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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Kousuke and Shoutarou are tossing around a 4kg ball.  

Allen is filming, and going, “What is this?  WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!?!”

ok ok  the exit 82 be more chill thing i was talking about

i reblogged the audio on the original post, but im not sure if people are seeing that, so we’re trying again. here it be. raw and uncut. beware the screams of the rabid fans

UPDATE: the youtube video is now here!

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Opening Sequence

Please do not repost 

BMC ships as couple tropes

Boyf riends: they do yoga together, disgusting

Richjake: Disney movie night, fight me on this

Pinkberry: they’ll sneak in a five course meal into the movies

Expensive headphones: get high together and question life

Stage dorks: they sing duets together

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happily dancing with his lightstick and then…