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Fic: Rule 47

“Weren’t you supposed to be writing today?” he asks, ruffling Will’s hair as he passes by.

“It wasn’t working for me.” Will smiles at Chris, leaning back to give him an upside down kiss as he places the iPad aside. “How was work?”

“Long,” Chris says, walking away toward the kitchen, “but good, you know?” He opens the fridge door and stares into it blankly before closing it. He’s not hungry or thirsty really, but tends to wander into the kitchen and look into the fridge for no reason he can discern. Will says it’s adorable.

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With You, Definitely (NC-17)

“Hi.” Will blinks sleepily up at him. Chris feels a smile bloom all the way from his chest to his face. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Woke up early and couldn’t sleep. Tried to motivate myself to run but then I had a plot bunny and so I’ve been writing.”

“Mmm,” Will stretches again, then shifts so his forehead is against Chris’s thigh. He’s extra warm under Chris’s palm, naked shoulders hard muscle under skin when he runs it up and down Will’s arm. His stomach tightens a little because Will half naked and sleep soft is so alluring.

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The Inevitable Outcome of Using The Force (NC-17)

A/N: A little one-year-later snapshot from The Hooves Verse. In that verse, Chris and Will’s anniversary is October 28. Happy totally-fictional-anniversary to them, and happy one year of “who is that guy?” to the Chill fandom. In celebration (of course), have a little fic. NC-17, 2000 words. Inspired in part by a prompt from an anon - thank you! We do read them, so feel free to keep ‘em coming.

They’ve been shopping for months, Brian’s been hiding for 3 hours since the Yoda-vs-Chewie costuming summit, and Ashley has sent no fewer than 17 panicked text messages since Thursday, but by Saturday afternoon the whole thing feels like it came together effortlessly.  

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