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Recommended Obscure Musicals of the Week

1. Be More Chill
- Imagine “13” and “Little Shop of Horrors had a love-child. ‘Nuff said. Also, teen depression metaphors and a hype, funny soundtrack. (Lots of great audition songs)

2. Fortress of Solitude
- "Hairspray” and “Motown”’s love-child. But better. Lots of roles for POC. Lots of roles for teens.

3. Nine
Not super obscure, but really dark, twisted, and comedic. Definitely under-appreciated. There are lots of beautiful ballads here that I never see at auditions

4. Edges
A Pasek and Paul (team behind “Dear Evan Hansen). Emotional abuse themes. Basically a masterpiece.

5. A Man of No Importance
The only Ahrens and Flaherty that no one knows. So very Broadway, and one of their best. It’s about theatre and every-day struggles. It’s really lovely.

6. Vanities
Just listen to "Fly Into the Future” and get back to me.

7. Cops
If you haven’t already heard of “The Sensitive Song”….I don’t know what you’ve been doing. Basically it’s the best guy audition song ever, especially if you’re going in for something not-so-kosher.

anonymous asked:

Is kuroo just bokuto's friend? Is he not part of the gambling thing?

I think I wrote about this in some headcanon post ages ago, but Kuroo’s dad works for Bokuto’s dad (he’s one of the bodyguards) but Kuroo personally doesn’t want to get involved in the gambling business in any way. He just wants to party with his friends, basically.


i fucking love Good Cop and Bad Cop.. and it’s been a very long while since I’ve drawn them ;-; (i also seem to be in the mood to just drawing black and whites ´w`;;)

So I drew them again! and I’ll probably resume drawing them in the future because I absolutely adore badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop like that’s my crack and I cannot get over it.. 

-sigh- I’ve also changed how I draw them so that’s a plus too >o>;;

GCBC©Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff©moi :U


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“it’s 2 in the morning and i was just trying to get home but i left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and i drove into a pole – would you please stop laughing you’re a cop. you’re supposed to be helping” cop!kookie? jikook obviously for the jikook queen

“ – and then i heard something move in the backseat and i thought it might be a murderer who snuck in my car to kill me and – “

“breathe,” the cop mutters, a smile curling at his lips,  and jimin stops to take a breath. he hadn’t even noticed he’d needed one and his lungs gratefully fill up again. 

“ – and so i was like ‘oh my god i’m going to die’ and so i kinda panicked and ran into a pole and when i turned around it was just a squirrel and i was like ‘thank god’ but at the same time oh my god i drove into a pole the insurance is going to be so bad shit shit shit – “


jimin takes another breath. 

“ – and oh my god repairs how much are repairs going to be i’m going to have to do overtime for the next eighty years oh my god why does god hate me oh my god i can’t believe it it was just a squirrel, park jimin, honestly, you’re so stupid you – why are you laughing?” 

the cop’s covering his mouth, muffling giggles and jimin Is Not Amused. he casts a look at the cop’s nametag. jeon jungkook

“you, jeon jungkook-ssi,” jimin says, jabbing his finger into jungkook’s chest, “are so rude, you know that? i almost died and then nobody would’ve been there to feed my cat or water the plants and they’d all die and  – “

“chill,” the cop says, removing his hand to grin at jimin and jimin’s car is kinda totaled but the cop is cute so that’s one good thing about this shitty day. “your car will be fine. you’re not hurt at least. that’s good.”

he moves closer to jimin, putting a hand on his back and rubbing small circle into it.  “just breathe yeah? i keep thinking you’re gonna go into a panic attack or something.” 

jimin gives him a withering glare but focuses on the hand rubbing his back. it feels really, really nice. 

“and also…you were just being really cute,” the cop says, smiling shyly. “sorry, i couldn’t help it. i wasn’t making fun of you.” 

jimin peers up at him. “you think i’m cute?” 

jungkook averts his eyes. “i…i mean…”

jimin steps away from him. “well it’s almost 3 and i need a ride home so we can talk dates later.”

“a date?”

jimin sniffs.”yeah. i deserve something for this shitty night.”

jungkook laughs. “all right. date it is.” 


I’m away from my tablet for the weekend so I’m posting through my phone, drawing in my sketchbook and using hotel wifi `w`

21st century

And yes, all I drew are GCBC `w`;; hehe sorry (not sorry).. I’ve confirmed that I adore crazy badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop! >w>;; but that’s just me 9___6

GCBC©the Lego movie
Art and shit©moi

And as the armada of young teen fans of Leafyishere get butthurt over an Idubbbz video they desperately try to “protect” Calvin by trying to trend #weloveyoucalvin and the older fans step back and think to themselves how did they get here? Calvin is a grown man and makes satire videos for a living by roasting people- he can take 1 video guys. Meanwhile I’m here like-

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do you hate white people?

Nope. I hate the system that values them over me simply because i’m darker. I hate the system that allows them to get job promotions and fashion articles written about them because they appropriated the things my people were dehumanized for. I hate that they can easily dismiss the systematic oppression of people of color because the system that oppresses us, comforts them. I do not hate white people. Just the sociopolitical concept of what a white person represents. I love all people. What i hate is that i can walk down the street with my best friend(who is white) and i get nervous when a cop walks our way. And my friend can look at me and say “yo it’s JUST a cop, chill” because if that cop unjustly kills my friend, they’ll go to prison for LIFE. However if it’s me, that cop will get a million dollar charity to support his trial. No prison. And make thousands off of interviews. No, i don’t hate white people at all. Just the assumed power that comes with being a white person.

Part 2

Sequel to this. | Streets and Sanctuaries Verse

“No ID, neither federal nor from any school, no entry in our databases, not with your finger prints and especially not under a teenaged ‘Peter Campbell’, no contract for your phone number, no lawyer, no address, and no,” Officer Novak looks at him for a moment, his gaze unreadable and yet not as harsh as the way with which the other officers looked at him, “no emergency contact.”

Despite craving to sink into himself and just hug his knees to his chest, finding that bit of comfort in the enemy’s territory, Dean puffs himself up and stares the officer dead in the eye. “What about it?”

“Yes. What about it indeed.” Officer Novak says and sits down on the sofa that is angled towards the one Dean sits on. For some reason, Officer Novak didn’t throw him in a holding cell or an interrogation room right away but shielded Dean and his flimsy clothing from the other officers, who just stared at him like a particularly interesting but also particularly repugnant insect, and led him into his own office and onto one of the two big leather couches. He also offered Dean water and cocoa and even some warm milk, but shut up with his offers when he received an indignant glare for the latter.

At least he wasn’t rough with Dean. When they were still in the car and on their way to the precinct, Dean offered for him to do whatever he wanted to with him in exchange for letting him go. But Officer Novak didn’t take him up on it, as much as he didn’t strike or threaten Dean for even suggesting such a thing. Wouldn’t have been the first time Dean would have gone through that; not the first time a cop got his hands on him and did whatever he wanted to. But the first time he actually made his way to the precinct instead of the backseat of the car.

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OHOH, & while me and peeps were waiting for our food at pho, punches were thrown & a person got kicked in the face.
That was interesting.
The guy called the cops so when we were done & went out to stog they asked us what happened. Michelle told them what she saw & then they asked us what was good to eat at pho so we talked about that LOL.