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OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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uh could you do some hcs bout Michael or Connor confessing to someone they've been pining over for a while? thx fam and good luck on your portfolio!

hello !!! i hope you like these HCs!! and i m sorry they aren t very good aaaa i hope you enjoy!!! and thankyou!!!!


-          Please, let this boy be happy

-          Michael probably had a whole thing set up okay

-          Like either you two are downstairs, playing video games, drinking Pepsi Crystal and he was planning on having a sleepover with u

-          He!!! Was!!! Shaking!!!!!

-          ‘michael wth I m beating u in Mario kart u okay’

-          ‘the student has surpassed the master’

-          Okay but his face would be all red and he d just look really cute

-          He honestly just doesn t believe that he deserves you and thinks that n o matter what u say, you will always be able to find someone better and it just ???? fucks him up and scares him

-          But the two of you will start calming down a bit and maybe u guys are just talking about school and he just turns to u and is like

-          ‘do u wanna share a slushie with me sometime? And maybe go to the arcade?’

-          And at first ur really confused like ???? we go to the arcade and stuff all of the time w Jeremy ??

-          And he sees the confusion, and he quickly adds

-          ‘I mean without Jeremy, yknow? The two of us? And,,, I ll pay for everything and all’

-          And u finally get it and !!!! ur face lights up !!! and Michael sees ur smile and he starts smiling and!!!! He s just really happy that ur smiling !!! and wow!!! This might work!!

-          U tell him that u ll totally go with him, but only if he confirms that it is a date

-          And while blushing and giggling he just responds ‘it’s a date !!!’ and he s all gushy and just !!! wow u actually want to go on a date w him!!!

-          U just made Michael a vvvv happy boy and he s so in love w u ???? he ll do anything for u and will buy u all of the slushies and honestly he just has a heck ton of tokens at the arcade take good care of him <3


-          Lbr connor would repress all of his romantic emotions for u

-          U wanted to hold his hand? No big deal, not like he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach or anything ahhhahah what

-          The poor boy would sometimes be a total dick??? Just so u don t suspect anything???

-          But one day the two of you are star gazing and the moon light just looks sososo pretty reflecting in ur eyes and ur hair and u just look so kissable and he just loses himself in ur eyes

-          Once u notice and look at him, he immediately looks away and his face just explodes into a bright shade of red that the moonlight can t show and he s so embarrassed??? Ur going to think he s a creep?? Why would u want to date him??? Wth???

-          He slowly just starts yelling at himself mentally and all of his doubts are coming back but u just kinda slide ur hand onto his and he ??? nearly screams

-          The two of u just kinda sit there like that for a bit and then connor just sputters out

-          ‘I think I like you’

-          ‘you think?’

-          ‘okay, fuck, no’

-          ‘you don t like me?’

-          ‘no – I do like you’

-          ‘are you sure?’

-          ‘why the fuck wouldn t I like you?’

-          And then he just goes on and  o n about everything he loves about you and he doesn t even realize but he just slowly starts adding comments about how he doesn t get why someone as cute as you would hang out with a fuckwad like him

-          And it just breaks your heart?? Bc here is this tall, tough looking dude just g u s h I n g about everything he loves about you and how much he despises himself and he just wants you to be happy and ???

-          Instead of saying anything, u just gently hold his hand and lean ur head on his shoulder and u guys just stay like that for a while, just in each other’s presence and just making sure that connor knows u are here and that u are there for him

-          Connor is doing his best right now, and that s all u can ask for

Just a little jealous.

Since I missed writing good old Dean smut, I started this oneshot and then I got carried away a bit and it got longer than my usual work, but I think it is worth reading because there´s some semi-serious plot to this and also I love jealous!Dean.

Summary: After reading the supernatural books and finding out with just how many woman your boyfriend Dean has been before you, you decide to make him jealous in a bar. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 2100 ish 

Warnings: jealous!Dean, jealous!reader, angry sex, kind of public sex, rough sex i guess, language 

Originally posted by acklesjensen


When you put aside the last edition of the supernatural books, you didn´t know what to think.
You course you already knew most of the stories that had happened before you´d met the Winchesters, but what you didn´t know, was that your boyfriend, Dean, had slept with basically every woman on the planet.
Some kind of weird irritation settled down in your stomach and you knew that it was jealousy.
Even though you knew it was probably not justified because it all happened before you even knew Dean, it was there, suddenly consuming you with an unwelcome intensity.

When you sat down at the kitchen counter for dinner, your immediate anger had faded a little but you were still in a pretty bad mood.
Sam sat down beside you, obviously not aware of your state of mind, and smiled: “Hey (Y/N), do you wanna go out with us later? We´re heading to the local bar.”
Usually you would have shrugged and agreed, but today you frowned: “So that I can see a thousand skanks flirting with Dean while you beat me in pool? No, thank you.”
A surprised look spread over Sam´s face: “Alright then, I guess.”
He seemed like he was about to ask something but then Dean entered the room: “I´ve got some veggie crap for Sammy, french fries and chicken nuggets for (Y/N) and for myself a chilly cheeseburger with fries.
And thanks to the awfully nice waitress, I´ve got ketchup for all of us for free.”
You looked down at your food, the anger welling up in you again: “So did you sleep with her too?”, you asked bitterly and knew that it was probably childish but you didn´t care.
Another look at Sam and Dean´s confused faces and your appetite was gone: “I´m not hungry”, you said and quickly hurried out of the room.

