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Team Voltron themed drinks!

In light of season 3 releasing soon and planning a viewing party with some of my friends, I recently started thinking about making themed drinks after certain characters and what-not (seeing as I’m the designated bartender of my friend group lol). There’s obviously TONS of different drinks you can make to fit a character, but I took a bit of liberty to fantasize what drinks I’d love to make (had I the time and money); these aren’t arbitrary choices either. I primarily chose drinks that I thought reflected certain character aspects, so I’ve included a small analysis along with each drink choice.

note: for practical reasons (like if ppl actually wanted to make themed drinks) I’ve included both a simplified mixed drink alternative (which, let’s be real, that’s what I’m actually making) AND a non-alcoholic alternative (which are super basic im sorry but it’s the best i could do)

Let’s get mixing!

Shiro – “Boulevardier”

This is one of the few drinks I chose based more on personality than appearance. Most purple cocktails just didn’t quite ring true for Shiro’s full-bodied character, so I went with my gut feeling and started browsing some bourbon based drinks. After going through a few classic recipes, I settled on a Boulevardier. What it contains:

  • 1.5 oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz Sweet vermouth
  • ¾ oz Campari
  • Orange or cherry as a garnish
  • Served over ice optional

Shiro, as a character, radiates a sense of maturity and warmth. He is kind and caring, but knows when to take charge of his team and push harder. The subtle sweet undertones in bourbon and the warmth of dark liquor, I feel, reflect these aspects of his character very well. Sweet vermouth, like bourbon, has those husky, herbal undertones; it’s basically a wine spiked with brandy and slightly sweetened. Campari is a liqueur made from infused herbs and fruit, a sweet and spicy flavor. This is, in essence, a darker drink, and one that is probably an acquired taste; aka, this is not a beginner or casual drink. It’s a drink I think is well suited to our beloved enigmatic leader, the Head of Voltron, pilot of the Black Lion. It has warmth and depth, a complexity of flavors that matches Shiro’s nuances in character.

Practical party alternative: any type of whiskey and coke (though I still recommend bourbon, it tastes better imo); you can also do a spiced rum and coke if you’re not a whiskey person.

Non-alcoholic alternative: honestly? cherry coke or like…diet coke with lime strike me as very Shiro for some reason lol.

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making beignets

kind of crack fic inspired by the fact that everyone seems to think that Killian/Rogers and Tiana/Sabine are gonna bang all because they exchanged a few lines, and because beignets is totally the next tacos/pancakes. but this is maybe what would actually happen. 800 words fueled by @thesschesthair’s goats and a wikipedia article on fried pastries.

It started with the beignets. Which, he had to admit, were probably the best pieces of fried dough he could remember having. (Apologies to Henry—even better than that bearclaw.)

But then it was her own twist on a bearclaw. Sticky and sweet and—was that lemon curd filling? He made a mental note to make sure to stop by their food truck the next day.

And that was when she gave him a paczki with a chocolate-chili center—an odd, yet divine combination. Despite his intention to pay, she insisted it was on the house. He assumed it was just for his help in procuring the vehicle (which looked rather smart now that it wasn’t a crack van).

However, it continued each time he visited the truck, usually when it was parked outside the community garden. Sabine always had some treat set aside for him, in a little bag with Rogers written on it in her messy script and a little heart drawn beneath it, winking as she handed it to him and asking how the last one was. Maybe he’d become their official taste tester?

Oh, how wrong he was.

Because the next time he visited, in addition to the usual wink and a treat and the payment she refused (which he shoved in the tip jar anyways), he didn’t have a chance to get into his mini nutmeg funnel cakes before he noticed the note scribbled on the front:

My place, 7 pm. Let’s make beignets.

He got the impression she wasn’t talking about baking.

And he was surprised to realize that he was okay with that. He honestly couldn’t remember the last time he’d given thought to romance, or to much of anything that wasn’t related to work. To be frank, he wasn’t sure he deserved it, with Eloise still out there missing.

But Sabine…they got on excellently, for sure, and she was rather attractive…

What the hell. He’d do it.

