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Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 2)

Summary: This is the simple, straight-forward tale of how Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s true identity and how he dealt with it.

He dealt with it expertly like the heroic cat he was and definitely didn’t mess anything up.

Nope, he didn’t mess anything up at all. 

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yells into the sun “help i don’t know what i’m doing!”

Chapter 2: The Day After Chat Noir Found Out

“Plagg, what should I do?”

Adrien was hysterical. It was only fifteen minutes before he has to be driven to school. He was going to see her and he wasn’t ready and he didn’t know what to do.

Last night was a complete blur, and it was a surprise he even remembered he just discovered Ladybug’s civilian identity. Actually, no, that was the only thing he remembered. What happened the rest of yesterday was a complete mystery to him.

To add to the mystery, that very morning he woke up—he didn’t remember falling asleep either—the first thing Plagg did was not ask for cheese, but to gently remind him that his name was Adrien Agreste. He couldn’t fathom why. At the back of his head, he vaguely remembered a lot of Marinettes, but it couldn’t have been so bad that he’d forgotten his own name, right?


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You’re A Fucking Hero

@discorded-noodle-popcorn asked: Fic request: it’s 3 in the morning when Jeremy gets a call from Michaels phone. He picks up, ready to give Michael a piece of his mind before calling him so early, when he realized the voice on the other line wasn’t Michaels. The unknown person is rambling frantically about the owner of the phone needing help and how Jeremy was the only emergency contact on this phone. Jeremy is instantly panicked.

What the.,.,.,hell noodle youre amazing??? This is some TOP tIER shIT lets get into it and remember you can always ask for a rewrite

When Jeremy woke up to the obnoxious sound of his phone buzzing over and over again on his nightstand his first thought was a very grump ‘fuck, that was a great dream too’. Now it wasn’t that Jeremy couldn’t wake up in the morning, usually he had an easy time running around at 6 AM to get ready for school and do…other things. But this was different, these were ungodly hours. At first he figured he would just ignore the phone but it kept fucking buzzing and it was driving him insane. He sat up a loud miserable groan, his eyes still squinting away the bleariness in his vision. He finally grabbed his phone and squinted down at the way too bright screen, the first thing he saw that is was 3 A-fucking-M and that instantly made him age about 30 years. The second thing he noticed was who was calling, “The Gay King”. Ah, Michael, that explains a lot.

He decided against ignoring his friend and sluggishly swept the green button, his phone felt so heavy when he was tired that he just put it to speaker, “Michael no offence dude but what the fuck-”

“Hello? Hello uh…! This isn’t- oh man- this isn’t Michael?”

Jeremy’s heart essentially stopped beating right then and there when he realized that wasn’t Michael’s voice. It was some female, probably around 20 years old who just kept rambling on and on and apologizing.

“Hello? Sir are you-”

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Just so you know, you matter a lot

[submission] I’m an animal person. Well, mammals specifically. Worked with them for years and never really *got* keeping reptiles, but I didn’t knock it. I live in one of those big apartment complexes with indoor hallways, and about a week and a half ago I was just chilling, minding my own business. I got up to grab a snack… 15 minutes into netflix and chill I walked by my foyer and a random noodle gave me this look

I….was…a bit taken aback. Reptiles aren’t my thing but I surmised he was A) not venomous and B) probably not from the united states east cost. 

I discovered he was scared but not aggressive and I figured he’d escaped from someone, and since I knew snakes needed to be kept warm I put him in my bra and went to knock on some doors. Nobody knew anything about him and eventually I went back, and looked up reptile rescue centers and the closest one was a hundred miles away. This was on a Sunday and I wouldn’t be able to get him there till Saturday, and I couldn’t just keep him in my bra for a week. I did a google search and came up with your normal rubbermaid and paper towel setup and…it seemed…idk. Reptile person I wasn’t, animal person I WAS and I decided to browse the tungle to see what I could see. 

I found your blog. 

I learned he had stuck shed like crazy, and that there was much more to keeping a snake than $20 worth of stuff from target. I also figured if I was going to shell out to give a temporary home…well…I’d just make it his permanent one. I didn’t have the chance to scour your blog as much as I wanted, since I felt bad for keeping him where he was for so long, but I went to the pet store and set up this

(it’s heated from underneath and 2 temp and humidity monitored) it’s not exactly what I want it to be, but I did what I could with what I had and since then I’ve made a few modifications (bigger water bowl for a start) 

I’ve been all over your blog and your frustration with the people who claim ball pythons are completely sedentary are starting to anger me too, because from what I learned and what I can tell this dude is doing a lot better. 

The fact that there are people who just their snakes nearly immobile and tucked away astounds me. 

(ignore old tape, tank was sanitized and salvaged from apartment recycling room)

He climbs. Sometimes when I stay up I’ll take a peek at his tank and he’ll be all over his bamboo pole or plants or on his hide. 

He choses places to chill other than his hides (that’s a super low powered heat lamp I used to warm up my budgie for spray baths; wondered if he’d like some ‘sun’ on his scales)

He has, thus far, been nothing but an enthusiastic eater.

I went from seeing people collect reptiles like trading cards and thinking that was all there was to it, to being absolutely fascinated by this chill little noodle and loving to see what he’s up to . I went from complete ambivalence to becoming more and more passionate about proper reptile husbandry. 

You don’t have to post this, I just want you to know that for every asshole who should probably stick to those morimo moss balls, you inspire another person to learn everything she can about properly caring for these guys, enriching and monitoring their environment, and trying to make sure they are as healthy and happy as possible. 

You ARE making a difference.

I really dont have any words that describe how i feel, but this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever sent me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Cullen: We need someone to train the mages.

Mordred: Vivienne.

Cullen: She has experience with combat, not with training recruits.

Mordred: And you’ve never fucking handled large scale military operations yet here we are. Bit too late to drag out the ‘oh my gosh she don’t got the Experience™’ excuse don’t you think?

Cullen: *I* should not oversee the mage recruits because I am not a mage, and Solas will not help, nor do we trust our new friend from Tevinter.



(2 days later)

Mordred: *throwing bo staves at a row of scared mages* LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.