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fluffy cuddling scenario with akechi and female s/o on a particularly cold night when the heater breaks down

shdjhdk This is adorable!! Thank you for sending it! I’m sorry if it’s out of character, but I really wanted to bring out Akechi’s softer and playful side. I hope you enjoy it!!

“I’m afraid it’s reached it’s limits. After all, we’ve had it for a while. Why don’t we purchase a kotatsu instead, dear?” Akechi was making light conversation to distract his shivering girlfriend from their plight caused by the heater breaking down. 

“How about s-some warm blankets instead?” She tried to keep her voice playful, but the bitter chill in the air gave her a slight stutter. 

Akechi looked dejected. “Unfortunately, all the blankets are in the washing machine right now. Unless…” 

“G-goro?” S/o asked.

“Hold on a moment, my love. I’ll be right back!” he disappeared into the darkness and was replaced by a mass of neatly folded blankets.

“Where did you find those?” s/o asked incredulously.

“They were tucked away in the laundry room,” he explained as he set the pile on the floor next to her. “I had gotten them last year just in case a situation like this ever happened. No offense, but your heater is quite old.”

“You’re amazing.” The sincerity in her voice tinted his cheeks with red.

“It was nothing. I’ll go prepare some coffee.” He returned shortly with their matching mugs, and the comforting scent of coffee pervaded the crisp air. He sat down next to s/o and extended her mug for her to take. It was then that he noticed she was wrapped so intricately in blankets that she couldn’t free her arms without assistance.

Akechi chuckled. “Well, since my girlfriend has turned into a marshmallow, I guess I’ll just have to drink all this delicious coffee by myself.”

“You better not!” Her muffled voice provoked another laugh from him.

“Is there room for one more?” he asked playfully.

“There will be more than enough if you help me!” she cried. After one last chuckle and placing the coffee on a secure surface, Akechi attempted to free s/o. The waves of blankets were seemingly endless, but at long last he managed to liberate her from her prison. 

She greeted him with a gasp. “I’m saved!” She then threw herself onto him, taking a few other blankets with her along the way, and proceeded to shower him with kisses.

“H-hey!” The heat from Akechi’s cheeks melted away any trace of cold left in the room. The couple toppled on the floor with a tangle of blankets right behind them.

Akechi glanced at s/o, who was now nuzzling his neck with her hand gently placed on his chest. He couldn’t help but grin; she was just so adorable. They stayed like this for a while, with their eyes closed and their breathing in sync…

“You’re so warm,” s/o said with a small smile. “No wonder the cold has no effect on you.” 

“I’m honored to be your personal heater,” he replied, a light blush still coloring is face.

“Can I keep you forever?” she asked, her voice growing softer as she dozes off. 

“It’s a deal.” He paused for a few moments. “Please don’t throw me away if I break down.”

“Those were the conditions, right?” she breathed. “If you break down, I’ll find some way to help you regain your warmth, even if I have to share some of mine. Even if it takes forever. Okay?”

“…Yes,” he responded, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “I love you, s/o.”

“I love you, too. Sweet dreams, Goro.”

“You too, love.” Somehow, Akechi just knew he’d sleep peacefully tonight.

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Hi! I'm late for this? Capernoited or Mamihlapinatapei: 2min or on2min but it's ok if you won't do it, i'll be happy with just 2min :)

Capernoited – Slightly intoxicated or tipsy.

On the Balcony | On2min | PG

Jinki yawns, pulling the blanket tighter around his chest. He stares down at the lights of the city and takes a sip from the soju in his mug.

The door squeaks open. “Jinki?”

Jinki turns to Minho, who is standing outside of the open door. “You’re still up?”

Minho nods weakly. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Same,” Jinki replies. He scoots over on their couch, leaning on the armrest. “Wanna sit?”

Minho joins him on the couch, sitting right next to him and pulling Jinki backward against his chest. jinki chuckles, his blanket loosening around him and letting the chill night air in. “Do you want some?” he asks, holding out his mug.

