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M: Of course. it happens more often than thought. I've been with him for a pretty long ass time to know the drill tho. When he gets stressed we just kind of hug and stay like that. 

J: it’s nice to have someone just hold you and tell you it’s all fine. especially when that someone stops… whatever I see

I’ve had a rlly bad art block but @richardgoranski has a rlly supercool monster au so rlly, beat that art block ha!


“ Queen Of Fucking Everything “

MASTERPIECE!!!! You guys do not know how proud i am of this!! It took me soo long man! Iv been trying to Finnish for days! Finally drew my inspo, hahaha, yes joker. Whats better than a hot day doing something you love?? But what it is y’all ??

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1) What made you start writing for the first time?

I was actually dared into it. I was dissatisfied with the ending of one of my all time favorite shows, was introduced to fanfiction, and when I couldn’t find a fic that satisfied my need for closure and answers, I was told I should write my own. So I did. Hence, 1.6 million words between The Return and The Accession! Lol.

2) If you could only write about the ocean, the forest, or the desert for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

Definitely the forest. 

3) Would you ever write a memoir?

I personally don’t find my life all that interesting, it’s pretty normal, and while I’ve had a lot of life experience, it makes for good research into writing, but not all that entertaining when it comes to reading all about my pretty chill life. 

4) Do you like writing by hand, or writing with a computer?

Computer, 100%. I will write by hand when I have to, but I find I can type faster which works better with the speed of my mind when writing.

5) Would you rather be popular among many readers, or unpopular, but loved by critics?

I would love to have readers enjoy my work, but I write for me, I always have and always will. Do I like the praise? Certainly. Will I keep writing even if I only get one or two notes, or even none on a fic? Absolutely! I do this because I love it, nothing will ever stop me from writing. 

6) Do you listen to music while you write? What is the best writing music?

Yes, and it depends on what I’m writing. Usually it’s just whatever runs on Spotify, I have a few playlist, and if I’m working on a fight scene I have a tendency to listen to things like The Last Witch Hunter soundtrack. Something down and dirty, lots of base to get me revved. Smut tends to come out when I’ve got the soft music playing. It’s less distracting so I don’t lose my place and have limbs and clothes going all directions! Lol.

7) Do people you’ve met find their way into your writing?

Absolutely! Lol. Not necessarily in their entirety, but bits and pieces of people, attitudes, looks, emotions, shit they’ve said. I do warn them - anything they say can and likely will be used in a book at some point in time.

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// i might have gotten a little carried away with this fanmix oi. these are some songs that popped into my head for episode 4 but can really go for the whole game, honestly. enjoy ~

afraid // the neighborhood

hear me // imagine dragons

heroine // sleeping with sirens

lucky // american authors

anna sun // walk the moon

mountains // message to bears

truce // twenty one pilots

unsteady // x ambassadors

flashed junk mind // milky chance

fix you // coldplay

when you can’t sleep at night // of mice & men

collar full // panic! at the disco

Like a sign
Like a dream
You’re my amaranthine
You are all I needed, believe me
Like we drift in a stream
Your beauty serene
There’s nothing else
in life I ever need
My dream, amaranthine

Amaranthe - Amaranthine