He was only slightly astonished to arrive at the apartment and see that she actually had meant beignets; it wasn’t some euphemism. As endearing as he typically found her, she was even more so while in her element, a smile constantly playing at her lips and flirty, teasing quip on her tongue as she showed him what to do. He wasn’t much help when it came to kneading the dough, but he caught on with the rest…and if some flour may have happened to land in her hair, well, she could hardly blame the guy with one hand, could she?

It was nice. It was fun. It was surprisingly easy.

And he might not have been able to help himself when they were leaning against the counter, tasting the fruits of their labors, and he casually brushed a bit of powdered sugar from her lips with his thumb…and leaned in to kiss the rest away.

It was a pleasant kiss, soft and sweet. He could taste cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe a hint of cayenne on her mouth, but even with the spice—there wasn’t any heat.

They broke apart but stayed close, foreheads almost touching and his hand hovering at her hip while hers rested on his shoulders. For an awkward moment, neither said a thing, until she spoke up.

“That was a good kiss; really good, but…”

“I know what you mean.”

“It just didn’t have that…spark.”


She paused a moment, brushing some flour off his shirt, then looked up at him and shrugged. “Well, had to try. At least I know where to go if I ever need another baking assistant!” she added with a grin.

He chuckled, relieved; he’d worried things might become awkward, but it was good to know they were on the same page. “It’d be my honor. Though Lucy might have something to say about it.”

The buzz of a phone interrupted their conversation. It was Sabine’s; she grabbed it and read the message. “Well, what do ya know: Jacinda is spending the night with Henry.”

“Good for them.” About time, too; even he was getting tired of their dance around each other.

“Yeah, at least someone’s getting lucky tonight,” she joked, bumping him with her hip.

“I mean, if you want…” he started, teasing back with a scratch behind the ear that betrayed his nonchalance.

She just giggled and placed a chaste, smacking kiss on his cheek. “We’re good.”

They quickly settled into cleaning up, though he did have one question for her: “This wasn’t one of those kissing-a-frog-to-find-a-prince scenarios, was it?”

“Ha! No,” she replied with a giggle. “No, you’re more of a pirate anyway.”

He had to chuckle at that; he? A pirate? That’d be the day. But—"Well, pirates make better friends than enemies, I’d gather.“

She smiled. "Yeah, they do.”

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Viral Video [Justin Bieber]

Pairing: Justin Bieber x [Gender Neutral] Reader
Words: 1.4K
Warning: Suggested Smut.
Synopsis: Justin is at an interview explaining the video you had posted which was meant to be a prank but turned out being a lot of couple time.  
A/N: I realised that the Synopsis, Title, and the warning seem to be leading to a completely different type of story…so my bad.  Also…this is one from my phone and so it’s a bit old but imma try and publish all my old works so…yeah…imma stop now.

IMAGINE FOR THIS FIC (Female!reader)

Excitement filled you as you sat backstage watching your boyfriend, Justin, on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’.  The two had been talking about his tour and his music but now the topic has shifted to you.  

James sat at his desk and asked Justin how you were doing which Justin responded with “Pretty good”, not wanting to give to much away since you both value your privacy.  

“Yeah? Good” James carried on talking, turning to the audience “for those of you who doesn’t know who Y/N is, they have been Justin’s significant other for around two years now.” What James said next caused Justin and Y/N to blush, “…and they are so adorable together…” James continued “Y/N posted this video” he explained pointing to the video thumbnail that the audience could see on the wall. “so before we watch it, do you wanna explain what it’s about?” James asked.

You saw Justin cleat his throat before explaining. “So Y/N put go-pro’s everywhere in the house, and I mean everywhere” he laughed “they were trying to prank me because for the past three days I had been in a different state of mind and was…you could say moody. Just before that I had shouted at 'em for something minuscule…and that is when the video starts”


Yourself and Justin are stood in the living room. “Justin, two things. One – I’m not your assistant so don’t ever talk to me like that.” You say to him sternly. “and two” you continue with a calmer and kinder tone “Justin, if you are feeling stressed or pressured or you’re just upset then tell me, okay? You have been like this for a few days now, please tell me what’s wrong”  Justin hugs you and buries his face in your neck. “I can’t really explain it” Justin whispered. You didn’t know what to do so you with one hand you rubbed his back and with the other you ran your fingers through his hair. Then you had an idea, so you started to lead Justin into the kitchen.  

“what are you doing?” Justin asked as you gathered ingredients.  

