Top 5 Songs On The KryKey Premium Radio Network - 6 July 2015

7 JULY 2015

Top 5 Songs streamed on the KryKey Network by the KryKey Premium radio stations on Monday the 6th of July 2015 (only that day).

  1. AmyCanBe - The Song Of Mathew & Mark
  2. Cafe Music Chill Out Club - Music For Dreaming
  3. Cafe Music Chill Out Club - Private Room
  4. Dr. Haze - Work
  5. 12 Guage Pump - Don’t Know Me

“I only listen to real music”
Isn’t all music “real music”?
Doesn’t everybody have their own individual opinion and preferences for a particular type of music?
There is no need to label the music you listen to as “real music” because you sound like you think of yourself as superior to another person who might like something that you say isn’t “real” and that might be really popular (on the radio/TV ect.)
Listen, if you listen to rock/rap/music with meaningful lyrics, you actually aren’t any better than someone who listens to pop/dance music/R&B, you are the same as them. The same for the other way around too. You both have an equal love for your preference of music so it is very unnecessary to be putting people down for any type of music they may enjoy by labelling it as “mainstream” or “too deep”.
Sometimes people just want to dance and have fun to a certain song, and sometimes people want to relate to the lyrics in one.
Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is bad and “overrated”.
How about we all stop pinning one piece of music against the other, hating, and turning on each other about it, and instead just enjoy the music- you know, the reason that it is there in the first place.


~ Deep Sea ~

androidghost asked:

share five of you favorite ambient/chill out musicians or performers. and 5 artist whose works you could get lost in.

Oooo this is a good one.
Favorite Ambient/Chill out musicians (in no particular order):

1.) Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance)
2.) Explosions In The Sky
3.) The Album Leaf
4.) Sigur Ros
5.) Zero7

As for artists I can get lost in (I’m assuming you mean visual artists):

1.) John Singer Sargent

2.) John Everett Millais (I love me some PreRaphelites)

3.) Alphonse Mucha (not to sound like a hipster, but I liked him before it was cool)

4.) René Magritte

5.) Charles Vess

There are more but you only asked for 5.

Again (This Is A Dream)
  • Again (This Is A Dream)
  • Cotter Koopman

You’re a dream I never told you I had…

This new song ended up being about so much— mostly, it’s about the cottage our family goes to for one week every summer. I hope you listen and enjoy.

I’m releasing this as a single that you can download FOR FREE on bandcamp

You can listen on soundcloud too

XOXO — Cotter



Flume ft. Moon Holiday - Insane (LRDU Remix)

thanks to ford-downey-brosnan-missesdexter for putting me onto this! Really grew on me :D