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You know those mindfulness colouring books?
Roy found one called ‘The Sweary Colouring Book’ on his travels and couldn’t not buy it for Jason. Each page was a cuss of some description in the swirly elaborate designs.
Roy honestly only bought it as a gag gift, the book amused him.

Never in a million years did he think that Jason would actually take to it. He’d spend hours on a bad day sat on the couch colouring in the swear words. The tranquil aura around him was strange, the chilled expression on his face unnerving. Roy spent hours stood in the doorway staring in disbelief.
The young man had been raging at the world and now was completely calm.
Where was this colouring book when Jason decided to put eight heads in a duffle bag?

Jason’s phone rang on such a day and Roy eventually gave up waiting for his partner to notice it and answered for him.
'Yello? Jason’s phone?’
'Er hey Roy. It’s Dick. Where’s Jason?’
'Colouring in bullshit. He’s pretty focused maybe ring back later?’
’…. What? Jason is colouring in bullshit?’
'Yup that’s what I said’
He explained the book and mindfulness before hanging up on a very bemused Dick.

One by one over the next week, random members of the Batfamily joined Roy in the doorway staring at Jason in disbelief. Bruce actually forgot how to breath and Roy had to slap him on the back.
Tim merely frowned before nodding slightly and just disappearing back through the window he came through.

Then one day Roy wandered into the living room to find Jason on the couch with his colouring book and a cup of tea. The thing that had Roy staring now was Tim sat next to his brother, working his way through a Star Wars themed colouring book, a cup of coffee steaming next to Jason’s tea.

One gag gift and suddenly Roy was holding Art Therapy sessions for Robins. Sometimes Roy really didn’t understand how he got himself into these situations.

“Gorillaz should stay out of politics and just keep making music like normal”
okay have you… actually listened to Gorillaz because their music has been political since Demon Days
secondly who are you to tell artists what to produce, musicians are allowed to have a say in politics and they are allowed to voice their opinions, chill out let artists express themselves 

What it's like to kiss each sign
  • All though I have not kissed all the signs... This is what I imagine it's like.
  • Aries: passionate, intense, leaves you wanting more.
  • Taurus: Soft, Sweet, leaves you feeling woozy.
  • Gemini: Wild, unexpected, leaves you excited.
  • Cancer: Romantic, loving, sweeps you right off your feet.
  • Leo: Extreme, blissful, makes you feel confident.
  • Virgo: Careful, gentle, leaves you wanting to kiss them all over again.
  • Libra: Flirtatious, sweet, leaves you feeling warm.
  • Scorpio: Mysterious, exciting, leaves you with chills.
  • Sagittarius: Expressive, playful, makes you want to dance.
  • Capricorn: Controlling, powerful, makes you feel weak in the knees.
  • Aquarius: Unusual, pleasant, every kiss is different, leaving you excited for the next.
  • Pisces: Dreamy, enchanting, leaves you feeling like you're in a dream.
  • Use your Venus sign too!

The sass is strong in this scene. Big-Chill’s expression just makes it all the more better.

FYI, Ben 10 Alien Force premiered on 4/18/2008, so it’s AF’s 8th anniversary today uwu


from @infjoey - ✍🏻🎶💥180 circle torus. Next I will try a 360🌀 #art #geometry #sacredgeometry #expression #chill #create #avantgarde #mandala #yoga #zen #metatrons #metatronscube #floweroflife #nature #peace #love #meditate #draw #drawing #ink #illusion #optical #trippy #space #galaxy #cosmos #stellar #moon

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So suddenly I was alerted to a fire. On a community Lot. (Sims 3)

I have no idea how it started, given all that’s there is tables and chairs. Yes there’s candles, but they’re lamps, and should logically be safe. The main victim whose currently burning to death (from moving too close to the fire, not from being set on fire) is Emma Hatch.

I have a total of three suspects as to who started it, seeing how suspicious it seems.

Suspect One;; Zelda Mae

Fleeing the scene? Scarily calm given the circumstances. Too calm.

Suspect Two;; Molly French

Back to the fire, Stone cold expression, totally chill with the scenario.

Suspect Three (Prime Suspect);; Leighton Sekemoto

Glaring at the victim, staring at her as she dies. Gives 0 shits about her incoming death.