Minho sniffs audibly. “Is that soju?”


Minho takes the mug and takes a sip, then hisses. 

The two lie for a while on the couch, listening to the buzz of the city beneath. In the distance a car honks angrily while dozens woosh by beneath. Minho traces a finger lightly over Jinki’s shoulder.

“You know, I think I get why you like this so much.”


“Nah, I mean… sitting out here at night or really early in the morning. Curled up in a blanket and drinking.”

“The ambient noise is nice,” Jinki replies nonchalantly. He bends his arm, angling his empty hand upward. “Soju, please.”

They spend the next few minutes passing the single mug of soju between them. Minho eventually moves his hand from Jinki’s shoulder to his hair, twisting the strands lazily between his fingers.

The door squeaks again and both Minho and Jinki angle their heads to see Taemin staring at them confusedly. “Uh. What are you guys doing?”

“Drinking,” replies Jinki.

“Sitting,” says Minho at the same time.

Taemin furrows a brow. “You’re drinking?”

Minho waves around the now-empty mug. “We were… and we should get more.”

Minho presses his hands against Jinki’s back, pushing him to sit up straight. “Be back in a second.”

Jinki hums in understanding, fixing the blanket around his shoulders to block out the cold air. “Bring more blankets, too.”

Jinki leans back against the arm rest, body angled toward the door while he stares down at the city, a soft breeze brushing against his cheeks.

Minho enters the balcony first, carrying an number of folded blankets in his arms. “Um,” Jinki mutters. “I don’t think we need that many.”

Minho places the pile on the couch near Jinki’s feet. “Taemin and I had an idea,” he explains, unfolding the first blanket and place it flat on the balcony’s concrete floor.

A small smile grows on Jinki’s lips. He pushes himself off the couch and onto the floor, taking his blanket with him. Minho seats himself behind Jinki and unfolds a soft wool blanket. He spreads it over both their legs, his socked feet poking out the bottom.

Taemin enters the balcony with the soft clinks of glass bottles. He stares down at Jinki and Minho and frowns. “Move over,” he says. poking Minho with his foot.

Grumbling, Minho pushes himself away from Jinki and Taemin takes his place triumphantly. Placing down two bottles of soju and three mugs, he twists open one bottle and fills each mug halfway. He passes one to Minho and another to Jinki, then raises his own. “Cheers.”

Minho and Jinki raise their glasses, then all three drink.

Considering how tired they are and how long it’s been since they’ve eaten, it’s doesn’t take much for them to get tipsy, comparatively. Taemin, with the lowest tolerance, begins to bury his face in the crook of Onew’s neck after only two cups. “You smell so nice. You’re amazing, Jinki.”

“Thank you, Taemin,” Jinki said with a chuckle.

“Cute,” mutters Minho, raising a hand to ruffle Taemin’s hair. Taemin hums, pleased.

“I love you, Jinki,” Taemin mutters, pressing his lips softly to the base of Jinki’s neck. He then leans forward, head bobbing a little too much, and looks dazedly at Minho. ‘I love you too, Minho. I love both of you.” 

“You are not doing well with the soju, are you?” Jinki asks, taking the mug from Taemin’s hand and placing it on his opposite side. He pats Taemin’s back comfortingly. “Do you wanna go inside?” 

“No,” Taemin mumbles. He pushes away from Jinki and toward Minho instead, leaning against his shoulder. “It’s nice out here. And you guys are warm.”

Jinki hums, raising his mug to his lips again. “Honestly, I like this a whole lot more with you guys here.”

Minho’s voice drips with sugar as he speaks. “I like you, too, Jinki.”

Jinki turns back to the horizon, listening to the cars beneath race by as the sun begins to rise, painting the sky a soft orange above the buildings. Minho too, resigns himself to silence, nursing what soju remains in his mug.

After a while, Taemin begins to softly snore.