“Making 'Magic Doritos’” you sing in a weird voice causing Justin to laugh as he replied “I love our Magic Doritos”. Magic Doritos are something that you and Justin had created when you had got back from his tour late at night and had nothing to eat in the house and nothing in your bags apart from Doritos chili heat wave and chocolate…and booze. So you spent your night drinking whilst soaking the Doritos in melted chocolate and leaving the chocolate to solidify again to make chocolatey spicey Magic Doritos.  

When all the Doritos had been coated in chocolate and put in the fridge to “dry” you both started to clean up the mess you both somehow made. You had both been listening to music on full blast now Justin began to sing louder and louder grabbing you as both began to dance. As you both slowed down to dance to the slow song now playing, you noticed that you were both still stood close to the counter that had the bowl of melted chocolate on it. You sneakily dip you finger in it as you both stand slowly moving to the music as you hug. “Justin” you mumble. Justin just replies with a mumble before pulling back slightly to look at you. You didn’t say anything just wipe your finger on his face transferring the chocolate onto his face. Justin looked mortified for a moment before realising what just happened. “You did not just do that?!” Justin shouted out a laugh.  

“I really did” you giggle as you back away knowing what he is planning. Justin saw the bowl and dipped his fingers in before flicking chocolate on you. “Justin!” You giggle. You both stand there for a moment both about to pounce at the other. Justin beat you to the bowl of sloppy gloopy chocolate before running after you causing you to squeal as he chased you around the kitchen island. Justin finally managed to grab you and hold you tight as he poured the gloopy chocolate all over you head. You squealed and tried to get away but Justin held you tight against his chest. You instantly got an idea and just smeared all the chocolate off of your face and on to his. “Justin, Stop” you laughed seeing no actual point now that the bowl was almost empty.

Once the bowl had emptied all over you and Justin you both just stood there laughing as he held you closer to him, he started to lean in and kiss you, as soon as you shut your eyes though you felt a wet tongue run up your face. You couldn’t help but grimace as Justin licks the chocolate off your face, as he pulled away he could see your facial features scrunched with your eyes closed causing him to laugh.  

As you open your eyes you couldn’t help but laugh too, before you stood a chocolate covered Justin Bieber. He looks down at you and holds you closer again before whispering a soft thank you in your ear. You drag your fingers through his hair as you hum in reply. When you realise you have both been stood there for a few moments you whisper into Justin’s ear “come on, let’s get a shower.” Before leading Justin upstairs to the en-suite bathroom.  


Justin remembered that time in the shower. It wasn’t sex, it wasn’t banging or boning. It was passionate, it was being there for each other, it was understanding that you loved each other, it was knowing that you are the one, it was realising you are his everything. It was undoubtedly making love.  

He grinned just at the thought of you, at the fact that he was lucky to have you in his life; that he felt his heart skip a beat at the fact he had your love and that you knew and he knew you had his, that he would gladly spend the rest of his life with you.


After you had shower, you walked into your bedroom to find your bed the way you left it that morning…a complete mess. You had started changing the bedding when you had to rush off to the studio to pick Justin up and you didn’t get around to finishing the job. You quickly changed into your nightwear always consisting of one of Justin’s t-shirts and sometimes shorts to go with it. Justin, having you stealing his shirts, wore some boxers (hopefully clean lol) and joggers over the top.  

As you change the bedding Justin throws a pillow at you as he gives you a playful smirk. He grabs another pillow about to throw it at you but you duck using a cover in your hand as protection waiting for Justin to throw the pillow, as you are about to move your pillow away from your face Justin throws his pillow at you whilst chuckling at your dodging skills.  

After your short pillow fight and had actually made the bed Justin ran downstairs to get your Magic Doritos. You climbed into bed deciding what film to watch on the TV when you saw Justin came back into the room with the bowl, glasses and beer. You always admired Justin’s body, his abs, his tattoos, every part of him was your favourite part. He placed the bowl down on the nightstand along with some drinks he had brought up. As you was about to turn your attention back to the tv you felt a great weight suddenly on top of you. Taking a few seconds to realise that Justin had practically cannonballed on to the bed and onto you. He climbed under the covers and lay there on top of you, his head resting in the crook of your neck and his armed wrapped around you.  

