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If you haven’t heard OWSLA signed, Chicago based producer ARYAY’s recent single despite its popularity these past few weeks, now’s your chance to let him whisk you off your feet with his airy bounding, sassy springing future bass original. Always Wanted You even features New Zealand great, Kimbra. The rambunctious anthem is sprightly whimsical, like Whethan and Louis The Child. You can purchase the single from iTunes, here

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It’s a serene and breathtaking trip across vast oceans and above fluffy clouds that EMBRZ invites us on with the Irish producer’s new remix. He’s given The 1975′s hit single Somebody Else an effervescent springing, buoyant lunging remix that warms the heart and leaves the soul tingling with joy. This chillwavey electro makeover frames dreamy Matty’s voice in heavenly synths and weightless beats. He sounds like an angel, cooing sweet nothings in our ears. I sink euphorically into EMBRZ’ remix as if it were the softest bed in the world. 

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Parisian duo Ofenbach has dished out some splendorous melodic house jams in the past, but Be Mine might be my favorite to date. Be Mine begins with SOFI TUKKER like plump licks before it launches into earthy hues of alt and folk dance that recall Milky Chance, Coleman Hell, and Broken Back, but with an extra dose of bluesy soulfulness. Be Mine’s single artwork is a perfect fit to the song with its weathered blue jeans and sultry voluptuous bottom. You can purchase the single now from iTunes.

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Swedish duo Galantis has always been gallantly dashing and brightly jouncing with their mellifluous bounding dance thrillers in the past, but they’ve pulled back on the gargantuan house beats with their new single Hunter to give us a sparkly lulling, weightless larking future beats anthem instead. It’s a glitchy enthralling, dancehall enchanting, and even trappy captivating look for the esteemed pair. We traipse through a mystical forest with Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, questing for magical treasure alongside Hunter and its other peregrine brushstrokes, which paint a lush scenery so wondrously prismatic that it rivals the technicolor beauty of Avatar’s fictional world of Pandora. Galantis’ Hunter is out now via Big Beat Records.

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The boat on the jetty on the lake. Floating in the clear green water, the smell of pine in the breeze. I look for her, but she is gone. Petals on the wood of the jetty. Wet footprints almost dried in the sun. I sit. 

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anonymous asked:

What is the best activity for a lazy Saturday night?

Aw man, basically all my favorite hobbies are for Lazy Saturdays. I’ll make a list for you. 

  • I like to watch slow “boring” anime in bed. “Boring” being a very specific subgenre of SoL. Stuff that spends a lot of time building atmosphere over just characters. Examples are K-on!, Hyouka, Flying Witch. Since it’s not character driven, a lot of the enjoyment comes from just letting the feeling of the show wash over you. 

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  • I like to listen to lyrical music with my Noise-Cancelling Headphones and check out reddit/tumblr. I can’t listen to lyrical music while reading because I can’t focus on the words. reddit/tumblr is light enough reading that it’s ok. 

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  • As of last week, I browse Amazon and CDJapan for vinyls. 

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  • I message/call Australians and talk about animu. 

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  • I answer asks and do ask reblogs on tumblr ^^; 

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Cold Stone - Mirage (Radio Edit)

DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night, featuring Mr. Hudson, is at the receiving end of some spectacular re-imaginings by major production heavy weights. The Grammy nominated producer has even enlisted ever incredible NGHTMRE for an edit, who gives us a surprisingly chill and melodic version of the song. We embark on a cosmic waltz underneath a twilight sky to NGHTMRE’s brassy prismatic future trap dalliance. The new remix pack for DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night also features an acoustic version and edits by Crankdat, Junkie Kid, and Shockone. You can stream them all on DJ Snake’s Soundcloud, here.

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