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ive seen a lot of posts about russel in strobelite and i would like to say a few things,

-its possible they dont have a model for russel yet

- i remember hearing somewhere that russel was gonna have a bigger part but i dont remember where i heard this. so they did originally have a plan for him

-if they do have a model for him,its also possible that there were animation issues or something so had to scrap russels part

-budget constraints might have made it so they couldnt add him in more

all of these are just thoughts of why he wasnt doing anything in strobelite. ive seen a lot of posts of people being mad about it,which i totally understand,but i dont think people should jump to conclusions that what they did was lazy or something,so like,chill out,im sure we’ll see more russel soon ok?

y’all need to stop getting mad over dream daddy like they are doing all they can and it’s not even really their fault this time lmao chill out it’ll come out eventually

good evening today was a Trip but the best part of the day was probably knowing how much scholarship money i got!!! i’m not gonna say how much but bitch i’m so happy?? i got the maximum amount possible??? i didn’t think i would get that much honestly

bad news i kinda lowkey feel dumb bc i’m back to square one as a freshman. i was Popping Off as a senior doing all these college classes but it’s def benefiting me bc i don’t have to take english at all and i’ve got pretty much all of my electives. i really just want a job on campus maybe next year depending on my load.

anyway before i do actual studying tonight i think i’ll chill out and draw since i’m still low on oxygen and i’ve been walking a lot today


“Where is he? I sent him that message over an hour ago and I live with him, I know it doesn’t take that long for him,” Peter says pacing.

“Just chill out, he’ll be here soon,” Binnie says to him, she’s sitting behind him.

“He better..”

She asks, “What is this even about?”

“Toby and Veronica want to see us.”

“That’s why you dragged me out of bed for…? Just cause our head of the family want to see us?”

“Yes, they’re a big deal as they are in charge of this whole operation. And I couldn’t drag Tony here ‘cause he was gone and I assumed he was already here..”

“Sooo you couldn’t have just come here by yourself?” She asks, he went quiet. She smirks, “You afraid of bein’ alone?”


“Ya sure? ‘Cause it sure sounds like it.”

“Shut up..” He says, he hears the double doors swing open. He looks over to see Tony walk in, “Finally.”

“Alright, ah’m here, what’s so important?” Tony asks.

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@ all the anons. Khat deserves to spend time with her family. Honestly, this is her blog and she can spend as much time writing for it as she wants, so chill out.

True…I’ll get to the preference and there will be one up (the only time i won’t be posting one…will be during my vacation XD)

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Hey hey! Congrats on 1.3K Jules!!! You deserve it chica! How about both Voltron and batboys?? I guess? Hmm, i like books, puns, outer space and singer songwriter music (TORI KELLY YESSS). As for personality, I'm typically more introverted but I come out of my shell around friends. I'm friendly and loyal and I care deeply about the ones I love. And that's it I guess! Thanks Jules ❤️

Thanks Lina!!! Love you! And yes Tori Kelly is life, she is a perfect human. Hope you enjoy these! <3


Hmm, I think Tim.

  • You both like to stay home and chill out together.
  • You’ll be reading while he is working on his computer.
  • He will glance at you before starting to play the latest Tori Kelly song from his computer just to see your face light up.
  • Or he will look up random facts about space.
  • He will just look up and tell you the temperature a star burns at.
  • Or a fun fact about a constellation. 
  • Just being nerdy and cute to make you happy.


You’re gonna love me for this… Keith

  • Ah, yes Keef.
  • You both like to have your privacy. And respect each other’s privacy.
  • Though he also likes to spend time alone with you. 
  • He will sit with you and watch the stars.
  • Sometimes he will take you out on Red knowing you love space.
  • It takes him a little bit to understand that you care for him deeply and unconditionally.
  • But he feels the same.

1,300 Milestone: Ships - Open

hey pals so I’m applying for this writing/editing internship and as with everything I’m freaking out about it but. it’s really like the perfect opportunity for me. it’s all online and looks super cool and I submitted some information and asked one of my professors for a letter of recommendation so I am officially Doing This and I just wanted to ask if you could send me some prayers / good vibes about it! I need to write a few little personal essays for the application and if it goes well I’ll get interviewed and all that’s really scary for me, so please pray that I’ll chill out and be able to articulate myself well and calmly handle all the new experiences and all that. 


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For which character do you have never gotten any requests though you wish to write one?

ZEKE FREAKIN JAEGER! He’s daddy af and I NEED TO WRITE HIM! Sorry, I’ll chill out. I’m just…really passionate about Zeke.

vals got a job !    so  much  for  me  taking  a  month  off  after  college  to  chill  out .   i’ll  be  running social  media  accounts  for  a  ton  of  different  companies .   not  too  shabby .   not  what  i  want  to  do  for  the  rest  of  my  life ,   but  it’s  a  hop  and  a  skip  away  from  copywriting     (   what  i  rlly  want  to  do  ).  anyways ,  it’s  not  a  terribly  time  consuming  job ,   but  i  won’t  be  on  as  often  as  usual  D:    i’ll  still  be  here  tho .  just  wanted  to  explain  the  sketchy  activity !!

gene schrader;

  • is just way too chilled out, he’ll do shit just to feel good, he’ll eat entire packages of laminated hamburger cheese in one sitting, or smash klonopin and coke together an hour before work, or buy an entire raw chicken in walmart just to have sex with it in his car later. fun shit comes first. dealing with hangovers, comedowns, and chicken sex induced UTIs comes later.