“Thank you for this evening,  Thank you for being patient with me.” He mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear him. You hummed in response as he kisses your neck. You rub his bare back with one hand, the other taking up its usual residence in his head of hair as you run your fingers through it.  

The video ended, all plans of pranking Justin went out the window as soon as you had gotten home, which you explained at the end of the video. You were ending the video and saying goodbye when Justin came up behind you and grabbed you in a hug, holding you against his chest as he falls back and pulling you with him.  

The Skam Season 4 Drinking Game

Disclaimer:  I do not encourage underage drinking, so keep your inner Tarjeis in check please, all under 18/16/21s, okay? ;-) 

Anyway, for future Skam-watching generations, re-watch purposes and a way to get through this season’s end, here’s a simple little drinking game.  If you’re like me and don’t actually drink that much alcohol, this will be double the fun.  Trust me, I tried. Also, I realize that this season is about a practicing Muslim girl (unlike me, a non-practicing Muslim woman), no disrespect is meant.  You can do this with non-alcoholic beverages/chocolate/chili, too.  

Take a drink when:

  • Noora appears in a scene
  • Vilde says/does something offensive
  • Vilde talks about her relationship with Magnus (x2)
  • Sana watches Yousef 
  • Noora isn’t actually in a scene but appears via text messages (x2)
  • someone talks about Noora
  • Noora mentions Wilhelm 
  • Sana and Yousef talk but not really
  • Isak and Even make out 
  • someone mentions Even/their history with him 
  • Even talks (so basically, you’ll be fine here because, spoiler, he doesn’t) (x3)
  • Mikael talks (same)
  • Jonas and Mahdi appear 
  • Eva is drinking
  • a storyline is dropped without any true explanation (x3)

Any more suggestions as to what to add? :-)  

welcome back to café de HELL - under new (mukami) management!

we’ve seen how the sakamakis managed to ruin your café experience…how will the mukamis do it?

ruki: IF YOU CAN GET HIS FACE OUT OF THE COFFEE BAG, YOU’VE SUCCEEDED WHERE OTHERS HAVE FALLEN. similar to reiji, he’ll judge your choices in drink, but will often recommend others with high caffeine amounts. he knows no other way. but he makes a gorgeous coffee cake, and hey, if you get by the overpowering coffee smell, he’s pretty decent! but god forbid you make a mess…HE WILL DRAG YOU BACK THERE AND MAKE YOU LICK IT UP. YOU WASTED PRECIOUS CAFFEINE. CLEAN IT.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 11 months. he was found sipping from customers’ drinks when they weren’t looking. ew.

kou: kou mukami…the passive-aggressive server who is wonderful if he likes you…but a nightmare if you piss him off. sure, he manages the café’s social media like a pro and acts like a gem to his preferred clientele…but he is a public menace to the people he hates. spits in their cake, takes his hairbrush to their coffee, even uses the wooden stirrer to scrape his tonsils before putting it in their drink. DON’T PISS HIM OFF.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 2 months. turns out being a vampire doesn’t stop you being unsanitary and getting the health inspector to visit.

yuma: what have you done to this humble farmer? what are these machines? why does it smell like ruki in here? he’s good for cleaning and serving, but it’s best to let yuma stay clear of the coffee machine. he sprayed hot water onto shu (still sleeping there) once and had a nervous breakdown when it went up in flames after repeated punches. he got props for finding shu…reiji comments that he’s never seen his brother run so fast…
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 4 months. relegated to bus boy after week 2, before he destroyed the dishwasher. “by accident”.

asuza: heavens above, he is so slow when preparing drinks, but he’s…surprisingly good. you know that one scene in spongebob where he spends ages preparing a single patty, measuring it, reading it a bedtime story, kissing it? that’s asuza. he makes every cup with love and care, even if it takes forever to serve…wait, asuza, they didn’t ask for habanero in it! ASUZA STOP. TOO MUCH LOVE.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 3 weeks. fired after not quite grasping the new chili and chocolate trend and sending 27 customers to hospital with intense stomach pains. he thought they’d be happy!

Midnight Valentine: SOULMATE SOIRÉE

Chapter II: The Flavor of Love

Part 2

Now, they say that opportunity only comes to those prepared for it.

