chili on rice

Rice Vermicelli Summer Salad with Serrano Peppers

Are you guys sick of all my noodle recipe posts? If your answer is yes, then too bad. I’m not sorry. Noodle salads have been a core part of my diet this summer if it wasn’t obvious enough. Hell, Dr. Scotch doesn’t even ask what I want for dinner anymore because the answer is usually cheeseburger, salad, or NOODLES.

We’ll see what I feel like when we get hit by the fall weather.

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I went to a newish supermarket near my hometown and found my always delicious Sweet Chili Riceworks chips but also found these Wasabi, Soy, & Ginger chips. They’re actually really really good. I love rice chips, I definitely like them more than potato chips, not sure if I like them more than tortilla chips though, but they’re great in their own respect!

anonymous asked:

I'm a vegan college student who currently lives on rice for most of my meals because it's so cheap, but I'm running out of ways to dress it up. Do you have any suggestions for less boring ways to eat rice? :)

LOL I basically live on rice as well, it’s so versatile! Here are some of my favorite ways to eat it:
- Rice with frozen peas/corn, beans, and sriracha (my #1)
- Rice with greens and sweet chili sauce
- Rice pudding (coconut w/ mango is bomb)
- Rice with chili
- “Fried Rice” (literally rice stir fry with whatever veggies you have in the fridge)
- Rice with avocado and nori
- Sushi bowls
- Rice with veggie curry
- Rice porridge 

Vegan lunch - Fried Chili Rice - Fried rice with spinach, potatoes, butter beans, garlic, caperberries and jalapeños topped with a splash of tomato ketchup - quick tasty meal on a busy Monday
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I’m sorry but I’m just so happy to see them in Changi Airport. I hope they love my home country as much as I do. I hope they go to Gardens by the Bay and see the Supertrees and take a boat ride along Singapore River and see Orchard Road in all its glitzy luxury shopping glory. I hope they eat chili crab and chicken rice and everything there is to eat here. I know they don’t have all that much time here but yes please boys enjoy yourselves I’m totally overjoyed that you’re here 😊