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Dear Supernatural fandom:

Let’s all chill the fuck out, peeps.

So Dean was brought back by the blade and the MoC as a demon. What a twist! We asked for it and hey we got it. We knew it was coming. Foreshadowing started as soon as he got the Mark.

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Like Cain, Dean never truly surrendered to the blade’s effects, and died before his soul was lost to it.
After Cain was given the Mark, he didn’t want to be overtaken by its murderous complusion, and killed himself with the Blade. However the Mark would not let him die either.
The blade and the MoC might have changed his physical nature but he would still be Dean inside in most ways.
Cain was not some mindless hungry black-eyed beast, he made a choice to fight and to stop. He absolutely needed Colette to help him make the right choice and inspire his love. But he was in Control.

When Abbadon wanted him to start killing again he made a choice not to do it. Colette died, yet he still kept his promise. So the demonic urges he felt were controllable.

So to extrapolate, Dean might not be the demon we think he is now.
He is not possessed by a demon, as in vessel. He is transformed by the mark and the blade on a physical level. But his soul would still be there, right? Plus he would be immortal now, like Cain and Abbadon, the Knights of Hell. Additionally, Cain has crazy powers as well, perhaps he can help them, or at least tell them more of what is happening to Dean. Who the fuck knows at this point.

Let your Imagination soar. 5 days till Season 10

Between the love story that is Castiel and Dean, that literally transcended Heaven and Hell, and Sam’s unquestionable love and loyalty for Dean, things are not as bleak as they appear.
They will be able to reach Dean.

Remember Metatron was blathering about it being a Love story. It will be interesting to see how they go about it.

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Also, it will be really interesting to have Dean with some supernatural abilities of his own.
Cain has powerful abilities that no doubt could be used for “good” as much as for “evil”:
Invulnerable to Ruby’s knife.
Superhuman strength
Can kill demons with a touch.
Can render someone mute.
Ability to transport other beings.
Can nullify demonic powers.

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Admit it, it will be fascinating to see Dean try to adjust to his existence and reality of his situation.
This is going to be a good Season 10, believe that much.

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The person who submitted it made a mistake but the people are still talking about Taylor and Calvin are they not? 

YO EVERYBODY HOLD UP! Think about all of the people who do not have cable (like me and dozens of my college-aged friends because we can’t afford it) and used to have to watch Korra illegally…NOW WE DON’T HAVE TO. WE CAN WATCH THE SHOW ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND SUPPORT IT BECAUSE OF THE ADS THERE AND, HEY, WE ARE ABLE TO GIVE THE EPISODES REAL VIEWS!

Everybody is freaking out because Korra isn’t going to be airing on TV with a not-so-great timeslot anymore, but this makes me excited because now I won’t feel guilty watching one of my favorite shows. TONS of people are in the same boat and a large majority of Korra’s audience are fans of the original show so they’re likely around the age of late teens to mid 20’s. This can be GOOD. These are people that primarily watch their television online.

Plus we’re still getting the fourth season. Cancelled means they won’t show any more episodes at all. Korra isn’t cancelled and it does not seem to be in danger of being cancelled.