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Torta burger with onion rings by Ruth Hartnup


Ooops, I ficced again


“Keep your eyes closed,” Betty instructed and from the passenger seat of her mother’s Lincoln Continental, Jughead lolled his head to gift her with a sardonic look. The full effect, however, was lost given that half his face was covered by a navy and light pink polka dot scarflett. It smelled faintly of that grapefruit and vanilla perfume she always wore.

“I thought we already established that I hate surprises.”

“It’s a good surprise,” she told him sweetly and the car hit another pot-hole, jostling him. “I’m ninety-nine percent sure you’ll like it.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then we’ll go back to Pop’s, I’ll get you a burger, chilli fries and a shake, and we’ll never speak of it again.”

They were on a dirt road now. He could hear the tires crunching on rock and gravel despite Børn’s ‘Electric Love’ warbling over the car stereo. Betty, Jughead discovered, was one of those people who liked listening to the same playlist over and over on repeat until she—and everyone else—got sick of it.  He found it annoying and endearing at the same time. Annoying, because he ardently believed there should be a medically-endorsed limit as to how many times a person could stand listen to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ in a single god damn day, but endearing because they were close enough to know these little habits and because it was Betty and frankly she could listen to a Katy Perry album on repeat and Jughead wouldn’t care.

(And, it should be noted, that Jughead despised Katy Perry to blackest depth of his soul. He had no rational reason. He just did).

They hit another few bumps and dips, the last one sounding like it knocked the rear bumper and making Jughead bounce up out of his seat, before they pulled over. He heard Betty unbuckling her seatbelt and then her rustling around beside him, reaching behind his seat for something.

“Don’t move yet and don’t take off the blindfold. I’m just going to set up.”
“How do I know you’re not going to roll us off a ravine?”

“You don’t.”  There was a playful lilt to her voice and he felt a burst of warmth around his mouth as she swept in to kiss him quickly. “But your hands aren’t tied and I’m leaving the door unlocked, so…”

The car door slammed shut and he was left alone as she went out to do whatever she went to do. Set up, she’d said. He’d been joking about the ravine, but a thread of anxiety spooled through him anyway.  It was always this irrational thought, popping up when it wasn’t needed, that maybe this was all some elaborate scheme that everyone was in on. After the disaster that was his birthday party and the way he’d went off on her in Archie’s garage, the fact that she still wanted to be with him, wanted to share her scars and her truths, still felt a bit too good to be true.

He was just starting to get antsy, sitting in the car like an idiot and wondering if he should pull off the blindfold and risk Betty’s disappointment when the passenger door opened and he nearly tumbled out. Betty caught him, though, her arms around him as she steadied him back in his seat. He instantly warmed at her touch, taken in by the citrus-sweet of her.  

“All right, birthday boy,” she chuckled. “Let’s take two on this.”

Jughead pulled the scarf down around his neck and stepped out of the car to look around. They were in the middle of a gravel field, facing what was left of the giant, aluminum projector stand. The moon was out and it was full and in the opposite corner of his periphery, Jughead could make out the sodium lights on the ANDREWS CONSTRUCTION trailer.

“You brought me to the Drive-In?”

Even in the dim, blue-black glow of the evening, it was apparent that the apples of Betty’s cheeks were popping with pink from her smile. She took a hold of his wrist.

“Yep! But that’s not the best part.”

She skipped him around to the back of the vehicle. As they passed the rear window, he could see the backseat was made up with blankets and pillows and her laptop. She led him further and popped open the trunk of the car where she excitedly presented him with a large take-out bag from Pop’s, a bag of store-bought popcorn and a small cooler full of sodas.  

“Mr. Andrews says they’re finishing up with demolition tomorrow. I figure since I missed the last drive-in and nothing is playing at the Bijou, we can hold an impromptu movie night here.

Jughead felt something pleasant blow up in his chest, his heart at the helm of its own ticker-tape parade. He smiled at his girlfriend and threw an affectionate arm around her shoulders, dropping a kiss on top of her forehead. “And to think I thought you were going to roll us.”

