chili powder


The Most Delicious Ever Chili Powder

Yesterday I made 10 jars of home made chili powder to give to all my favorite cooks for Christmas. I love home made chili powder! It’s amazingly fresh and aromatic and delicious. Every time I go into the kitchen I have to open one of the jars to smell it. Yum. I used a little bit in Hungarian Goulash that I made for dinner last night and it was so delicious! 

I buy the chili pods that come in the cellophane packages. I like to use a combination of Ancho Chili, New Mexico Chili, and California chili pods. Dry the chilies in the oven on very low heat, about 185 degrees F. Depending on how dry your chili pods are already, it can take 1- 2 hours to get them dry enough to grind in a spice grinder. I use a coffee grinder to grind spices. Slow drying the pods ensures a sweet and rich chili taste. If the oven is too high, you risk burning the chili pods, which makes your chili powder bitter. Remove individual chili pods from the oven as they become brittle. Some of them took over an hour to dry up. Bend them around, if they are still pliable keep drying them in the oven until the crack when you try to bend them. Remove the stems and most of the seeds. By removing most of the seeds you end up with a chili powder with a very complex, sweet smokey taste and not just one note of heat. You can always add red chili flakes or hot sauce to a recipe that needs more heat.