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I gazed at Loki unaware of the internal battle he was currently facing, he wanted me, his eyes revealed this, but was he right, what kind of person would he be if he took advantage of me? A thought swam in my head before it took root, he wasn’t a person per say, he was a God with otherworldly abilities and he wouldn’t be taking advantage, he would be giving me what I wanted.

And I wanted him.

He wrapped his fingers around my neck tilting my head upwards. The engorge head of his manhood peaked above the water and my heart pumped violently as his lips on the base of my throat caused the fire from my apex to boil and spill over.

I grabbed his hand and placed it under the water guiding his deft fingers to my brimming well. I flung my head back as his fingers found its way into my opening. He held me by the back of the head with the other hand as he kissed me deeply.

I winced and I hated my body in that moment because he released me almost immediately as the heat of passion that tingled in my scalp ceased.

Nooooo, I screamed internally.

“You need to rest.” He states as he pulled his hand from the water and hung his arm over the edge of the tub.

“I’m fine.” I declared. “Look, my wounds have healed.”

“On the outside.” He states. He clenched and unclenched his jaw. “Love,” he says plainly, “your body cannot satisfy what I want from you. We both know what would happened?”

I thought back, remembering the deep sleep I found myself in and waking up two days later drunkenly dazed.

“That was different.” I answered.

Which it completely was, I knew he held back on our lovemaking and it was my own fault not knowing the effects having sex with a God would have on a human. I want to feel the full force of it and I did…waking up two days later in a dreamstate.

He gazed down at the water, his length not as rigid as it was a few moments before. “And what do you think will happen if I put the head or an inch or two or up to the hilt in?

“I can handle it. I’m not as weak as I look.” I croaked. I reached my hand outwards, but he held on to it.

“Darling, don’t fight me on this.” He says with finality.

I exhaled.


What happens now?” I asked watching as the water drained from the tub.

“The bath got the toxins out of your system, so I will place you in rest for about three days.” I rolled my eyes knowing that our lovemaking would do the same damn thing, “I saw that,” he says.

You’re probably wondering what this “rest” is. It’s similar to Odin sleep, it’s a state of rest that all Gods take to replenish their energies and since I’m not a God, it’s a bit different. I’m essentially sleeping for three days while my body repairs my organs from the inside out and make me anew. Once I’m regenerated and energized, I wake up. I have no idea how I know when to wake up, but it’s another question I’ve filed away for later.

He takes me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

I glanced at myself in the mirror in the bedroom, my skin was glowing, but my insides ached terribly.

“Get in bed,” he commanded. “I will be back shortly.”

I did as he commanded and climbed into bed, I automatically curled on my right side and my thoughts drifted back to the warehouse, I closed my eyes and it was if I was back in that room, I could smell its stench. Arsen approaches me with a tool and my eyes flashed opened.

Loki gazed down at me, I sat up and took the cup from him, hoping he didn’t see my trembling hand. “What is in it?”

“Just tea.” Loki answered, silently noting the trembling hand and racing heartbeat, it’s beginning, he thought.

I took a sip of the brown liquid and smiled as the bergamot scent tickled my nose. He got into bed and said nothing, he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the bed frame. I finished the cup of tea and placed it on the table.

He opens his eyes and turned to face me. “How do you feel?”

“I feel lethargic. Are you sure you didn’t put anything in the tea.”

“I would not lie you,” he smiled.

“Oh, bullshit.” This got a laugh out of him.

“I did not put anything in the tea, I swear it. Your body has been through a world of pain and all of it is catching up with you.”

I yawned.

“The next couple of days will erase all that has happened.”

Will it also erase my memory, I thought.

I can’t recall all that happened after that conversation; most of it was a dream, it felt as if I fell head first into the rabbit hole and I can’t decipher what is and what isn’t.

Loki called forth his energy and magic that made up his essence as he slowly eased on top of me. The weight of his body felt great as I melted into a boneless collection of hormones. I gazed up to see that his emerald-gilded eyes shone like Klimt’s painting, The Kiss.

“How do you do this?” I whispered touching his face.

“Shh.” He cooed. He kissed me slowly and my heart began to pulse beneath my ribcage as the speckles of golden dust escaped his lips and travelled into my mouth and nostrils.