“I still might,” she joked. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

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You are what you eat

Food feeds the body
Chillies fire the soul
All I desire
Is their fire
Chilli beef nacho
Extra jalapeño
sour cream
Spicy burrito
Mexican bean
Food of dreams
Burger with chilli
Jalapeños on top
Gotta be hot
Buffalo wings
Sriracha Sauce
It might sting
Fragrant Thai curry
Green or red
Fire raging head
Donner Kebab
Hot chilli sauce
(of course)
India’s finest
Tikka and tandoori
Finger licking
Always chicken
Bhajis pakoras
Naan breads
Many a curry dish
Madras, phaal, vindaloo
Bhuna my wish
Hungarian goulash
Extra paprika
Like a heat seeker
North African shakshuka
A Poached egg
Breakfast bazooka
If you are what you eat
I ain’t that sweet
I am on fire

(Written and submitted by @in-my-thinking)

Drive Thru Hell *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by psychoassassins

Summary: At 1am you and Sam get hungry for a drive-thru burger, Bucky Steve and Clint all tag along. Only a concert just ended and everyone has the same feeling, yourself and Steve have to deal with, Sam and Bucky fighting, Clint hanging out the window yelling… you just wanted a burger.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Clint Barton.
Pairings: Reader x Bucky Barnes, implied Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff- teasing of Steve fancying Nat

“Are you hungry?” a voice spoke from behind the sofa, you jumped and turned your head, Sam stood in the TV light and looking at you waiting for an answer.

“I could use a burger, to be honest,” you tell him with a small shrug of your shoulders, he nodded and left leaving you frowning at the Falcon, your eyes went back to watching Fuller House on Netflix.

Then Sam was towing Steve and Bucky behind him, both soldiers pulling on their jackets, Sam threw Bucky’s hoodie to you and you pulled it on instantly. Bucky looked slightly annoyed, he held out his hand to help you off the sofa, you gladly took it with a small smile. Sam saying you’d be getting a drive-thru, you grinned, you loved late night food trips with your friends.

“Any room for a Hawk?” you all looked up at the ceiling to the vent, where Clint was laying inside still clad in PJ’s, he had been silently watching Fuller House with you; you didn’t know this till now.

Steve nodded, “my car is small someone is gonna be in the boot.“

“SHOTGUN!” you yelled earning groans of disappointment, making you smile.

You sat in the passenger seat, Steve driving through the streets to get to the closest open drive-thru, Sam and Clint in the backseats singing along to the music you had shuffled on your Spotify. Bucky was cramped in the boot, directly behind Sam with a deadly glare, arms crossed and silent as ever.

As you got to the drive-thru both yourself and Steve groaned, you had forgotten that this drive-thru was near an arena, clearly, some concert had gone on today because the line for food was stupidly long. You leant back in your seat, Steve doing the same, crossing his arms as he waited to move the car when the line was ready to move.

After a few minutes of silence and just the music playing, “why am I in the boot?” Bucky asked randomly and you grinned, turning your head to look at your boyfriend.

“Cause yo’ fat ass won’t fit in the seat” Sam shot back, Bucky’s eyes went from yours to glaring at the back of Sam’s head, he shuffled and kicked Sam’s seat who turned back to glare.

“I meant, why not Clint? He’s smaller than me!”

Clint scoffed, “Not my fault you’re slow.”

“You cheated.”

“Knowing shortcuts isn’t cheating, it’s called being smart.” He countered back.

Steve managed to get the children to quieten down in the back by asking their orders, all of them talking over one another, you chuckled as Steve sighed. You had forgotten whenever you went out as a group, you and Steve end up acting as though you are parents unless Nat tags along- she takes turning the car around statement seriously.

