chili guy

Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear Kiedis

RHCP - Go Robot

P. S. Everly didn’t cut his hair, you can see it at the end of the video :)

TU VALI PIÙ DEL TUO PESO. A te che sei annoressica/o. A te che sei bulimica/o. A te che ami fin troppo mangiare. A te che odi il cibo solo perché lo ami troppo e ti fa paura. A te che hai un’ imnagine distorta del tuo corpo. A te che mangi troppo. A te che mangi poco o non mangi per niente. A te che la tua vita si basa su numeri scritti su una bilancia. A te che lotti ogni giorno con il cibo. A te che fai del cibo la tua vita,e ti privi delle vere gioie che la vita può offrirti. A te che conti ogni singola calorie. A te che hai schifo a guardarti allo specchio. A te che ti vergogni di metterti in costume. A te che non ti AMI abbastanza. SEI UNA PERSONA MERAVIGLIOSA.

A masterpiece of DNA *-*

I haven’t given my unwarranted opinion on the Simpsons in awhile, so lemme’ just give a quick update:

1.  The hour-long “Great Phatsby” episode was genuinely good.  The story behind it was that the table-read went so well and everyone was so into it they just decided to make it an hour long and really flesh out the story.  They hit on something that felt like it worked, so they just let it unfold naturally, and you can feel that it was an episode made out of passion.  Also noteworthy that they let all of their black guest stars’ performances really shine; it could’ve so easily mis-stepped into bad parody and it didn’t.  Again, the whole thing just felt super genuine.

2.  The animation in this past season has been legitimately fucking incredible.  When the Simpsons first went HD, I really hated how it looked because for whatever reason the movement got really stifled and kind of limited.  I don’t know the exact reason behind this, but I do have a theory based on my own experience doing hand-drawn animation–which is super boring and I wont go into it–but the gist of it is that doing freehand clean-up (as opposed to pen tool) makes it really difficult to maintain the characters being consistently on model AND moving as dynamically as you want them to, because when the focus is on how crisp and clear the image is, your eye isn’t as easily tricked and you can see all sorts of inconsistencies.  Hand-drawn animators have spent YEARS perfecting ways to fucking trick you, and doing really slick hand-drawn clean up throws all of that out the door, so you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time getting it flawless, which is frankly unacceptable on a TV budget.  So you have to limit the movement.  ANYWAY, what I’m getting at is that ALMOST EVERY EPISODE THIS SEASON I’ve had to go back and re-watch scenes 2 or 3 times, because I’m fucking IN AWE of how much emoting and moving-around the characters are doing.  They’re moving the characters around in three dimensions (as opposed to keeping with the standard 3/4th angle), there are SMEARS, and they’re just going ALL the fuck out with the character acting in some scenes.  And it’s all CLEAN, and it LOOKS GOOD.  It’s looking Simpsons Movie levels of animation quality lately, and I don’t know how the fuck they’re doing it, if they’re just dedicating a bigger budget to animating more of it in-house or what the fuck happened, but KEEP THIS THE FUCK UP, it looks GODDAMN GORGEOUS.  I paused in the middle “Fatzcarraldo” to type this up just now, because the scene of Homer and the old chili dog guy singing kind of knocked me on my ass.  I’m probably the only person on the internet who gives a shit about any of this but DAMN DUDE