chill kiss

Viktor stares at the silver medal Yuuri holds out to him and smiles wide.

“I don’t feel like kissing it unless it’s gold. Man,” He takes a step forward, pushing Yuuri to lean back. “I really wanted to kiss Yuuri’s gold medal. Yuuri, do you have any suggestions?”

He watches as color rushes to Yuuri’s cheeks.

“Something that would excite me?”

Yuuri’s throat bobs as he swallows. There’s a moment of hesitation before he lifts his hand between their faces, the light catching on the gold of his ring.

“This… this is gold.”

Viktor chuckles and leans forward, pressing his lips against the cool metal of the ring. Yuuri, to his surprise, meets him on the other side. Their lips barely brush on either side of the ring before Yuuri drops his hand.

“Kiss me instead,” Yuuri whispers, his voice shaky with emotion.

Viktor’s smile spreads ever wider before he complies. Gold medals are a beautiful, thrilling prize, but he can think of no better prize than the one he kisses now.

IM SCREAMING I LOVE HER SHES THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE im weak for smooth talkers okay but also like shes so handsomely beautiful

just look at her!! she even cosplayed as sebastian like making my heart weak more

shes so cuteee she even said adieu i cant

but then im like WAIT COME BACK I LOVE YOU 

shes back and im like yasssss

bonus even mustumi can see her greatness lajsdflas 

As much as I don’t think Mace truly understands how much Fitz means to Jemma, I do think it’s true that pretty much every agent on that base knows about their relationship.

Think about it, a lot of them probably came into the fold after they were dating so they would know that they were dating but imagine the first time something goes down and they watch them just cling to each other like they’re scared for their lives. Imagine older agents seeing the looks of confusion on their faces and going “Don’t you know about those two? They’ve got like this crazy epic love story” and then proceeding to tell them all about it. 

Because let’s be real, everyone knows the stories of how he dragged her from the other side of the universe and how she pulled him up from the ocean floor and so no one questions why they react the way they do because they don’t even understand how they are still alive.