chill october


October and April

She was like April sky
Sunrise in her eyes
Child of light
Shining star
Fire in her heart
Brightest day
Melting snow
Breaking through the chill
October and April

He was like frozen sky
In October night
Darkest cloud
Endless storm
Raining from his heart
Coldest moon
Deepest blue
Tearing down the spring
October and April

Like hate and love
Worlds apart
This fatal love
Was like poison
Right from the start
Like light and dark
Worlds apart
This fatal love
Was like poison
Right from the start

- The Rasmus

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, OFC

Summary:  The reader grieves Dean’s death after he leaves to defeat Amara.

Word Count:  1346

Warning:  My dudes, I’m giving you some angst, but it’s gonna be okay.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


The leaves crunch underfoot as I walk through the orchard, my grandfather’s auburn colored collie trotting at my side. There’s a satisfaction to the crunching sound beneath my toes. The symmetry of rows upon rows of trees is pleasing, the apples bright and cheery, the branches laden with fruit. The basket at my side is heavy with ripe fruit and I think to myself perhaps I’ll make a pie.The air is crisp and fresh, filling my lungs sharply with each inhale. I can see my breath in the morning chill. It’s mid-October in upstate New York and I find it peaceful here.  

It’s a stark and stunning contrast to the way I felt when I arrived here. Broken and damaged, filled with unimaginable sorrow and longing. Rowena had crafted Dean into a living bomb full of souls and he’d gone off to defeat Amara. It was noble. It was right. It was horrific. We had no time for a proper farewell, we couldn’t say the things we needed to say, the things that had been left unsaid.

It was the worst day of my life. Sam had urged me to return to the bunker with he and Cas, but I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’t stand to be in a place filled with happy memories when my heart was so irrevocably broken. Sam had kissed the crown of my head and clung to me for a moment, his heart breaking too. But I couldn’t comfort him. I could give him nothing, I had nothing left to give.

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Dex finds a Goose

SO I saw this little post by fatlardo about Dex finding a goose and I literally couldn’t resist (post here)

It had been a pretty uneventful day, and Dex had decided to settle with his calculus homework under a tree next to the pond. The bright chill of late October had set in and he was bundled under several layer and a thick hat, so it surprises him to hear the distressed honking of a goose from the edge of the water. He stuffs his work back into his bag and rises slowly when he sees the right wing of goose is mangled and unnaturally bent, missing feathers and bleeding in several patches. He momentarily considers calling animal control, but they could take too long to respond and might decide to euthanize the little goose. Dex sheds his heavy outermost jacket and approaches slowly, striking from behind and wraps the goose’s body lifting her from under her wings. Little Stephanie (her name is Stephanie) hisses and jerks the entire sprint back to the Haus, and it takes a good minute of Dex kicking the front door for Lardo to let him in. Jack and Bitty are sitting in the living room sitting a touch too close and Derek and Chowder are sitting across from them on the couch, but Dex barely hears the “Oh! Just the boy we were looking for!” as he sprints towards the backdoor yelling, “Nope can’t talk Bits, got a goose!”

  Nursey and Chowder follow him outside, and stare bewildered as Dex chucks rakes and shovels out of the large shed in the backyard. Stephanie stands stiffly in the middle of the yard still draped the heavy jacket, glaring intensely at Nursey as he offers her a slice of Wonder bread.

“Don’t feed her bread Nurse, it screws with their digestive system and ruins their sense of self-reliance in nature.” But Nursey continues cooing at the stone cold babe. “Chowder, would you ask Lardo is she still has those heat lamps from her Venus fly trap?”

 Aluminum heat insulation pads were taped to the inside of the new shelter, and several heat lamps lined the edges of the room. In the middle of the hay covered floor was a kiddie pool filled with water and about ten rubber ducks, “to make her feel more at home” Shitty had explained. Dex feels really bad about being so underwhelmed by Bitty and Jack’s news, but he was just so excited about EGGS. But Jack had taken a peak into the yard as Dex corralled Steph into the empty shed and chuckled, “She’s Canadian, eh? Wonder if she can help you with your French Bits?”

And Bitty was stoked about the eggs.

Dex spend hours nurturing the little goof, and nursed her wing back to normal (he had done it several times back home, having worked with lots of marine life that got injured in fishing traps and lobster cages). Sometimes when hes fixing her bandaging Nursey slips an arm over Dex’s shoulders and says “I’m so proud of our child.”  And when he finally gets an egg or two Bitty promises to help him make a quiche.

“It’s pronounce quickie, babe,” Nurse purrs as he slips past Dex to help Bitty zucchini.

Dex absolutely does not sob when the team insists Stephanie has to return to nature that March.


OKAY BUT high school mike having a letterman’s jacket and it’s not even a “COOL” letterman’s jacket because his only patches are for, like, SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY and BAND (french horn tbh) and CHESS CLUB but mike drapes it over will’s shoulders after their homecoming dance nevertheless. (where they had gone as friends because everyone else they knew either had a date or wasn’t going. and there is quite a chill in the mid-october air as they file out of the school gymnasium, and will is thankful for the dark, overcast night for the way it hides how his cheeks have gone bright red as he pulls mike’s jacket close around his body and steadfastly refuses to look down at the Wheeler that is emblazoned across the left breast pocket of the jacket.)

and mike lets will keep the jacket because it’s not like he wore it much himself anyway and also maybe he really likes the way that it’s two sizes too big for will, and the sleeves cover his hands, brushing over the tips of his fingers and doing nothing to quell the urge that mike has to take will’s hands into his own. and yeah, it makes mike bite back a smile every time he sees will ride up to his house on his bike, wearing a jacket with mike’s name on the front of it as he grins and waves at mike - always so enthusiastic to see him, like they don’t spend nearly all of their free time together every day.

and maybe mike is SUPER sappy and decides to give will his class ring after they make it official - the silver band hanging on a chain around will’s neck, hidden behind the fabric of will’s plaid shirts during the school day. but afterward, when they’re alone and walking through the thick of the hawkins woods, the blue stone glimmers in the dim light of the setting sun as mike takes will’s hand in his own and they whisper to one another about college and moving far away together, promises spilling off their tongues that sound a lot like forever to the pink-cold flesh of their love drowned ears.