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

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So I've been very lazy with my studying toward witch craft and therefore I'm going back to the beginning~ lol. Any advice for a little witch?

Some Advice for Getting Started:

Originally posted by gameboydemakes

*Start with things that interest you!* 

I know i get terribly bored very quickly (gemini curse lmao) so i find that if i dive into stuff i’m interested in learning about, that it will tend to hold my attention longer and help me get back into the swing of things! So in my example one of my first things i researched when i was starting out was about Crystals and their properties/uses in magic! From there i was able to use that as a sort of base jumping off point for my magical practice! And if you find something you were learning about doesn’t seem like it fits you/your style/ your practice then drop it and move on to the next thing! 

*Ask Questions!*

No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions!!!! Questions mean you care enough to try and learn more about something! I’m pretty much always here and will try my best to answer as best as i am able And if I can’t i will do my best to help direct you to someone more knowledgeable!


This one is important because most of the time i feel like i see baby/beginner witches try really REALLY hard to “reach the same level” as other witches as quickly as possible when in reality that just hurts THEIR path in the long run. Your path is your own, take it at your own pace. Enjoy the little bumps along the way and find the “Roses of your Path” (the things that make you want to stop and appreciate them: the satisfaction of calling your first Storm, the chill of the night air when you set out your first Full Moon Water, the spark when you find that one crystal.) Enjoy it. Enjoy your path, Enjoy your Craft. 

*Use the Things you Already Own!*

Another thing i see beginners getting hung up on (myself included, i was/am extremely guilty of this lol) is wanting to go out and buy a ton of supplies. try looking around your house for things that can be re purposed. Old Spaghetti Sauce Jars can be cleaned and used as spell jars, deity altars/shrines, or ingredient storage! Take pictures from old magazines and make a collage Altar on paper! Use a composition notebook as your Book Of Shadows! Your old broken glasses case can be used as a case for your portable altar! Dig around and see if there are extra candles you haven’t used in a while! Wash out and save those eggshells from your cooking to use as spell ingredients! It takes some creative thinking but you can reclaim pretty much anything for your craft!

*Look for Bargains!*
For one thing prices can be outrageous for actual craft materials: like Crystals and Gems? Truly truly truly outrageous. So keep your eyes peeled for bargains and deals! Some of the best places to look for things on the cheap would be Dollar Stores, Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Garage/Estate Sales! Most of the time in those places you can try haggling to get things at a cheaper price (or get more for less.) It really just depends on the place but you can find the most interesting assortments of things! Keep your eyes peeled in your general day to day life as well see if there are sales at your local grocery store for seed packets, seasonal items/holiday items (look for the sales afterwords to really save haha) The internet is a great place to look, i know Ebay has sellers who sell raw crystals/ crystal chunks by the pound. There’s also places to buy spices in bulk too 

*Don’t Compare Your Path to Others!*
Your Path is Your Path, Their Path is Their Path.
Being online and part of the witchy community in tumblr means that there are a lot of ideas being shared from people’s paths and their views on how they think magic should be practiced. What works for them might not work for you and vice versa. Only YOU can decide what is best for you and your path. and on that note:

*Figure Out What YOU Want Out of Your Path!*
When you get some time, sit down and write out all the things you want to get from your path and think critically about how you want magic to work in your daily life. Do you want it to be Super Formal or more casual? perhaps a mix of the two?  Test the waters! Try things once and if you don’t like it then you know and can move on to the things that work better for your lifestyle/craft/path!
Some examples from my list that i can think of right now would be:
-Better knowledge of Crystals/ Crystal remedies and their healing properties
-Daily research -aka tumblr-
-Appreciating Nature more (Whenever i go on walks with my dog i try to pick up some litter if/when i see it)
-Daily Deity appreciation  -aka deity aesthetic reblogs to @theemeraldgod & Pintrest-

Helpful Links for Beginners:
Sww Master List of Tags- Here’s my main hub of things that i tag feel free to look and see if something interests you!
Altars/ Altar set up Advice- My long winded post about what to put on your Altar.
My Beginner Tag// My Beginner 101 Tag- There are two tags because they have similar information, the 101 tag is for more ‘Hey I just started today what do I need to know’

Anyways thanks for sending this in! I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while and this finally gave me the excuse ^^


{PART 20} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You finally learn the name of the man who destroyed everything you held so dear; while Jungkook comes to the realisation that the last memory he has of you might be happening right before his eyes.

