chilean natives

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  • Name | Isaiah
  • Nicknames | Say, Zay, Izzy, whatever you’d like to call me!
  • Zodiac sign | Gemini!
  • Height | 5′ 1
  • Orientation | lesbian
  • Nationality | American
??  Idk I’m Spanish, Puerto Rican, Chilean and native
  • Favorite fruit | oh fuck….  kiwis
  • Favorite season | Fall, hands down.  Absolutely.
  • Favorite book | The Outsiders
  • Favorite flower | Lilies
  • Favorite scent | jasmine
  • Favorite color | ceruelan
  • Favorite animal | snakes
  • Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | omg.  coffee and tea.
  • Average sleep hours | 7 hours ???  which is not enough for me lmao

  • Cat or dog person | puppers! 
  • Favorite fictional character | sam winchester
  • Number of blankets you sleep with | right now i sleep with two because my mother is a psycho who thinks we don’t need heating in the winter.
  • Dream trip | sweden or louisiana
  • Blog created | oh my god.  february 2012.  i just fucking aged myself oh my goddddd
  • Number of followers | 2165

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Name - Isabel (it’s in my description lol)

Nickname - Isa i guess?

Zodiac - Cancer

Sexual Orientation - Bisexual

Ethnicity - Chilean, mostly white (spain, england, france), but I definitely have some mapuche (native chilean) mostly from my mom’s side

Favorite Fruit - Raspberry, bananas, passion fruit, mango

Favorite Season - Fall-Winter (I have an excuse to wear jackets, and I love jackets lmao)

Favorite Flower - Lavender and jasmine

Favorite Scent - Roses, freshly baked bread

Favorite Animal - tie between dogs and owls

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate - I love tea!

Cat or dog - DOGGOS. Have you seen my tag for dogs? I love cats too but DOOOOOOGS. I HAVE 2.

Dream Trip - I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, or Japan since I’m learning japanese

Number of Followers - 246

What do I post about - Anything I’m into tbh

Do I get asks on a regular basis - Not really, only if I reblog an ask game sometimes I get something. Btw I will love u forever if u send me an ask, it could literally say anything and I’d still love u (unless it’s mean ofc)

Favorite singer(s) or band(s) - (couldn’t choose one!) Fall Out Boy, Ana Tijoux, Imagine Dragons, Calle 13

Aesthetic - Neon and sunsets

Fictional Character I’d Date - Katara or Jinora from Avatar

Hogwarts House - Slytherin!

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