Chichi diVero - a sim for Chiliadsims’ adoption challenge

Due to a very strange accident involving the disappearance of a pool ladder,the whole Monte Vista was shocked to hear that Chichi,the only heir of the diVero family,was left to be an orphan now! With no relatives at all,Chichi, a crazy but funny little devil was now sent to be adopted by a certain Flynn Cardbry,who lives all the way in Erewhon.With a few crazy outfits in her backpack,it was time for Chichi to say goodbye to her old life and embrace a new one!

To my dear friend Vupii, it’s her birthday!

She is such a sweet and kind person. I’ve known her for so long and she has always been an amazing, dear friend to me. I am in love with everything that she posts, especially the handsome couples she makes all the time. She has been 100% supportive of everything I do and I am 100% supportive of her as well. Happy Birthday, love! I hope you have a good one!!


Scotty Klein for chiliadsims’ bachelor challenge!!!

Brave ~ Friendly ~ Great Kisser ~ Perfectionist ~ Schmoozer

Scotty grew up an only child in tiny, rural town. Though his parents were always loving & kind, Scotty never felt like he fit into their quiet farm town. As soon as he graduated from high school, he set off on his own. He’s been jumping from town to town ever since, looking for some place to call home. He is finally ready to settle down & find the love he’s always dreamed of. Could Julian be the one?

Hair // Brows // Beard // Freckles x1x / x2x // Blush // Lips

Scotty is a private dl for Vupii for now. I’ll make him public if he loses!


so you stop him from speaking, and you stop speaking too because that really is not your strong point. kissing isn’t, either; it’s too quick and too clumsy–and also oh so very sweet in the way you’re scrunching your eyes closed and when you step back he’s looking at you wide eyed and leans in just so.

he asks you if you can do that again.

after the curious case of that piece of tile by the fridge that blocked the hewitts’ path to food, poor harlow was left an orphan in this world. no, scratch that. harlow hewitt–a poor orphan? perish the thought! after his parents’ death his life took quite the turn; not life in moonlight falls, no! after all, with werewolves, fairies, and the occult roaming the streets, a metamorphed kitchen is quite mundane, really.

harlow took part in the dance of foster families all around the simglobe. you see, his brooding demeanor doesn’t make him the most approachable person. he was always like this, nothing to do with his parents’ death. too bad people can’t see that, you mean, mean people trying to be kind! he wants no comfort, he wants to be alone, leave him be! and so they did, and so he passed on from family to family, gaining bitter memories and books along the way.

the birds and the bored wives at the plaza say a young man from erewhon was looking to adopt him. harlow says, we’ll see how it goes.


Mnemosyne Myrtle, for chiliadsims' Flynn’s House adoption challenge! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

“What do we have here? Oh, a little girl, I see… you know, we name our fondlings in alphabetical order. The last one - that boy over there, with black hair - was a L, Lem Linford, I named him. So you’re a M, let’s see… Mnemosyne, like the Greek muse. Do you like it, little child? As for the surname… these days the Myrtle is in full bloom. Look, out of the window, over there. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Calm, peaceful and, not less importantly, millionaire Mr Creemble became notorious for his philanthropic ways, that is, his enormous villa converted to orphanage. It all started when his younger son flew the nest to attend university. Old Mr Creemble had much more time to wander alone with his dogs: this is how he discovered a little orphanage just four blocks away, with no space nor enough money to provide for all the kids. After spending an afternoon with those little orphans, he decided to transfer them in his own mansion, and doing so he realized his last dream: being surrounded by whom he could call his grandchildren, who affectionately called him ‘Grandpa’ in return.

Mnemosyne was delivered on the front step of Mr Creemble when she was just four days old, and she was named accordingly to the old man’s whim. No one could object to this that was his only little caprice. The funny thing is, the girl grew up to be absent-minded, contrary to the auspicious meaning of her name. Grandpa Creemble provided the children with books, toys, regular check-ups and whatever they may need, and soon it became clear that Mnemosyne, though being easily distracted, when focused could prove to be a real genius. Despite all this, she couldn’t get used to the wealth she was living in, being the easily impressed type and always wondering what she did to deserve it all.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa Creemble died. As soon as the mourning was over, the legal heirs were quick to run back to obtain full property of the mansion, obviously with no intention whatsoever of keeping things as they were. The children were quickly assigned to other orphanages, and this is when Mnemosyne bid farewell to the wonderland of her childhood and packed her few things to start anew at Flynn’s House.

Distinctive features: love for stripes and polka dots.

I kind of got caught up in the background story, sorry XD



today is a precious person’s birthday (among many others i’m sure but they don’t matter to me at the moment), and i’d like to ask you all to take a few moments to send her a message wishing her a good day and the happiest year ever, because she deserves it!

now, i could be super sappy and write you a something that will transcribe how happy you’ve made me during these months and how much i really really love you and all that jazz. but i won’t. i can’t do that. know that you make me happy; know that i am so, so grateful for having all this time with you; know how much i appreciate you being here for me; know my love to every couple we have co-created; know how much i thank you for each blabbering of mine you’ve put up with. know you are a precious, amazing person to me.

also, because i am super slow and haven’t been much on the computer, that one of these days i will finish that one nsfw elicar for you and write you something else and make you another little gift. ;)

i love you sweetie!



Eoin is contemplating on playing the claw machine again today…I hope this doesn’t become a trend if he stays in the house.

James, Orange, and Asher are all hanging around pool side. Guys, seriously, we have a sexy woman in her like “pj’s” and none of you except Raphael think to hit on her even once?

*shakes head* Moving on ya’ll…moving on.