“Sam wants, double cheeseburger and extra-large fries, diet Pepsi- Bucky that’s rude to say, he can have whatever he wants- Clint want’s a southern fried chicken wrap, no mayo- he can take out whatever he wants Y/N- plus a Coke, and Y/N wants a cheeseburger, cheese fries and diet Coke.” Steve repeated and you nodded “Bucky wants a bacon burger, large chilli fries and a chocolate milkshake.”

Sam leant forward as far as the seatbelt would allow, “Get mozzarella sticks then 12 pack” and Clint nodded in agreement, playing with the window button, Steve nodded.

Bucky started to shuffle, starting to get angsty, earning Sam to tell him off for fidgeting. Earning a small argument between them both, Steve sighed and leant an elbow on his window, holding his head with his eyes closed. Clint was still watching his window go up and down, glaring at the cars going passed who honking at all the people waiting.

“Can you three just stop!” Steve snapped, turning his head to glare at them, Clint instantly stopped whilst Sam turned back around and Bucky looked at his best friend “just stop! No one talk, no playing with buttons, just behave.”

You watch as Steve turns back around, one hand holding the steering wheel impossibly tight and the other one rubbing his temple in hopes of easing the headache that must be forming, it’s silent in the car. You glance behind to see all the three men looking at one another, and then back to Steve, you sighed knowing what they will do.

“I’m gonna tell Nat you yelled,” Clint is first to get enough courage to talk, Steve’s eyes open once more and his jaw sets into a locked position, “she never yells when we are out.”

Sam nods in agreement “yeah, she’s the nice one out of those two.”

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

“She turned the car around for real last time,” Steve countered, looking at them in the mirror and they all just grin in return.

Bucky shrugs, “so, you admit you two are mum and dad then?”

Steve sighed, “Someone has to keep you idiots under control!” he mutters to himself but it’s silent and they all hear.

“Who keeps you under control?” Sam asked, Bucky snickers to himself in the boot and Clint holds back at laugh “is it, Nat? How does one control a super soldier? If I asked will I get an R-rated answer?”

Bucky and Sam high five one another, the only time they see to get along is when they tease Steve over Nat; they both think he has a crush on her. Judging by the way he blushes you’d agree with them but since he blushes whenever someone teases him over anything and you can’t be too sure.  

That opened the floodgates to relentless teasing by those two, Steve just remained silent, driving whenever needed in silence. Clint went back to playing with his window, this time unbuckling his belt and leaning his head out the window, like a dog.

Originally posted by therewasneverjustone

He was fully dangling out the window next, you watched in the rear-view mirror, one hand holding onto the roof so he wouldn’t fall out. Looking at the line, causing people who were obviously intoxicated to yell obscene stuff at him, he ignored a few, flipped some off and then…

“DON’T MAKE ME CLIMB OUT OF THIS WINDOW, BOY!” you sighed as the person six cars ahead yelled back, laughing at him.

“Steve, make that order of onion rings double” Sam ask yelled suddenly.

“We don’t need two sides of onion rings, we already have mozzarella sticks plus extra fries orders, plus a side order of nuggets!” he sighed gently.

Bucky scoffed, “yeah, Wilson, stop being greedy.”

“I was asking for you, dumbass” Sam shot back, that sounded like Bucky, too scared to ask Steve for something when he knows he is mad.

You sighed gently, “I just wanted a cheeseburger.”

After another twenty minutes, you finally had the food in the car, driving back to the tower, everyone in silence. Clint’s window locked because he did get out of the car, Steve tempted to leave him in the parking lot, you managed to convince him to let Clint back in. Bucky tried to get his food to eat now; you shot him a glare, earning a pouty boyfriend in the boot.

Steve parked his car in the garage, getting out along with Sam and Clint, those three helping the bags and you stretched; it felt good to move your legs. As everyone left, you heard a yelling and a banging; you all turned and see a very abandoned Bucky. Steve chuckled and walked back over, opening the boot door, helping Bucky out of the car.  

