OLD JACK SWAY: Forgive the attempt at a clever title here, but I wanted to try to convey how one might rename a New Jack Swing ballad from the late 80s, looking back at it from a modern perspective.

‘Naturally Mine’, one of the tracks from Al B Sure’s debut set ‘In Effect Mode’ may not have the impact of the singer’s magnum opus ‘Night & Day’, but is certainly a sinewy ballad with a brilliantly moody intro that shows off the vocalist’s unique tone and begs the questions whatever happened to him?

His son, Quincy Brown is certainly continuing his legacy, on screen at least.


~ Deep Sea ~

androidghost asked:

share five of you favorite ambient/chill out musicians or performers. and 5 artist whose works you could get lost in.

Oooo this is a good one.
Favorite Ambient/Chill out musicians (in no particular order):

1.) Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance)
2.) Explosions In The Sky
3.) The Album Leaf
4.) Sigur Ros
5.) Zero7

As for artists I can get lost in (I’m assuming you mean visual artists):

1.) John Singer Sargent

2.) John Everett Millais (I love me some PreRaphelites)

3.) Alphonse Mucha (not to sound like a hipster, but I liked him before it was cool)

4.) René Magritte

5.) Charles Vess

There are more but you only asked for 5.
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Chilling à son maximum. Cette chanson me transporte instantanément au bord d’une piscine avec des mojitos.



Flume ft. Moon Holiday - Insane (LRDU Remix)

thanks to ford-downey-brosnan-missesdexter for putting me onto this! Really grew on me :D