“His heart only ever had one thought, one want - one need. Despite all, in spite of it all…all his heart ever wanted; was her”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} //{Part 19} {Part 20} {Part 21}

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no offense but i love vinny vinesauce? hes one of the few content creators im into that doesnt rely on saying offensive shit to be funny and he never gets into drama he’s just kinda There. playin games. the whole vinesauce crew is super chill really and watching their content is such a breath of fresh air.

thanks @ the vinesauce team.

🌈🌈things to improve your health and overall well-being🌈🌈

-silk sheets and pillowcase: prevents hair breakage and damage, prevents wrinkles and acne, feels good
-Epsom salt: add this to your bath and it’ll help cleanse and detox your body while helping you relax😎
-candles: the aesthetic of them with the scent can really help you chill out if you’re feeling uncomfortable
-humidifier: keeps moisture in the air which helps your skin and respiratory system
-tea: really good for you internally (fights free radicals, helps skin, etc.) but also has benefits topically. put on skin as toner/part of a face mask, can be used to tint hair (black tea=brown/black, chamomile tea=yellow highlights/naturally lightens hair, etc.) as well as improve scalp health
-plants: improves air and removes toxins, thus increasing your overall health and comfort


Camila Mendes photographed for Obsessee

We’re in the generation where we feel like we need to be doing something at all times. We’re obsessed with productivity, and it makes everyone incredibly anxious. I always feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m always hard on myself. Yesterday, I was in the car with Cole Sprouse, and I was saying how I get home and I don’t do anything. I just go to sleep and I feel so useless, and he was like, ‘You’re the lead in a TV show, you’re working 15-hour days, your show is about to air, you need to chill. You’re 22 years old, you just got out of college, you’re right where you need to be.

Protégé [Part 6] (M)

Originally posted by jjks

[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] - [Part 4] - Part 5]

Thirty-four hours.

It had been thirty-four hours since you’d yelled at Jungkook and he had left your office. It had been thirty-four hours since you’d collected yourself after shattering your phone set into pieces and ran out of your office looking for him. Jaebum told you with a dejected frown that Jungkook had left. Where to? His guess was just as good as yours, if not worse.

You ran out to your car, the chill of the night air biting against your bare arms and cheeks, but you’d be lying if you said you felt it. You went at a crawl through the streets, stomping down on the brakes and squinting to make out the face of each and every pedestrian you past who resembled Jungkook in any way. You had even called out to a few of them, earning you nothing more than odd stares or blatant ignorance. You didn’t believe he could have gotten very far, but after two hours of driving, there was no sign of him.

The hospital’s visiting hours were long over, which cut that out as an option. And it took a persuasive conversation and a few slow swipes of your tongue across your painted lips to convince the security guard of Jungkook’s apartment building to tell you that no one had come in or out since six that night. He’d left your building much later than that.

You returned to the building, your jaw aching from hours of clenching your teeth and your eyes downcast, staring at nothing in particular. Jaebum greeted you, and before he could get the chance to ask you what had happened, you held your hand up to him. You were tired of questions, you were tired of explaining things. But, mostly, you just didn’t want to relive the truth of the matter–this was entirely your fault.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,760

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, fingering, rough sex, multiple positions, a bit of fluff

Summary: When the heat goes out in the bunker, Sam makes suer the reader stays warm.

The bunker was freezing. Brick walls did nothing to help the chill that permeated the air, and you curled up even tighter under your many layers of covers.

