chill out peeps

YO EVERYBODY HOLD UP! Think about all of the people who do not have cable (like me and dozens of my college-aged friends because we can’t afford it) and used to have to watch Korra illegally…NOW WE DON’T HAVE TO. WE CAN WATCH THE SHOW ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND SUPPORT IT BECAUSE OF THE ADS THERE AND, HEY, WE ARE ABLE TO GIVE THE EPISODES REAL VIEWS!

Everybody is freaking out because Korra isn’t going to be airing on TV with a not-so-great timeslot anymore, but this makes me excited because now I won’t feel guilty watching one of my favorite shows. TONS of people are in the same boat and a large majority of Korra’s audience are fans of the original show so they’re likely around the age of late teens to mid 20’s. This can be GOOD. These are people that primarily watch their television online.

Plus we’re still getting the fourth season. Cancelled means they won’t show any more episodes at all. Korra isn’t cancelled and it does not seem to be in danger of being cancelled.