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it’s 30 mins before christmas here and we’re still gonna have noche buena so i won’t be able to finish all the snow trek stuff. sooooo, i’ll just spread them out from today until new year maybe. :)


I wanna live in a world where you can go to cheer for Karasuno at 2020 Olympics, chill at a cofee shop next table to Hide and Kaneki arguing about random nonsence, and watch breaking news about Port Mafia’s cargo invasion or something, with an evening follow-up of the Armed Detective Agency bathing in cameras’ flashlights after saving the city once again. That’s what I’d call exciting living.

Dating Regina George would include

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● Her chasing people out of their seats so she can sit next to you.

● Janis mocking Regina over how whipped she is.

“You’re drooling.”

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● Regina winking at you in Health Class when the teacher said, “Don’t have sex you’ll get pregnant and die.”
♢ “That won’t be a problem with us babe.”

● Being in most of the same classes.

● Watching Varsity Blues with her.

● Going shopping.

● Chilling over her house.

● “You don’t have man-shoulders Regina.”

● Matching Halloween costumes.

● Regina buying you a necklace with your first name’s initial.
♢ Occasionally switching necklaces.

● Babysitting Kylie with her when her parents go out.

● Listening to music together.

● Regina always trying to play off how sad she is when you can’t hang out with her.

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● Kisses between classes.

● She’d cut anyone, who flirts with you, with her words.

● Supporting her at her lacrosse games.
♢ She’d blow a kiss at you after she scores a goal.

● Her being fake mad when her lipstick’s smudged after you kiss her.

What Studying at a Coffee Shop Is Actually Like

1. You think you really need to change your environment, and studying at a coffee shop would give you all kinds of study aesthetic vibes.

2. You pick the best coffee shop, go there, only to see that all of the best seats are taken. Then you order an overpriced coffee, squeeze yourself in a corner and start prepping to do work.

3. Since you are lactose intolerant, you can’t even order most drinks from the menu! Then you find out, that you have to pay extra for soy milk… Just GREAT!

4. You want to start doing work, but everyone around you is being too loud. You try using headphones, but it’s uncomfortable, and you would like to listen to the uber chill coffee shop playlists. 

5. Since the coffee shop is full of people, and you are easily distracted, you start observing your surroundings and people watch for the next 3 hours.

6. Your coffee is cold, then it’s gone, because you finished it all. You also realize that you just wasted 4 hours of your day and managed to do 0 work.

7. What a great time! 


This post is a response to my College Truths POST that I have published a few months ago! A lot of people found it to be funny, so I thought I should write another one.

This post reflects a particular afternoon from my personal experience and why I could never study at coffee shops. 

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