Earlier, while you and the boys were feasting on a fine dinner of olive pizza and Samuel Adams, a loud clunking sound issued from the basement. Dean had gone downstairs and come back up a few minutes later, declaring that the heating was broken. Your only resolve until you could get around to fixing it was to bundle up in your warmest clothing.

Now, it was nearly midnight, and you huddled, sandwiched between several blankets that simply absorbed the chill from the rest of the bunker. You were wearing your favorite pair of sweats and a thick sweater, which also did little to contain your body heat.

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All Too Well (M) | Pt. 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 7,692
Author’s Note: Now, I don’t want to give away too much of this chapter right off the bat, but I’m giving this chapter an ‘M’ rating for a reason.


A lot of things have changed in the past 2 years—you are the last person who would ever try to deny that.

For instance, you don’t know if Yoongi still likes caramel macchiato with his two shots of espresso, or if he still reaches out to cling for the nearest source of warmth while remaining on the brink of unconsciousness, or even if music is still the most important thing in his life. You don’t know if he can still record the lyrics floating around in his mind as easily as gathering strings of cotton candy, or if he hides his emotions underneath miles and miles of apathy. There’s a lot of things you no longer know about Yoongi. You’ve changed a lot in 2 years and it would be foolish and naive to assume that Yoongi had not.

But there’s one thing you know has not changed over the course of that time, and that was how naturally you could fold yourself into Yoongi’s touch, how his lips could still light all the nerves underneath your skin like fire, sparking you into life, and how readily you could feel yourself responding to him.

When Yoongi dives back into for another kiss, one that contains just as much passion, anger, remorse, and desperation as the first one, you can’t deny on returning the gesture with equal frenzy. He still does good in making your mind spin like a top, your sense of gravity severely distorted as you feel like you might topple over if you don’t grip onto the closest thing that just so happens to be the fabric of Yoongi’s t-shirt. The material is soft in between your fingers, clenching it to pull him closer and he doesn’t protest. The kiss is hard, teeth and tongue and shallow breathing as Yoongi grips the edges of the makeup counter behind you as a means to cage you in and keep himself grounded.

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Hey! I have a concept for a blurb :) Harry going to his favourite coffee (or smoothie) shop - it was his post-work out ritual (along with sitting down and reading the paper or catching up on a book he was read or something). All the seats are taken so he asks to join (Y/N), who is very concentrated on studying for their law or sociology exam.

This is very cute! I tweaked it just a *tiny* bit. I hope you like it! x


He follows the routine he’s mastered to a tee over the past 6 years as he shuts the car door and fumbles with the keys in his pocket to lock it with a beep. 

 Head down, hands in his pockets, don’t engage. 

It’s still fairly early in the morning, with the cold morning chill lingering in the air as he shuffles towards the pay-as-you-go parking meter and jabs at the cold metal with his fingers. 

Once it beeps in affirmation, he steps onto the sidewalk and makes his way towards the familiar smoothie shop. It’s a quaint little place, especially at this time of the morning. A shop that reminded Harry much of the bakery back home in Cheshire. A small, close knit staff that always gave him a beaming smile and never pushed him for more than they would with a  regular customer. Although they were well aware of who exactly their regular visitor was. 

It was rare that he wasn’t papped, well, anywhere. But the smoothie shop was the one place he hadn’t been managed to be tracked down to- and for that he was beyond grateful. 

It had become sort of a routine, an early morning workout followed by a smoothie, long before anyone was up in the bustling town of LA. A relaxed sit back before the sun made it’s appearance and the day was well on its way. 

And although the smoothies were delicious, they weren’t all that kept him coming back. He liked having a secluded place in his new hometown. A secret of his own. It was rare, and it was something he cherished. 

He hadn’t run into a single fan at the shop either; not that he would rejoice over it. He loved them, and that was something that would never change- but he couldn’t help but relish in the fact that he hadn’t stumbled across a set of  starstruck wide eyes accompanied with a meek raise of their phone.