Well, Alyn had spent two months for this. Gods be damned if that was not preparation enough.

And to be honest, it did not matter if he ended up finding her in the freaking clocktower. It did not matter if he would have to pry her away from Giles or Robert for whatever important meeting. And it especially did not matter if he had to save her from his brother. He would look for her and he would find her.

And he would try, without balking, to be romantic.

Alyn went down the stairs, a bit nervous now, careful to not make any noise. He could hear someone working in the kitchen, the sound of a metal pan being placed on the marble table and then the cupboards being opened and closed, as if someone was looking for something in haste. He tried to suppress a laugh; it was so typical of her to start cooking without having all the necessary items in place and sure enough, as  he took a peek, he saw her reaching into the farthest portion of the shelf above her before taking out what she needed with a relieved huff of breath.

Alyn felt the tension leaving his shoulders, cold dread and panic being replaced by something warmer, brighter, and he watched as she moved methodically, trying to scoop whatever it was on the pan with one clean swipe before transferring it into the bowl she had just taken out. Her hair was pulled back from her face, and her apron was a mess of splatters and what looked like a black singe but he did not want to think about how that happened although he could pretty much guess.

When it seemed like she was in no hurry to look up from where she was working, Alyn braced himself, gripping the gift with both hands, and coughed out loud.

Then he prayed that she would not shoo him away.

“Nico, for the last time, I told you not to -!” But the rest of the words tumbled back into her throat as she looked up and saw him. She froze.

“I’m back.” He said.

“You -! You told me you were arriving tomorrow!”

“It is tomorrow.” Alyn pointed at the clock and her eyes followed his fingers and she cursed under her breath. She looked back at him, biting her lip, her entire face scrunched up in worry and then it showed defeat at being found out.

She sighed out loud, raising her hands. It took everything in Alyn to not cross the kitchen in three steps and kiss her.

“I went up to your chambers and you weren’t there. ” Alyn said. He tried moving closer but just as he thought, she made waving motions with her hands and went to him herself.

“I’m busy.” She said.

“Yes, I can see that.” Alyn angled his head but she blocked his view with her arms. He raised a brow at her. “I can smell what you’re making. I saw all the books in your chambers and in the library too.”

“Goddammit.” She crossed her arms, paused, and then said, “Well it’s for tomorrow - I mean, later, and you have no business here.”

Alyn did not move. “From scratch?”

She opened her mouth. Closed it. Then gave in. “Yes.”

“And you fermented it and all?”

“Took me a freaking week.”

Alyn paused and she would not meet his gaze. “After all these years, you actually followed my steps? You’re making them from cocoa beans? Ground them and all that?”

“Whatever Robert says, I did not have him get them for me.” The blush on her cheeks was apparent now despite her rolling her eyes.

Alyn swallowed again. He badly wanted to kiss her.

“Souvenir?” She was looking now at the box in his hands.

Oh shit.

“It’s uhhh…” Alyn began to stammer and he mentally cursed himself. “I collected these for you.”

“You’re so cute when you’re like that.” She held the box as he gave it to her. She angled her head and they moved to the nearest counter as she began unwrapping the gift that had taken him hours to wrap. When she finally undid the last ribbon, her eyes went wide with disbelief.

“Is this what I think it is?”


Inside the box was a leather-bound book. She gingerly extracted it, holding it delicately in her hands as if it contained the secrets of the gods. She looked up at him again and then back at the book. She opened it.

Her jaw dropped.

The book was a collection of different confectionary recipes taken not just from the provinces of Wysteria but from other countries as well; there were germanic symbols of the Steiner tongue, the italicized script of Fairmark and the kingdoms farther west, there were even some with the strange symbols used in the far eastern countries that Alyn had forgotten how to pronounce. She scanned the contents, her eyes darting back and forth.  Each and every dessert was carefully illustrated and catalogued and then translated into Wysterian, for her consumption.

For a moment, it was as if she was shaking.

“Is this why you were away all the time?” She looked as if the pieces were clicking into place inside her head. “Is this why you were always assigned at the borders?”

It was Alyn’s turn to avert his gaze.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Isn’t that the purpose of a surprise?” Alyn smiled now. “Happy Valentines, love.”

“Is this supposed to be as practically close to chocolate as you can get?”


