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ah that’s it, BuckyNat is over. A MCU fan has descended into our tag to tell us that stucky is the best and obviously their declaration is 1000% more important than six years comic book canon that gave us of one of the most equal & progressive romantic relationships in the superhero genre. what were we even thinking.

hey lil baby, i did apologize for putting it in the tag, also i’ve said comic buckynat is pretty chill, its the MCU buckynat that isn’t okay, and calling a white cishet romance progressive is just incorrect, and I didn’t say stucky was the best, it’s still cis and white but in terms of bucky it’s way better than buckynat (in the MCU)

Okay so...

I’ve been hearing rumors and I’m getting a little nervous - would be more if it weren’t for @theowldetective ‘s post - but what I’m summarizing from the limited stuff I have heard… the road to Lucaya / Riarkle might be a little more tortuous than what I thought. 

Do I still believe it’s gonna happen? Yeah, I’m a reader and a writer and there are certain “tells” in the story so far that strongly hint to the future, not following through would be bad storytelling - which based on past experience I can’t fault Jacobs’ and Co. with, they are experienced storytellers who haven’t really let me down in the past, what they have done, though, is disappoint me a little with their choices because it wasn’t what I would have done in their place. 

That being said, when I sat down and looked back on it, I rarely came off angry or thought the series was worse off because of said choices. The initial frustration (based mostly on the fact that their way is not always the way my mind works as I have little patience for drama), has always faded away. Plus, if they manage to surprise me with their twists and turns, I’ll be genuinely glad. 

Because when you consume as much media as I do, it’s kind of hard not to see those twists and turns coming a mile away. 

Basically, as long as Jacobs doesn’t betray the organic story that he has been building (and I have no reason to believe that he will) , I’m willing to trust him and his team. And if he does… well, that’s what fan fiction is for. 

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