some of their signature lemonade.

Prompto: Chipotle. Prompto gets a chicken burrito with brown rice, black beans, guac and red chilli salsa.

Gladio: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They give you big servings compared to other fast food places. He gets the bacon cheese burger.

Ignis: Subway. It offers plenty of “healthy, fresh” options and different types of bread. He gets a 6 inch turkey on either whole wheat or honey oat with every vegetable and light mayo.

What they order from Starbucks:

Noctis: Noctis goes for caffeine count more than taste. He also doesn’t mellow out his coffee with sugar or milk because it makes less room for coffee. It’s already a struggle get up from his death practice, he doesn’t need milk and sugar weighing him down. His order is a Grande Gold Coast (Dark Roast) with two shouts of espresso with no room.

Prompto: Unlike Noctis, Prompto needs something a bit sweeter to satisfy his taste buds. His preferred drink of choice is a Ventie french vanilla Iced coffee with extra milk and and cinnamon powder on top.

Gladio: Gladio isn’t a sugar fiend either. He needs something that’s gonna give him caffine but he can’t ‘do-the-devil’s-work’ by drinking his coffee completely black like Noctis can. His preferred drink is a Venti Guatemala Antigua (Medium Roast) with extra whole milk.

Ignis: If Ebony coffee didn’t exist and the egg was left with no choice but to choose from Starbucks’ menu, he would pick a Grande Blonde Roast with one pump of vanilla. Caffeine content is good and the pump of vanilla gives it just the right amount of sweet.

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