She laughed and threw her arms around him, snuggling against his chest this time. “Gods, Alyn, thank you! And here I was just ready to fight you this year!

“You would have lost.”

“That remains to be seen.” She laughed again. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.”He said, hugging her tighter still. And he wanted more. So much more than just this.

Alyn had had many attempts in trying to be romantic and these attempts had fizzled each and every time. He was extremely private after all, and more often than not, whatever tender words he wanted to say end up either left being unsaid, if not sardonic.

He really wanted to be romantic this time. He reminded himself that he had worked hard for this, had dreamed of it countless of times.

Grab it, Alyn.

The opportunity had just presented itself.

Just say it!

“I want to make it with you.”

She pulled back and looked at him as if he had spoken in a foreign tongue.

And Alyn, in turn could feel the blush on his own cheeks, the warmth inside him spreading all the way to his fingertips. He felt dizzy. Part of him wanted to turn around and walk away, to leave her and tell her he was going to look forward to her surprise after all. Besides, he had given her his gift anyway.

Except that was not what he wanted this year.

That was not what he wanted from here on out.

Don’t balk, goddammit. “I want to make the chocolate with you. I don’t want competition between us this year.”

“Are you still saying that I can’t make it on my own?” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Because if you are, I swear to the gods Alyn Crawford, I - !”

“I’m not!” Alyn countered. “And that was not even in any of my sentences! Look,” He placed his hands on her shoulders. More to stop himself from shaking than it was to stop her from stopping him. “I just want to make it with you. I don’t care if we think differently about cooking. I don’t care if our views are miles apart. It never did matter to me then and it doesn’t matter to me now.

“I just want to… this year… all the other years too because…”

She was not moving her gaze from him and he could feel his cheeks getting warmer and warmer by the second.

“Because I just really want to do it with you.”

“If we were not talking about chocolate, that would sound so wrong and so forward and so unromantic.”

“Please give me a break.”

“Oh this is me being very easy on you.”

“Two seconds to get me into the mood and - ”

But the rest of his words were left unsaid. She had moved towards him, tiptoeing and wrapping her arms around his neck again. It took Alyn by surprise and for a few seconds he forgot how to move.

Then he heard something click.

“You’re so easy to distract, sheesh.” She drew back, a triumphant smile on her face. “Something for you whenever you go back to those godawful patrols. Except, please don’t go on them again.”

“Believe me, I’m not planning to.” Alyn looked down and saw a locket. The circle fit into his palm snugly and it was encrusted with what looked like small rubies around twin swords. He opened it and inside was a portrait: a smaller version of the painting Robert had done for the two of them during their first year.

“Heh. The gems matches your cheeks.”

“They do not.” Alyn said, pouting, closing his hand around the locket, his heart hammering in his chest, and knowing all too well that yes, his cheeks were matching the rubies.

“It was supposed to be for tomorrow - no, I mean, today. Was supposed to go with the chocolate.” She jerked a thumb behind her. “But since you’re here already, and you did give me my gift. Well… Happy Valentines too, love.” She smiled up at him again and Alyn could swear he heard angels singing in his ears. “And welcome back.”

Alyn could not help himself. He touched her face. “I’m finally home.”

For the third time, she hugged him and this time, Alyn did not tarry in hugging her back. The fact that he was practically starving for her touch hit him full on and he savored the sensation of her skin against his, of her weight pressed against him.

And for a moment, they stayed like that, quite content in each other’s arms, quite content to be able to feel the other physically present after such a long time of being apart. Alyn buried his face in her hair, taking in her familiar scent. She was sugar and cream and vanilla and -

“Is that… chili?”

“Ha!” She exclaimed, extracting herself from the embrace and almost bouncing back to the tables.

Alyn was confused. “You’re putting chili in the chocolate?”


“Are you insane?”

“I prefer the word pioneering.”

Alyn was unconvinced, bordering on horrified.

“You look like I’m about to murder a lamb.” She clicked her tongue, straightening. “Isn’t it somewhere in the uhhh - recipe holder you got me?”

“No!” Alyn said, almost indignant.

“Shame.” She shrugged. “So. Are you gonna help me make it or am I going to just shoo you away again?”

Alyn hesitated. Then he shook his head with a resigned grin. “Lead the way through your aesthetic.”