Not A Date (Part 1)

first imagine written and published here, hop ju liek et :)

She strode into the bullpen, still mildly shivering from the chilling October winds and dropping temperatures. Hence, the hot cup of coffee in her hand as she settled at her desk, removing her coat when a man caught her attention.

“Hey, Reid.” She greeted with a warm smile to her colleague across from her at his own workspace, his head snapping up from the book he held before him. His face lit up at the sight of her, he stood and gave her company at her desk.

“Hey, (y/n). How are you?” He asked her genuinely, leaning against the side of the desk. He watched her remove her scarf then sit and settle into her swivel chair.

“Great, just hung out with the best friend yesterday, went shopping. Hey, how was that Halloween Throwback event? It started last night, right?” She asked, sipping away at her coffee that he knew she preferred much more than the BAU coffee.

“Yeah it did. I-I didn’t go though.” He trailed off, igniting a look of shock and confusion to contort her features that he knew so well from examining her many times before. She leaned in and rested her arms on her knees, now slightly concerned as she watched his mouth do one of its quirks that she knew he did when he felt uncomfortable, upset, or conflicted.

“What, why?! You’ve been talking about going to that old Halloween movie screening since the first day of this month! I’ve never seen you so excited about anything.” He smiled softly at her but it faded once he spoke.

“Garcia backed out, she has a date.” He confessed, yet her brows came together.

“You aren’t going ‘cause she’s not going with you?” He nodded silently, pulling an awkward smile as he shrugged.

“Pretty much.” He said, and she got to thinking. Last night wasn’t the only night for the movie marathon screening, what if she asked him out! The thought of them both alone together made her stomach turn…yet it also excited her.

“Doesn’t that thing run for like four nights?” She inquired, an idea budding in her head.

“Two more nights, so three nights every year. I guess I’ll just catch it next year.” He said trying to joke it off but his smile faded as he turned to return to his desk.

“Cool, cool. Hey, Spence?” She called, making him look at her after he sat at his own chair.

“Yeah?” She paused while their eyes locked on each other, until he observed her beautifully shaped lips turn into a mischievous smirk that made his eyes narrow at her.

“Would you like to attend a Halloween movie marathon with me?” She asked with a subtle flirtatious tone in her voice. His smile dropped at the thought of guilting her into this. It’s not that he didn’t want to go out with her, in fact he’d secretly hoped they’d hang out alone outside of work without the others for a long time. But his intention was not to force her to ask him, not at all. If he ever built up the confidence to ask her out once he knew his feelings were mutual, he’d want to be the one to ask— not the other way around.

“(Y/n) you don’t have to-”

“I know…but I want to. You in? C'mon, please say yes.” Her eyes pleaded against his and her smile was hard to resist. When she clasped her hands together into a fist in front of her he chuckled softly.

“Yes, I-I’ll go with you.” She suppressed her newly formed butterflies and bit her lip as she smiled back at him.

“Did you want to go tonight after work or tomorrow night since it’s the weekend?” Her voice asked lowly, an attractive smile on her face as the reality of them going out together alone became a reality and caused him stomach to fill with nerves. Yet he was also excited and already began to anticipate their outing. He took a breath and answered her with a sense of serious confidence.

“How about tonight?” He proposed as more of a statement than a question, a look of determination mixed with vulnerability in his hazel eyes that she loved so much. She nodded with a bashful grin on her lips, then shot him a wink.

“Lookin’ forward to it.”

“Me too.”

They both smiled at each other like excited school children and from then on they both began excitedly counting down the hours until their work day was over.

EAU October Playlist

Our October’s playlist will feature upcoming artists, new EDM music and covers to suit the Autumn/Spring season. From Alex Aioni and Diamond White covering Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez, to a Major Lazer ballad cover and finally, some new remixes and artist releases from the Chill Nation and Proximity. 

This playlist was created to capture the human nature of letting go of many leaves, the people and memories we let go. Eventually, healing and blooming from these experiences into something more meaningful. A definite spin with R’n’B, EDM, Electro and Chill music, keep reading to access the full playlist!

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“Stay where I can see you!” Harrison barked, using a tone that you’d only ever heard when he was trying to establish authority as a father and causing Jesse to quickly flip around; her glittery, fairy wings swaying and snapping back into place after her speedy turn.

With a nod and a beaming grin, Jesse was spinning on her little heels and darting down the street with a sparkling wand in one hand and a pillowcase with handfuls of collected candy in the other. A faint smile quirked at the corner of Harrison’s mouth as he watched her little legs carry her down the street in the form of a sprint in order to beat the next group of trick or treaters.

It wasn’t until you bumped your shoulder against his that his attention was pulled away from his daughter… Now smiling, Harrison wrapped an arm around your waist and pitched slightly to place a slow-moving peck against your temple. Even with the chill of October surrounding you, you were oddly warm as you walked down the street with him; his long limb tucking around you and holding you close like you were something he never wanted to lose.

(X) (X) (X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine taking Jesse Trick or Treating with Harrison*

Request: Spooky request where it’s E2 Wells x Reader and they’re taking little Jesse trick or treating please? :D