chili's restaurant


  1. Milk maid braids, a future tutorial maybe? Let me know if you want! It’s fairly easy ;)
  2. Dad’s 50th surprise birthday party venue, up on a hill with pretty lights.
  3. Polaroid shot in the middle of processing… Hello, boyfriend!
  4. Chili’s is so good and so expensive. I cannot afford. Haha
  5. My feel good book
  6. My La Sardina DIY needs decorating. Any ideas?
  7. Gab’s Sunday productivity consisted of turning himself into Wolverine. I literally had a laughing fit when I looked over and saw what he was doing. 
  8. Discovered a new milk tea place called Tea Leaf. We tried the peanut butter choco milk tea, tasted exactly like Choc-nut. It was good, though! Definitely heading back one of these days to try out other flavors. I like that they offer flavors you don’t usually find in other milk dea places… 

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Thanks you guys for giving me some of your time, I want to tell you about my situation at the moment and why I need to ask for your help so I’ll try to make the long story short.

As some of you may have noticed I became absent of tumblr for like 5 months starting on September 2015 and came back late January 2016, the reason was because with the money I had I started a new work project I opened a store for people who like trade card games and roleplay games that mainly focus on serving food to those who come play here so basically a gamming store and restaurant (yeah Chili and real me love cooking and we work as cheffs) I was starting to do fine but for some reasons business dropped and the pass month I didn’t have enough money to pay the rent and restock my store so I had to ask for a loan, sadly the store takes most of my time so I don’t have time for another job and also support a friend that for unfortunate life reasons was left homeless so I help him, we both live here at the store and he helps me by working for me.

Some of you probably saw that my friends are trying to help me make an extra income by promoting my commissions, so it basically comes to this, if I’m able to collect in the next days $250 U.S. dlls I’ll be able to pay the minimum I have to pay right now, and if I’m able to collect more I’ll be able to invest that money to the store in order to increase business, make a living and also at some point send my friend back to college that he had to drop out.

You could think that I should just quit, which is something I don’t wanna do or can do because the contract for the place I’m renting ties me to keep paying the rent for a year so I’m forced to stay here till October 1st.

I don’t have a Patreon yet (should work on one) but I love doing art for you guys so I do really apreciate if you could commission me.

Well that’s my story so if you want some art done by me please contact me, here is my commissions info I will really apreciate it and be super grateful to you.

Again I thank ya for hearing me out and for your support and have always make so fun and great my days in tumblr.

Middletown, Rhode Island Chili’s canceled their Autism day event scheduled for Monday April 7th, 2014 due to all the negative feedback from customers.

At first I was appalled to learn that Chili’s had canceled this event. I was blogging about how I was so disappointed in my community but then I learned what the National Autism Association was truly about and it was sickening.

Learning what this event was really about truly disgusts me. If I had known the event is supporting those looking to “cure” Autism, I would have protested against it. Now that I know what the National Autism Association is all about, I want nothing to do with them. We don’t need a cure. We don’t need to be fixed. We aren’t sick. We aren’t broken.