Some would argue that cooking was a science.

There had to be exact measurements of things in bowls with clearly defined markings; there had to be counting of precise minutes, or else everything is going to burn; you had to carefully follow each and every step, unless what you were originally trying to brew was a disaster. There was a practical reason why you have to put cream first before the sugar, why you made sure the batter was smooth and not chunky, and why you should never try to fry anything that was fresh out of the water.

But some people, like her, would argue that cooking was an art.

It was not that they blatantly ignored basics. That would be insane, and she would agree with him on that. Only, cooking was an art because she saw the vast and expansive room for improvement. Why stop pushing when you could explore so much more options? Why stop trying new things just because a few old rules worked?

And as he and she bustled around the kitchen in their aprons, as they melted the nibs and weighed, measured and added the goddamn chili peppers into mix, as the aroma of her concoction finally drifted from the pot and filled the kitchen, Alyn seemed to finally understand what she had meant.

“Here.” She offered the spatula caked with the chocolate.

“You want me to taste this first?” Alyn was incredulous.

“Think of it as me.” She grinned. “Sweet but with a kick to it, ha!”

“More like death.” But Alyn took hold of her hand and licked.  It was sweet – of course it would be sweet – and as he continued savoring the chocolate there was a sudden spice. He brought a hand to his mouth and then said, “It’s actually good.”

She was all smiles, tiptoeing to kiss him.

Cooking was not exactly science.

But, it was not really art either.

And to be honest, he could not decide which outweighed the other. Not that it mattered at the moment because at least for now, as he watched her humming, pouring the finished chocolate into the molds, grinning up at him as she noticed him watching, the only thing that was definite was cooking with her was an experience.

It made him happy

Just as she did.

Just as she always will.

The end.

Original Character by @cyikemen

Written by @theempresskaizer

Illustrated by @midnightuglystepsister

Her chili chocolate addiction

Her laugh lines

Her excellent parking skills

The way she changed in the cinema loo in order to make it to my event

The way she champions women

Her pub quiz skills

Two words: Stella Gibson

Her inability to hear me calling for her when the car is waiting

That time she used my jacket pockets to smuggle copious amount of Lindor out of the Golden Globes

That time she blew off her own film premiere

Her roast chicken recipe

Those times she didn’t make me walk the red carpet with her because she’s her own damn woman and she bloody walk a red carpet alone.

Her excitement about life

That time she flew halfway across the world to quietly be my date

Her statement T-shirt collection

Her laugh

Because she’s Gillian f*ucking Anderson and she can do whatever (and whoever) she wants in 2017 (and any other year, for that matter). #imwithher

Honey & Venom || Slytherin!Tom

pairing: Slytherin!Tom x Hufflepuff!OC
word count: 2.2k
a/n: you guys are the suH-WEETEST LITTLE BEANS OMG. Thank you guys for your kind messages, i get really antsy sometimes when i’m about to post my stories, but your kind words get me excited now! 

P.s. I may or may not be writing some separate t-holland smut. which may or may not be posted soon. check in later! xx
parts: [ 1 | 2 |3 | 4 | 5 ]


Professor Sprout walked around the table and inspected each student’s pot with a critical eye.

Well, critical for her, anyway. She was still immensely nice about it, and even awarded points to some whose plants showed either promise, or had great effort put into it.

“And you say you tried vinegar with this one?” She pointed down to a Gryffindor student’s pot. The plant had grown alright, but it was twisted and sickly, “Ah, I see. That’s unfortunate—not to worry, dear! You tried something new! That’s what counts. Now, Sally Erwin?…Coffee? Very interesting. You watered it down, yes? Very well done! Mr. Osterfield?”

Harrison stepped to the side and presented his wonky, lopsided plant with arms out and a sarcastic grin. A couple of the female students around giggled. Professor Sprout inspected his closely.

“Ah, you tried black tea as well, did you?” She stood a little straighter and gave him a warm pat on the shoulder, “This was a very good effort, very good. Tea is a very efficient method. Only thing to remember is to water it down. The leaves here are browning, see? Little sapling isn’t too fond of an Earl Grey, I’m afraid.”

Tom let out an airy chuckle and smirked. It quickly fell once Professor Sprout stepped over and stood next to him.

“Let’s see yours, dear?”