“That was eventful,” you yawn, everyone agreeing and tiredly walking with you “is it bad that I think we should all go sleep, have this stuff as breakfast in five hours?” everyone nodded, you all placed the food in the oven, to keep in a storage place.

You snuggled up next to Bucky, him wrapping his arms around you, drawing you impossibly closer to him and falling asleep instantly.


You and Bucky walked into the kitchen, Clint and Sam already digging into their reheated meals, Bucky sat as you got yours and his ready. Slightly, wondering where Steve is and his food, before you could ask Bucky did for you.

“He didn’t get any food for himself, ” Clint tells them, you all frown at Hawkeye “wait, do you guys not know?” he asked

“What are we meant to know birdie?” Bucky asked.

“I figured since you guys teased him the most then you’d know,” you grinned already getting the swing of what he is batting “he went out for breakfast with Nat, you fucking idiots.” He chuckled with you.

Sam frowned, “you telling me all those time we’ve been teasing that stupid lump and he actually already made a move, that dog!”

Clint chuckled, “Nat actually asked him.”

“Knew it,” Bucky muttered biting into his burger.

“No you didn stop lyin’, you had no idea and you didn’t know that Nat would be the one to make the first move.” Sam chided, glaring at Barnes who shrugged and glared back, “I hate you.”

“Love you too,” he said with a mouthful of burger, you hit them both, sitting between them and sipping your drink “I love you too.”

“Knew it,” you smirked as he rolled his eyes, causing Sam and Clint to laugh at you.  

(Hope everyone finds this as funny as I do, I got the prompt for late night drive thru on Tumblr, cannot remember where. Got some ideas from my kik fam, plus, I’ve been feeling a little down lately and this is for people who just needed a laugh rather than fluff or feels. - Rosalee)

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anonymous asked:

What would the boys' favorite fast food restaurant be, and what would they order? Also, if it's not too much to ask, what drink would they get at Starbucks/the coffee institution of their choice?

of course! our favorite barista oliveroffcenter knows his shit. s( ^ ‿ ^)-b

Favorite Fast Food:

Noctis: Chick-fil-a. All their food is good but he usually orders the 10-piece nugget meal with some of their signature lemonade.

Prompto: Chipotle. Prompto gets a chicken burrito with brown rice, black beans, guac and red chilli salsa.

Gladio: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They give you big servings compared to other fast food places. He gets the bacon cheese burger.

Ignis: Subway. It offers plenty of “healthy, fresh” options and different types of bread. He gets a 6 inch turkey on either whole wheat or honey oat with every vegetable and light mayo.

What they order from Starbucks:

Noctis: Noctis goes for caffeine count more than taste. He also doesn’t mellow out his coffee with sugar or milk because it makes less room for coffee. It’s already a struggle get up from his death practice, he doesn’t need milk and sugar weighing him down. His order is a Grande Gold Coast (Dark Roast) with two shouts of espresso with no room.

Prompto: Unlike Noctis, Prompto needs something a bit sweeter to satisfy his taste buds. His preferred drink of choice is a Ventie french vanilla Iced coffee with extra milk and and cinnamon powder on top.

Gladio: Gladio isn’t a sugar fiend either. He needs something that’s gonna give him caffine but he can’t ‘do-the-devil’s-work’ by drinking his coffee completely black like Noctis can. His preferred drink is a Venti Guatemala Antigua (Medium Roast) with extra whole milk.

Ignis: If Ebony coffee didn’t exist and the egg was left with no choice but to choose from Starbucks’ menu, he would pick a Grande Blonde Roast with one pump of vanilla. Caffeine content is good and the pump of vanilla gives it just the right amount of sweet.

Theodore frowned up at the menu – hot dogs, chilli dogs, cheese burgers, pizza, it was all the usual fair but nothing struck a chord with his stomach. He glanced away, his gaze landing on the person nearest to him. “Do you think they’ve got a bite in the place that’s not at least fifty-percent grease? I’m really not in the mood to vomit tonight.”