chill edition

BMC but its Kermit

Jeremy’s theme

More than Survive

I Love Play Rehearsal

The Squip Song

Two Player Game

The Squip Enters

Be More Chill (pt.1)

Do You Wanna Ride?

Be More Chill (pt.2)

More than Survive (Reprise)

A Guy that I’d Kinda be Into

The Squip Lurks



Do you Wanna Hang?

Michael in the Bathroom

The Smartphone Hour (Rich set a Fire)

The Pitiful Children

The Pants Song

The Play

Voices in my Head

- Mod Jenna 📱 (With Help from Mod Rich and Christine)

More Than Survive [pitched down]
Be More Chill - Joe Iconis/Tracz
More Than Survive [pitched down]

So I was fiddling around in audacity

And I was like “hmmm what will Jeremy sound like once his balls drop”

so I pitched down More Than Survive by 5%

and oh


can I just say holy fucking shit

you have to listen to this it’s a gift to humanity

the difference may not hit you at first but just keep going because it’s worth it

Michael’s voice gets fucked though (he just doesn’t pitch down well) and I am so sorry for that but it’s actually kinda funny

EDIT: wow this got an awesome response pretty quickly so if you liked this here’s The Squip Song pitched down 

DOUBLE EDIT: this one goes out to all the people who want to fuck the squip and all the ones like me who kinkshame them because honestly

after listening to a pitched down version of be more chill part 1

I kinda see where you squip fuckers are coming from

and so the kinkshamer becomes the kinshamee


FIXed the errors this joke is dead but this is them

i may or may not do more but who knows, but have this. i tried syncing a few scenes with some audio but hey whatever this is here 

(dont steal please i forgot to watermark it woops-)