His kiss was electric and my body drank up his essences hungrily as I felt it travel throughout my core. The areas of my body that were bruised and that ached began to chill from the inside out.

“Loki,” I moaned. “Please.” I writhe beneath him.

He knew what I pleaded because I felt his knee pulling my legs apart that opened willingly. His hands grazed my body and the golden dust that fell from his fingers chilled every inch of my molten skin.

“Close your eyes, love.”

The wave of unconsciousness lapped at my feet as the ripples gripped my limbs and pulled me under.

Loki got dress and stood at the door, he gazed at her resting form, the bed looked as if the Tuscan sun exploded on the sheets as everything shimmered gold. He should be back before she woke up, he had a promise on Earth he had to keep.

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Imagine introducing yoga, to calm down Loki’s anger. Eventually, Loki becomes better than, even executing the dancers pose to perfection (not like you’re jealous or anything). One day, you are particularly frustrated and walk seeing him in “tree.”

“Chill out, fam.”

Loki says without even opening his eyes.

You smile, take your shoes off, and walk over. You both sit on the mat, cross your legs and steady your breathing.

“Namaste, homie.”

You reply before y'all both laugh out loud.


Thor: Our mother-
Loki: She was not my mother!
Y/N: Enough! I have had enough of your stupid nonsense! No, she didn’t give birth to you but she raised you, clothed you, fed you, loved you. That sounds a hell of a lot like a mother to me! Thor, back down and chill out. Loki, sit down, shut up, and don’t start anything. I don’t care who starts it, if one of you starts another fight, I’m ending it.

Requested by anon.

Give me Fandral and Loki friendship.

Give me pre-Thor Loki having a massive fallout with his brother and sulking outside on a bench in the gardens. And Fandral comes to sit beside him. He doesn’t bring it up, he just sits silently in Loki’s presence, because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it. 

Give me Fandral trying to mediate between them later when he can tell Loki’s ready.

Give me Fandral losing a duel to some asshole, and later Loki pulls some sort of revenge prank. Maybe humiliating the guy in public so Fandral can see, and winking at Fandral while it happens–because no one will ever know who did it except them.

Give me Fandral trying to hook up with some high class ladies. And Loki using his status as a prince to lure them in long enough for Fandral to get his charm working. Give me Fandral covering for Loki’s occasional moodiness so that neither end up on the receiving end of a (well-deserved) slap.

Give me gay!Loki wanting to come out to somebody, but not to his family, and definitely not to his brother. Give me bisexual!Fandral figuring it out and bringing up the subject authentically. Give me them experimenting? ;) (Pls.)

Give me stoner!Fandral always offering Loki his weed, and Loki always refuses–until that one time he doesn’t. Now they get high together and wreak havoc! (In their stoned-out minds, of course.)

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks together.

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks on Thor.

Give me Fandral and Loki chilling out at the training grounds admiring Thor’s body, because Fandral is definitely not judgmental enough to call Loki on the incest. After all, Thor is way too damn hot to worry about shit like that.

Give me Thor asking Fandral if Loki’s doing okay because Loki won’t ever answer honestly.

Give me Loki asking Thor what gift to get Fandral for some celebration because he has no idea what the typical Asgardian blond swordsman would even want. (He’s terrible and grumpy about gifts, but Fandral’s too precious.)

Give me depressed!Loki disappearing into his room for ages on end, and the first one to come knocking is Fandral. Give me Fandral inviting him to some sort of gathering or whatever to get him up and moving, but in a natural, calculated way instead of the pushiness Thor might inflict (poor souls XD).

Give me banter lasting hours into the night that’s little more than a show of wit and cleverness, while the rest of their friends lie passed out, drunk, on the couches.

Give me Loki doubting their friendship every second of the day.

Give me Fandral doing these little, almost unnoticeable things that remind Loki everything is fine between them.

Give me Loki telling Fandral his deepest, darkest secrets.

Give me Fandral telling his own in return.

Give me Fandral being the only one besides Frigga to visit Loki in the dungeons. Give me Loki, angry and hostile, ready to unleash his bitterness, but then Fandral pulls up a chair and sits with him in amiable silence … because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it.