He pulls the door open to the shop and is instantly greeted by the organic smell of it. The walls are painted a light shade of yellow, not too bright but more welcoming than you’d think.  

The old lady behind the counter with a pink apron on looks up and smiles warmly at him as he takes his hood off and heads towards the counter. 

“Hi darling. Your usual?” She asks with a crinkled smile as she moves towards the blenders along the back wall. 

“That’d be lovely, thank yeh,” Harry replies with a dimpled grin. 

The old fashioned sentiment was something the lady had used for Harry from the day he had first shuffled into the little shop. It reminded him of home, of the way he felt people should address each other- with kindness and affection. It wasn’t something you came across often in Los Angeles. 

He crosses his ankles and leans back against the wall as he watches her add his familiar ingredients to the blender: a healthy serving of kale and just the slightest touch of coconut. 

She pushes the top on the blender before she turns back to him, “Paper should be on one of the tables.” 

“Right, thank yeh,” he replies with a laugh. 

She’s well aware of his routine too.

He turns as the blender switches on and scans the shop, looking for the paper when he realizes that he’s not the only customer there.

There’s a girl in the far corner booth, obliviously tucked away with her lip caught between her teeth as her concentrated eyes scan across the cluttered table top. She’s got headphones on and a pair of glasses sitting squarely on her face, pen twirling in her fingers and the other hand lifting a paper to find the one she’s looking for. 

Harry tilts her head at her in interest, watching her as she continues. She’s lifting papers and tossing them aside after a quick scan, eyes wild and narrowed on her pursuit. She lifts the big text book that’s sitting to her right and runs her finger along the side of it, feeling for any pages that are sticking out. 

Her brows are furrowed in concentration as she presses her index finger to the page her book is open to before she lifts it’s cover and brushes aside stray uncapped highlighters,  looking through the stack of papers underneath it. 

He can practically see the light bulb go off when her eyes do a double take and she grins triumphantly, grabbing the paper and pulling it out of the pile with a hardy tug. 

She scribbles something on the sheet in front of her before dropping her pen with a small thunk to the table. She sighs deeply, a sigh that even from this far away Harry can see shake her entire body. It’s a sigh he knows too well, one of frustration- of exhaustion.

She presses her hands to her face, sliding them under her glasses with a huff. He’s wondering if she’s crying, but a moment later she rubs her eyes and readjusts her glasses before reaching for her smoothie and taking a long sip of it, eyes closed.

She sets it down and grabs a hair tie from her wrist, swinging her hair into a makeshift quick ponytail, a few strands of her hair still lose and framing her face before she cracks her knuckles and picks her pen up again.  

She’s got a new look on her face- one of  complete determination and focus and Harry is more intrigued than ever at the process he’s just wittnessed. With cameras on him all the time, he’s become much more observant- perhaps out of obligation, but after what he just witness, he’s not sure he minds.

“She’s been here since we opened,” a voice says suddenly, pulling Harry away from his gaze. 

He turns to see the old lady holding out his smoothie, peering over his shoulder at the girl.

“S’tha’ right?” Harry asks thickly, glancing back at her.

She hums a response and Harry takes the smoothie from her with a quick thank you, before he his tennis shoe clad feet carry him back towards the girl.

He grabs a paper from one of the tables before and stands in front of her table, watching as her eyes scan across the page of her book. 

He’s tenative, a bit guilty too, because she’s obviously busy. He rocks back and forth on the soles of his shoes for a moment, but it’s not quick enough because she is glancing up at him with eyes that are fiery and determined. 

She blinks at him, once and then twice as she sits up a bit. Her head phones are still in and the pen has fallen slack in her hand and Harry wonders if she’s recognized him. He hasn’t seen the usual indications-widening of the eyes or the slight gape of her jaw. She licks her lips and pulls her headphones out slowly, letting them clunk to the table. 

Harry speaks up, clearing his throat, “ ‘Lo there, mind if I sit with yeh?” 