She leaned over and stared down at the baby sapling nestled comfortably in its potted home. Tiny green leaves were out with little silver hairs, and a little baby bud sat at the very top squeaking softly.

“Ah, I see…”

The professor stood a little straighter and looked at her student with a pleased smile.

“…Very clever, Mr. Holland. Taking advantage of your resources around the Greenhouse. And this little sapling’s taken a liking to their new home, I see. Hear that little noise? It’s as happy as a clam, it is. Well done. 10 points to Slytherin.”

As the professor continued inspecting the other pots, Harrison reached over and gave him a solid fist bump. Tom muttered back ‘thanks’ before looking across the table.

Oswin flashed him a shy smile, and he couldn’t help but flash one right back.

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#191 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “a fic where everyone loves how put together, happy, and confident the reader seems, but van finds out after a while they’re really the complete opposite and van is super comforting? Maybe with some variation of the line, "And I know you’re feeling tired. Just let me hold you for a bit.” from a song by Front Porch Step?“ "Van loves short girls. Like 5’ 1” and “van gets the reader a puppy?”

It was easy to see why people thought you were attention seeking. Why else would you wear a glittery mermaid crown to a non-themed house party? The few people that knew you well would know it was because you liked mermaids and glitter, and weird and wonderful things. They’d know you didn’t care what other people thought and that you truly believed that every day could and should be Halloween. They’d refer to the hours you’d spent collecting shells and hot gluing them together to make something unique and special and beautiful. But those people were few and far between. Most people, and almost certainly a majority of those at the party, just wrote you off as a show off.

Zenna wanted to sit, so you followed her through the house. There was an open doorway and the room was dark. Inside a television screen was illuminated, and in its glow sat a group of guys throwing pillows around. Standing next to Zen in the doorway, you looked at them carefully. You didn’t recognise them.

“Are you guys… watching a movie? Like, having a proper sleepover? At a party?” she asked them. Their attention all turned to you both. Another body popped out from under a blanket. He had the most room on the couch and was one of only two with a blanket.

“Yeah. What of it?” one of them replied.

“Nothing. Very cute,” Zen said with a shrug and went to leave.

“Wait!” the one under the blanket yelled.

“Yeah, wait. Have you been to the kitchen? There any food?” a different one asked. Zen smirked and shrugged. “You can join us if you bring food,” he continued. You looked at Zen and watched one of her perfect eyebrows rise.

“The mermaid can stay. I’ll look after her,” blanket boy said. You turned to him. He was rosy cheeked from being so warm and he was grinning. The television screen had a sparkly reflection in his eyes. Zenna snorted.

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Deaf Bakugou
  • He started to lose his hearing at three and completely lost it around the time his quirk manifested. The doctor said it was to accommodate for the really loud noise of the explosions he creates. At first Bakugou was really angry and sad because he really liked the way his mom sounded, but got over it because of his new-found quirk.
  • Deku used to help him around but then stuff happened. Still, they had to be forced together because no one else knew enough sign language. Midoriya’s hands shook too much and he was too slow for Bakugou’s high impatience.  
  • It was a disaster.
  • He eventually learned to read lips like a boss. His temper never improved because nobody but Deku knew sign language all that good and TO FUCK WITH DEKU BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS SO STUPID
  • His primary reason to become a hero was because a lot of people told him that he couldn’t! Because he was deaf! Obviously, he got angry. He started thinking that he doesn’t really need to hear, he’s got an awesome quirk! That’ll make up for it! His other senses are higher than others, so why is hearing so important?
  • His favorite scent is chocolate and chili. Chocolate because it is so rich and there are many different ways it can smell! Chili because its so strong and kinda warm and it usually means his mom is cooking something good. Obviously he would never tell anyone this.
  • His favorite colors are deep reds and just basically really warm colors.
  • He loves the feel of cold water and snow or the bottom part of the pillow because it feels so nice against his normally Satan’s fire hot hands.
  • When he meets Kirishima, hes surprised that he knows a bit of sign language too! Though it’s just a couple jokes and really simple stuff. Bakugou eventually teaches him more but only because he gets bored of all the knock knock jokes.
  • Hes kinda surprised that Todoroki knows sign language too, but they don’t really talk often. He likes the way Todoroki’s hands move though.