Her eyebrows furrow together and he can sense that she’s doing a quick scan of the empty shop so he speaks up, “I can sit somewhere else, if yeh want. S’no big deal, love.” 

Her eyes widen at the pet name, and she shakes her head before speaking in a rushed tone, “No, no, no. It’s just wh- nevermind, sorry it’s a bit of a mess.” 

She’s tripping over her words as she reaches across the table, brushing her carefully stacked papers aside carelessly. 

Harry smirks a bit, she’s flustered and he’d be lying if he didn’t find her adorable. “S’alright, you’re fine.” He mumbles, scooting into the bench across from her.

He gives a beaming smile as he lifts his smoothie to his mouth and takes a sip, flattening out the newspaper and lifting in in front of his face.

She’s staring at him inquisitively, head tilted slightly to the side before she sighs again and goes back to her work.

He’s observing her, in a way that would regularly make his own skin itch- over the edge of the newspaper.

She’s got her head resting against her palm as she scribbles notes from her textbook to her paper.  The loose strands from her ponytail are falling onto her page as her hand scrawls across it, and she keeps lifting her head a bit to let them fall aside before she continues. She’s holding the same focus she had before his interruption and  Harry’s surprised she hasn’t reached for her phone; nor her headphones again. 

His eyes drift from the newspaper to her notes that are a few feet away, observing how her handwriting is messy, yet elegant across the pages. They’re color coded, vibrant and as lovely as she is. 

He turns the page to remain inconspicuous when he sees her shift around in her seat a little. 

It’s like this for some time- they same easy quietness Harry admires about the shop with the new, occasional rustle of her papers or his newspaper. 

That is, until he here’s the slurping sound of an empty cup.

His eyes dart up from the newspaper, glancing at her. 

She’s got the straw caught between her lips, eyes focused on the pages in front of her as she sips at the empty cup again only to be met with the sound of the same slurp from earlier. 

“S’empty, love,” he says, folding the newspaper and setting it down.

Her face crinkles together in confusion at his words, nose scrunching up as if he too was taking apart of her studying before she realizes that’s not it at all.

She releases the straw from her mouth and the cup drums onto the table with a thunk. She’s embarrassed, glancing at the cup and then back at him with a sly smile. 

“Lemme get yeh another,” he says, turning over his shoulder and calling to the girl worker who has replaced the old woman from earlier.

When he turns back she’s frowning at him, a deep pressed frown that makes his heart thump wildly. 

“You didn’t have to do that.” She says firmly.

He nods, leaning back against the bench and shoving his hands into his sweatshirt pocket, “I know tha’. Say m’contributing t’your effort.” 

She simply blinks at him in response, before pushing her glasses up to her nose. She swallows a bit before setting her pen down and leaning back herself, “Thank you, that was really sweet of you.” 

He grins, “S’no problem, love. M’Harry.” 

She laughs at that, shaking her head as more of her silky hair falls out of the loose ponytail. 

“What’s funny?” He asks, puckering his lips in curiosity. 

“It’s just, god, of course I know who you are.” She says with a squeaky voice, lifting her phone up and turning it towards him. 

He squints at the screen and chuckles a bit, recognizing the album cover fondly, “Glad we could help yeh study…” He squints at her notes, wondering what exactly it is she’s been immersed in.

“It’s boring, really. You wouldn’t like it.” She says, shaking her head as she looks around at her mess with embarrassment. 

“Try me, love.” Harry says with a grin.

And although the sun is rising beyond the windows behind her, Harry feels perfectly content breaking his routine for once- especially if it means he gets to be here with her. 

  • Tony: Peter, it's a little nippy out, you might want to put on a sweater!
  • Peter: Dad, it's okay, I'm kinda warm.
  • Steve: Still, there's a chill in the air and you've been on a plane.
  • Peter: Dad, I'm fine.
  • Wade: Peter, it is kinda cold out.
  • Peter: It is?
  • Wade: Yeah.
  • Peter: All right, thanks, I'll get my jacket.